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Published at 25th of January 2019 04:45:52 PM

Chapter 13

“That was incredible…"

Asbar muttered unconsciously after seeing Mira’s battle with a Devil from start to end . Emera and Zeff fell speechless at how she was on absolutely different level from them . Beside the three, Fricca continued to watch the Devil’s magic power as it contracted until it finally disappeared .

Unlike the four who stood in mute amazement, Takuto ran over to Mira right away .

The Holy Knight faithfully fulfilled her orders and followed Takuto . Seeing that, Écarlate Carillon members returned to themselves and chased after him .

“Mira-oneechan, you are amazing! So cool!”

About the same time as Emera and others caught up with him, Takuto said in high spirits as he stared at Mira with a sparkle of reverence in his eyes .

“Mm-hm, indeed I am, indeed I am . ”

Honestly accepting the feelings of this pure boy, Mira got all cocky and started boasting with a wide grin on her face . Her eyes had returned back to her normal color and there was no trace of the ominous Magan in her eye .

There was no trace of Mira from when she was fighting against a Devil, just from being admired by a child she was in extremely high spirits .

Seeing the difference in the atmosphere surrounding her, Emera and others were surprised for an instant, then relaxed and broke into smiling expressions . However, they were still curious about Mira’s aberrant strength which allowed her to overwhelm a Devil, one of the creatures even said to be enemies of humanity .

“I don’t know what should I say, but thank you, Mira-chan . We were saved by you . ”

“Yeah, I don’t know how it would turn out with just us alone . ”

“Mm, no need for thanks . I was the one who involved you in this, after all . ”

From Emera’s perspective, she did have feelings of gratitude for saving their life, but from Mira’s perspective it was a place she was originally supposed to come to alone . It would mean that they were involved in the incident with that Devil by her, which is why she said with a wry smile that it was troubling to be thanked .

“Still, Mira-chan, you’re real strong aren’t ya . Does that have something to do with you becoming C-rank right after becoming adventurer?”

Suddenly, Zeff asked the question everyone here was curious about . What kind of circumstances, what kind of secrets did she have? Mira’s strength they have witnessed was so overwhelming that they hesitated to touch the topic .

However, because Zeff was a blockhead or maybe because he did not understand that, he asked the question like it was nothing .

“Hm-mm, I see . You’re interested . Well, I guess it’s fine to tell you . ”

Receiving Zeff’s words she put up airs of importance, then poked the white knight that stood next to Takuto with the palm of her hand to emphasize on the summon’s existence .

“So . . . the reason for your strength, Mira-chan, is…?”

As expected, or rather, it was natural, but the one who was most interested in it was Emera, who paid incredible attention to Mira’s words, waiting for her to continue .

“Do you know the one called Danbulf? I’m being his disciple . Since he cannot move for certain reasons, I’m going around doing minor things here and there in his stead . ”

Mira explained the reason for her strength and at the same time, she gave herself a reason to tell them for when they will surely ask her why did she come to the ancient temple . If she mentions that one of the Nine Sages is involved, she will be able to use that title as a shield to keep it secret . That was her thinking .

Now, how will they react? Mira thought and put herself on guard, but their reactions were unexpectedly calm .

“Danbulf-sama’s disciple . . . so that’s why you are so strong . ”

“The Sage nicknamed “the Army” . . . his disciple . I see . ”

Emera and Asbar responded completely convinced and easily swallowed the answer .

They saw combat on a level completely different from their own that they have seen unfold in front of their eyes, as well as the scars caused by it that were engraved on their surroundings . If there was someone who had this much power, it would be definitely be an existence that did not fit in the boundaries of common sense . It was the level of power where Sages, the very top adventurers and the generals of Three Gods’ Kingdoms have lined up in .

Mira’s strength which very much resembled the strength of such existences would be rather hard to explain if it was not for such a reason .

Above all, considering what happened in their sight left no room for doubt, and even if they doubted it, they had no way of finding the answer . Talk of Danbulf aside, they were easily able to accept Mira’s words .

“Danbulf-sama’s . . . a Sage’s disciple…"

Unlike Emera and Asbar who were more calm than Mira had imagined, Fricca had continued to repeat Mira’s answer to herself .

Fricca had also seen Mira’s overwhelming strength with her own eyes so there was no doubt of it . Even before combat against a Devil she felt multiple signs of that . However, unlike Emera and Asbar, Fricca was a spellcaster and knew that there was no precedent to what Mira said .

It was a fact that none of the Nine Sages had ever took a disciple . Spellcasters of the Silver Towers were ultimately just researchers and while some sought teachings from the Sages, but that was all . They were not their disciples, or even in a relationship like that of a teacher and student . It was said that there was no person in the world who would receive all of their knowledge and techniques on one on one basis .

There was not one person acknowledged as a disciple before they have disappeared, and the only Sage who had returned, Luminaria, did not take any disciples either .

Fricca was wavering between the feeling that there was no other explanation for such strength other than Mira being the Sage’s disciple, and the fact that according to history such existence was unprecedented .

“Awesomee! I know him, too! That’s a name even I know . A disciple of a super famous guy . That’s amazing, Mira-chan!”

Richly gesturing while he spoke, Zeff showed his admiration . Then, looking at the Holy Knight standing nearby he said “Now that I look at him, he really has dignity on another level!” he made a fuss .

No matter whose disciple she was or what circumstances there were, Mira defeated a Devil and saved them . To Zeff, that was all that mattered, in any case, Mira was strong that was all to it . He was unable to sense the mood, but in a good way . Or rather, he did not even try .

As for Takuto, to him, Danbulf was only a hero character from picture books and stories . Above that, Mira who had defeated a Devil was a hero herself, which is why he looked at her with a sparkle in his eyes so bright they were nearly blinding .

Mira thought that they would doubt her a little, but seeing everything was sorted out without anything happening she let out a relieved sigh .

The reason she thought that might be the case was because it was a well known fact that the Nine Sages were missing . So to speak, anyone could easily introduce themselves as a disciple of someone whose location was unknown, or whether they were even still alive . However, these people accepted it without much thought or confirmation .

“What’s with you all, you really honestly believed that?”

Feeling that to be kind of anti-climatic, Mira spilled such words .

“Eh, was it a lie?!”

Emera who was convinced with the reason of being a disciple and calmed down, had panicked and once again drew towards Mira .

“No, it’s not a lie . Also, you’re too close . ”

Blushing slightly, Mira moved her gaze away and took a step back .

“Rather . My teacher is missing right now, right? I thought you would be asking something in regards to that . ”

“Ah, so that’s what you meant . ”

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Emera nodded with an understanding expression and touching the white knight with her hand she spoke as if speaking of some kind of dream .

“Certainly, there are many theories regarding the missing Sages . Like, they entered the demon realm or that there was discord between them and they killed each other, or that they have achieved godhood and ascended to heaven . However, that is all things some people talk about for humour . The common opinion is that they are out in the world somewhere on retirement . It’s been thirty years already, considering the timing it wouldn’t be strange if a disciple had appeared . ”

She was not completely wrong . Once Emera finished speaking, this time Asbar stared at Mira’s entire body and,

“Also . Your fighting style, missy, it fits perfectly what I had once heard from my father . ”

he continued and smiled broadly . And what he said, was the decisive factor that they believed in Mira’s story .

“I also heard from my dad about that!”

“Me too . Ever since it was found that I had a talent to be a Wizard, I read the stories of Nine Sages many times . ”

“Right? Heck, I don’t think that there’s anyone who lives in this country that doesn’t know it . ”

Following Asbar, the other three together started recalling the scenes inside the stories . And the sight inside those scenes had a fighting style resembling Mira’s .

“Stories? What stories?”

Mira muttered and furrowed her eyebrows . Story of Nine Sages . In other words, a story about herself and and her comrades . What kind of story was it? Mira thought, puzzled .

“What, you don’t know “The Story of King Solomon and the Nine Sages"?!”

Emera had screamed in loudest voice so far, and when Mira nodded, she responded with “it can’t be helped" with a somewhat joyous expression . Then, she started explaining the story in details, in high spirits adding her own feelings to the explanation as well .

The story they spoke of was very popular among men and women of all ages, and it was based on the Nine Sages . Among these stories there was the story of Danbulf and his “Army" of a thousand Armament Spirits summoned simultaneously and the tales of his heroism . However, there was an even more popular story about Danbulf than that . It was mainly about how he used both Summoning and Daoism to fight in close quarters combat in tight spaces, unlike any other Summoners .

Danbulf running along his summons into combat . All children had absorbed themselves in that story .

Emera had concisely but enthusiastically spoke of the contents of the stories .

It was thanks to having such knowledge, that they immediately accepted Mira’s words .

“To think that there was something like that out there…"

Mira muttered with a strange, shaky expression that could not be described as either embarrassed or surprised . By her side, Takuto with a pure and innocent expression only repeated “amazing, amazing!”, excited .

“Mira-chan, this is only the prologue! Your master’s, Danbulf-sama’s stories of valour don’t end there!”

Getting more and more caught up in the moment, Emera swung her fist up . Immediately after, Fricca used a hard part of her stick to smacked it intoEmera’s belly .

“It’s enough . Rather than that, we should hurry back . There’s a lot we have to report . ”

“I- . . . I guess . Lezz do zzat…"

Crouching and holding her belly, Emera responded in muffled voice and stood up unsteadily with tears in her eyes .

“I was the one who asked, I should have stopped her in the middle of explanation . ”

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Mira spoke, worried about Emera and thinking that Emera wouldn’t have to suffer if only she stopped her earlier .

“Not at all, Mira-chaaan! It was all Emera’s fault, you don’t have to be botheeered!”


Fricca suddenly let out a squeaky voice and as if snatching her, she hugged Mira . At the same time, she put her face in Mira’s breasts and started to rub against them while breathing heavily . Even though she was a spellcaster, her movements were more keen and nimble than that of a lion assaulting its prey .

Mira felt a chill on her back, as well as creeping sense of danger . However, all of that was splendidly exorcised by Emera’s chop . Fricca lied on the ground, Emera covered her side with her hand . It kind of looked like the two who often went berserk, had a relationship where they stopped each other .

“Um, sorry about that . ”

“You were normal just a moment ago, too, mm . ”

“It must be because the tension had been released and she couldn’t bear it any more . ”

"How troublesome . ”

The two said and looked at Fricca who rolled around on the ground with a happy smile in anguish and “It was super sooofttt!!” she said, making Mira and Emera let out a big sigh .

“It’s a real shame, isn’t it . ”

“Well, I guess this is also a part of Fricca-chan’s charm . ”

Asbar muttered, lamenting, but Zeff who was okay with anything as long as it was a beauty, spoke with a refreshing smile .

“Still, Mira-chan, you can use both Summoning and Daoism just like Danbulf-sama did, right? That was amazing . ”

While Fricca had gradually recovered her calm, Emera spoke with fires in her eyes . Although that was Danbulf’s fighting style, it was quite peculiar for a Summoner .

“Daoism, huh . . . you suddenly disappeared and such, right . Daoism sure is amazing . ”

“That much is normal . ”

“From time to time I had a problem keeping chasing you with my eyes . Do all Daoists move without sense like that?”

“That much is normal . ”

“And you ran in mid-air, too, right? We have a Daoist in our guild, but I think he couldn’t do such things . ”

“It’s 《Sky Striding》, an ability inherent to Daoists . That much is normal . ”

Mira was also a high-class Daoist, and this time had lavishly showed off a wide range of different moves, which from third person’s perspective apparently looked like an illusion show . In fact, the impressive battle that Mira fought had engraved itself vividly in Emera and others’ memories, too .

“Daoism sure is amazing!”

Acting as representative of everyone, Emera raised her voice with excitement . Along with this, Écarlate Carillon’s members had improved their opinion of Daoism . The disciple of a Sage who was a Summoner but was also capable of using Daoism, was able to fight to such an extent with Daoism, and it was Daoism that had overwhelmed a Devil . It was hard not to be charmed by it .

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" . . . Wh . . . at…"

Although she was intending to show off the power of Summoning, the result was that it was Daoism of which evaluation improved the most . Mira had looked far into the distance and at her wits’ end, wondered where did she make a mistake .

Meanwhile, there was a boy who looked with respect and envy towards such Mira .

“I want to become a spellcaster like Mira-oneechan!”

The Nine Sage’s epic tales strongly appealed to children’s imagination . In addition to seeing Mira’s gallant figure in battle, he was also influenced by Emera’s elated speech and as such, Takuto was a complete captive of the moment .

“Hooh, I see, I see . So you want to become a Summoner like me, right . How admirable . ”

Mira said and stroked Takuto’s head strongly, and smiled happily .

“If you want to become a spellcaster, first you need to investigate your aptitude . I wonder if Takuto-kun has a spellcaster aptitude . ”

Seeing Takuto receiving all of Mira’s affection on himself, Fricca had finally calmed down and spoke while suppressing the jealousy inside of her .

“Spellcaster aptitude?”

Hearing the term for the first time, Mira stopped her hand and looked at Fricca’s face .

“Oh my, you don’t know about it?”

“Ahh, mm-hm . For training I had been living in a place far away from people together with my teacher . I’m poorly informed of such things . ”

Guessing this was a change that had happened due to this world being real, she spoke the excuse she had prepared .

" . . . I see . It can’t be helped then . ”

Even if she had the best mentor possible, one of Nine Sages, it would require many years for her to reach the current level of strength . In which case, it was natural for her not to know of Spellcaster Aptitude Theory that has been established within these last ten years, Fricca nodded convinced .

“To explain simply: although there are differences between people, every person’s magic power has its own characteristics . People with different characteristics are capable of using different spells, in other words, it’s a way to judge whether someone has an aptitude or not . ”

In order to become a spellcaster, it was necessary to have aptitude for it . In Ark-Ars Online both Warrior classes and Spellcaster classes started by freely choosing what they wanted to do . They could become whatever they wanted . However, according to what Fricca about the differences in magic power, they were not freely allowed to choose what they wanted to become .

“A difference in magic power, hmm… So, how do you think Takuto is? Will he be able to become a Summoner?”

“It has to be first investigated in regards to that first . He can be examined at Spellcasters’ Union, so we can stop by it once we return to the town . ”

“Ohh, so union could do something like that . So, Takuto, what about you? You want to know?”

“Yes, I want to know!”

When she asked, Takuto nodded lively and immediately answered .

“Then let’s stop by there once we’re back . ”

Mira said and smiled gently . Seeing that smile, which was a combination of an angel’s and holy mother’s smile, Fricca had been caught in a whirlpool of jealousy and started to writhe madly .

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