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Published at 25th of January 2019 04:45:53 PM

Chapter 14

“Heey, isn’t this a quite nice thingy?”

While Mira was praying for the birth of a new Summoner, Zeff’s voice suddenly resounded . When they turned their sight in his direction, they saw him poke the Devil’s large scythe with his finger .

“Now that I look at it again, this is quite a sight . ”

Asbar who was the first one to get interested, had ran up to the Devil’s body and looked at the various scars on his body . After that, Asbar poked him with the palm of his hand and let out an impressed sigh . He was doubtful whether he would be able to wound on the Devil even if he hit him with all strength he had .

Glancing at that, Emera was also filled with similar feelings as she strongly clenched the sword’s handle, deciding in her heart to double her training from today on . Her eyes which in which she engraved the battle seen here, were staring at the battles even further beyond the Devil’s, that are yet to happen .

While Emera and her guild’s member’s swatched the Devil’s corpse impressed, upon seeing the Devil with the corner of his eyes, Takuto hid behind Mira’s back . Seeing him like that, Mira said “it’s all right . ” and squeezed his hand . Looking at the two from behind, Fricca watched Mira looking for an opportunity to capture the other hand .

“So, about this . It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to carry it back . ”

It must have been fairly heavy, as Zeff was barely able to drag it with his both hands, and he left it right beside Asbar . When he received it, Asbar’s expression immediately distorted .

“Nhhh . . . this is so heavy . Hnggh!”

While saying so, Asbar somehow managed to pick up . forcibly poise the large scythe with his both hands and then swing it down . Letting out a heavy metallic sound, the blade had pierced through the ground .

“So, how’s it?”

“This must be a class exclusive weapon . A warrior like me can’t handle it . Well, missy doesn’t need a weapon, but it might fetch a fairly high price . ”

“Agreed . There’re those Magic Stones and Magic Crystal too, Mira-chan will be loaded now . Can I have 10% for picking up all those items?”

Zeff smiled as he cracked a joke . All the items they picked up in the ancient temple, aside from the ones from first Ghouls were all thanks to Mira’s efforts . Zeff gathered them fully aware of that, and other members too, had no intention of complaining about it .

However, that was not the case for Mira herself .

“What? It’s normal for such cases to split between all the members, right? I’m not good with calculations so I’ll leave that to you . ”

Hearing her words, Écarlate Carillon’s members were at loss for words . Magic Stones they recovered, as well as the scythe that was a Devil’s weapon . There was no need to calculate to know it was a fortune .

And no matter how one looked at it, it all belonged to Mira . However, the person herself said she would share it with everyone as if it was natural .

Although it was common sense for adventurers to split spoils when they have been cooperating, but knowing Mira’s strength now, Emera and others have had perceived themselves as merely someone accompanying her .

“But look, it was all beaten by Mira-chan’s Summoning . ”

“We are a party, aren’t we?”

As confused Emera had explained what they thought, Mira answered so with a puzzled look .

Mira had intended to do so right from the start, as that was a player’s common sense that had ingrained itself in her . And since Mira was bad when it came to disputes over item split, she always thought it was ideal to simply split evenly between all members .

The two, Emera and Mira exchanged stares and tilted their heads, both puzzled . Beside them, Takuto was also puzzled, unable to understand what they were talking about .

“This broad-mindedness of yours is also WONDERFUL, Mira-chan!”

Fricca said and leaped to hug Mira again, who prompted Emera to do something about it .

Once again, for the nth time, Emera delivered a chop from above on Fricca’s head and chuckled .

“Mira-chan is completely devoid of common sense, isn’t she . ”

“Agreed on that . ”

Emera smiled looking a little astounded and Asbar nodded strongly agreeing with her .

“I’m not so troubled in regards to money, after all . ”

If she needs more money, she can always extort some from Solomon, Mira thought and raised corners of her mouth in a smile .

“Well, I guess you ARE staying at Summer Lantern, so I guess that is the case . ”

“Ahh, you mentioned something like that . ”

“Yeah, she has . Not troubled about money huh, I’m so damn enviooous . ”

Emera had a distant look in her eyes as she imagined the Soul-Calming City Karnack’s best inn and the day they had, just once, visited it to celebrate victory in there .

Asbar and Zeff also recalled the gorgeous interiors and the luxuriously prepared feast .

“Well, that’s how it is . No problem . ”

“Is it really okay?”

“I don’t mind . Also, if there is someone in your guild who can use that scythe, it’s fine to give it to that member of yours . ”

Since they found a rare weapon, Mira decided it would be best to give it to someone who could use it and proposed so to the party members . This too, was something they had decided back when she was still a player . When equipment dropped, they would give it to someone who could use it to the best of its capabilities . That was what Mira had been doing all this time up until now, and had no intention of changing it .

Mira’s statement in line with that mental attitude of hers, had once again caused everyone’s expression to change completely . Emera was dumbfounded, Asbar smiled bitterly, Zeff laughed loudly . Fricca who had recovered right before this, looked at everyone’s reactions, puzzled .

“We won’t know for sure until we identify it, but this thing alone is quite something, you know?”

“If there is someone who can use equipment among your comrades, it’s best to give it to that guy . I don’t need it, after all . Is there someone like that in your guild?”

“Nnm, we have a Darkness Knight among our guild’s comrades . He might be able to use it, probably . ”

Although Asbar said so, he himself was unsure if it was really all right to give such a first-class weapon that belonged to a Devil to the person who was not here, so he spoke a little ambiguously .

“Hooh, a Darkness Knight, huh . Sounds just right . You can pass it to that guy then . ”

“No, wait . It would be a great improvement in fighting power for our guild and we’d be really grateful, but we really can’t take this . I mean, it’s too much . ”

“Yup . We are thankful for your proposal, Mira-chan, but we would be either ashamed or would feel awkward if we took it . ”

It was no wonder Emera and Asbar hesitated . It was one thing that adventurers were very careful about money, but this case was on another level .

Mira had no need for the scythe, and was not very troubled when it comes to money . In addition to that, she thought it would not be good if she sold it and it went to hands of someone with a bad personality .

“Personally, I’d prefer to leave it with someone whom I can trust, however . ”

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Although it has been short time since Mira met them, Emera and others were without doubt good people . The fact that worried about a child and tagged along Mira despite lack of any reward, was a proof of it .

Mira said so and turned her gaze from the great scythe to Emera . Receiving that look, although astonished, Emera’s expression had gradually changed to a bright one . She responded to the trust that could be felt in those words .

And these words had directly struck her simple heart .

“All right! I will hold on to it with full responsibility!”

Emera squeezed Mira’s hand, then with a strong will dwelling in her straightforward eyes and overcome with emotion, she announced .

“You serious? It’s not something I should be saying myself, but we just met today . ”

“Well, yeah . But I guess it doesn’t feel too bad . Ain’t it fine?”

“I would never betray Mira-chan . ”

While Asbar did feel happy about it, he gave an opinion based on common sense . Zeff made a carefree response, and Fricca declared without any hesitation .

The only one whose response was against it was Asbar . Mira fixed her sight at him and grinned .

“If something happens, I will come personally to recover it . ”

Said Mira and smiled fearlessly . Understanding what did she mean, Asbar was unable to refute and was forced to agree .

“Well then, for now I will take responsibility and pass it to him . ”

Said Emera and forced the great scythe inside the item box .

“Uh-whoa . Barely fits in . ”

Looking at the item list, Emera raised her voice when she saw the numbers describing item box capacity .

The Operator’s Bracelet lent by the union had maximum capacity which differed on the bracelet type . Of course, the greater capacity was the higher rental fee was charged, and also to lend better ones, it was necessary to have not only the rank but also union’s trust .

“Speaking of which, you did buy a lot of things in preparation . ”

For today’s dungeon attack Emera had prepared even more carefully than usual, and a large amount of capacity was taken by that . Asbar who did hold that scythe in hand, thought it was no wonder considering the large weight .

However, Mira tilted her head, puzzled . It was because back when it was a game, there was no limit to capacity .

“What, you have maximum capacity on your bracelets?”

She said and moved her head close to Emera’s bracelet . This bracelet had almost exactly same design as Mira’s own . The only difference was, that it was slightly bigger .

“You don’t have any, Mira-chan?!”


“You can put in all you want?!”

Not only Emera and Asbar, but also Zeff bit into Mira’s words . To Zeff, as the one in charge of recovering items, having an item box that does not require him to select what to pick up and what to discard was an ideal storage item .

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Having a voice raised at her in rapid succession, feeling a strong pressure, Mira opened her item list to check . After taking a look inside, she found that there was nothing especially heavy inside . Most of what she had in the item box were small items . With that said, it was quite a lot of items and if she calculated the total weight, it would easily weight over 300kg .

If there was an upper limit set to the item box due to the world becoming reality, it meant that at the very least she was able to put in this much .

“Hmm . . . I have quite a lot of things put in, but I can’t tell . ”

Considering various possibilities, Mira responded like so . That moment, Fricca who up until now had been concentrating on Mira’s gestures, had posed a question .

“If you lent it from the union, then you must have heard of the capacity . ”

Hearing these words, everyone raised their voice saying “ah!” .

“That’s true, now that you say it . Did they tell you?”

Even though that’s what Emera asked, the thing Mira had was not the Operator’s Bracelet but a management terminal, there was no way she could have .

“Ahhh . . . you see, this, is something I received from my master . I only heard how to use it . ”

“I see, no wonder . It can’t be helped then . ”

Mira used her setting as the disciple and dodged the question, as a result, everyone nodded convinced .

Everything she did not know was made the fault of her being away from civilization, and the things she knew in detail and the outstanding things were something she heard, or received from master . That was the main line Mira’s excuses .

“However, you might get in trouble if it turns out your capacity is full when it counts, so it might be better to confirm the maximum capacity . ”

“I guess . I’ll do so . ”

Agreeing with Fricca’s proposal, Mira memorized inside her mind that once she returns to Arkite Castle, she needs to ask Solomon who probably knew in detail .

Afterwards, to try it, Mira received the great scythe and put it inside the item box . The result was, that there was no problem . Following that, they put Asbar’s large hammer and other heavy things, but there was no limit . The bracelet that she had received from Danbulf boasted of abnormal capacity . Seeing such a result, everyone praised Danbulf to the heavens for something other than Summoning .

After such experiment had ended . The first one who noticed it was Zeff, who raised his voice .

“OHHH?! He started burning!”

Everyone turned around in response to his words and looked at the Devil’s corpse as it was clad in black flames and started scattering apart .

“What is it? Did you do something?!”

Asbar walked up to the corpse as close as possible without being burnt and asked Zeff, who was taken aback by this .

“No, nothing . It just suddenly happened . ”

Zeff shook his head to the side and continued to stare at the flame . He watched the first Devil he had seen with interest, then suddenly, the Devil had burst into flames right in front of him .

“No need to worry . That is how all Devils end . ”

Mira announced flatly, with a completely calm face . Once Devils are defeated, they disappear in black flames after a little of time passes .

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“Hm . . . looks like there’s something left behind . ”

Once the flames had disappeared, there was a black object left behind . Zeff had poked it fearfully with his finger .

When Devils die, they are turned to dust by the flames of the underworld dwelling inside them . Only the toughest parts of their body are capable of resisting the hellfire .

“Looks like unexpectedly much was left behind . ”

Accepting Mira’s words, Zeff decided that was just how Devils were and started to collect Devil’s materials .

On their way back, monsters had yet to reappear, and they were able to return to the first floor without anything happening .

Once Mira and others passed through the barrier at the entrance, they took a lungful of invigorating fresh air .

“HAAaa . This moment always feels so good . ”

Emera stretched strongly and exhaled . Although to be precise they were still at the ritual site and not outside, but the air here was already refreshing as compared to the damp and gloomy air underground .

Although not to the same extent as Emera, Asbar and Fricca were also conscious of the sense of freedom . And behind them, Zeff was holding down his cheek colored red in a shape of a hand and muttered “It huurtttss" . This was the result of him making fun of Emera again when they were climbing up the stairs on the sixth level .

Takuto continued to watch Mira’s figure from right next to her . Dwelling in his eyes, there were great respect and strong will .

“Well, we got outside unexpectedly fast, let’s hurry up and return before the sun sets . ”

Crimson-dyed light poured in through the gaps of slightly-damaged ancient temple’s walls, seeing the light form a single crimson-colored sunny spot on the floor, Emera said with slight reluctance .

It took under an hour of walking from the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis to Soul Calming City Karnack . Having planned two days one night adventure, Emera had relayed that to her comrades, thinking that they will probably spend the night at one of the middle floors . And therefore, inside her item box there were countless food items sleeping under the great scythe .

“Going to the deepest level of the ancient temple and coming back the same day . This will surely be a topic of many conversations . ”

After walking out of the ritual site, Asbar turned around and looked up at the ancient temple . The countless statues lined up on the cliff have been lit up by the setting sun and left a deep shadow, making the sight give off a yet different impact from when it was the day .

“I think our meeting with a Devil will rouse everyone up even more, won’t it . ”

“I don’t think it will end at just everyone being roused . ”

“Yeeeah, agreed . ”

Being glared at by Fricca, Zeff shrugged slightly, “This is a trial" he muttered . One of Devils who were supposed to have been wiped ten years ago had appeared once again . Considering the influence Devils’ existence had, it was an extremely difficult to handle case, so they decided not to disclose information carelessly .

Zeff who was aware of his loose tongue had already started to gather stress .

“In any case, let’s go back . We need to consult leader in regards to this . ”

Emera put a hand on the handle of her Spirit Sword and said with reluctant but tense and serious expression .

“Nn, agreed . Let’s hurry up . ”

Although Zeff usually acted carefree, he turned around now to look at the ancient temple and closed his eyes .

(“He sure has a difficult personality . )

Mira muttered so inside her heart, then pulling Takuto’s hand she started to walk forward . Behind her, a single tear passed by the cheek of the man standing in place before falling on the ground .

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