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Published at 28th of January 2019 03:24:53 AM

Chapter 19

The friendly chat which started with Emera and Mira’s first meeting and had continued like a grand story . Meanwhile everyone made their orders at their own leisure and by the time food arrived, the story reached the ancient temple part .

Zeff mentioning that Alfina was right in his strike zone . Emera feeling in low spirits because she was unable to do anything despite being lent a Spirit Sword . Asbar mentioned with laughter that the gap between Mira’s lack of common sense and her strength was amazing, Fricca who while squirming said that there is no limit to Mira’s cuteness .

As she watched Emera and others talk happily, Mira was a little envious of how everyone looked up to Celo .

From time to time they sought her agreement saying things like “wasn’t it?” or “you think so too, right?” to which Mira answered “I guess . ” or similar to show she was listening . However, upon hearing “Mira-chan is mine . ” she rejected with all her might .

While she listened to everyone’s conversation, from time to time Mira wiped Takuto’s mouth and ordered extra drinks, enjoying the friendly atmosphere to the fullest .

The party had entered the final part and when everyone was more focused on alcohol rather than food, the conversation had also focused on something else - the topic moved to zombies overflowing in the city .

“We come back and that’s what we see, surprised me like hell . ”

Zeff spoke as he recalled what happened just two, three hours earlier, carrying a potato fry to his mouth and laughing .

“I don’t know why did that happen, but I was also surprised . However, the thing that surprised me most were those seven battle maidens who appeared all of a sudden . ”

During today’s turmoil, Celo who had put all his effort into protecting the town was put on full alert upon sensing a disturbing presence wriggling in the sky . But before long, it had disappeared along with a blinding flash of light . The reason for that, were the seven Valkyrie sisters summoned by Mira .

Seeing that from the start to end, Celo looked with interest at Mira .

“That one was really great . If I was a spellcaster, I’d prefer being a Summoner over a Necromancer . ’

Not interested in them as a fighting force, Zeff spoke of his delusions of making his perfect harem . Naturally, everyone looked at him with gazes of pity .

The disjointed conversation had continued lively meandering without any directionality, until they returned to the topic of what to do with the loot . Other than Magic Stones, this loot also included the materials from a Devil .

As a result of their discussion, they decided to split Magic Stones evenly between all of them, but pass the Magic Crystal to Mira .

In regards to Devil materials, as expected they could not put them on a table since they were traces of Devils who were said to be extinct . They decided to gather again later in a private room to split them .

Eventually, when their bellies grew full and some members have gotten drunk . A single man opened the Spring Snowfall’s door .

Having his gaze led towards the door by the sound of a bell, there, Asbar found a familiar face .

“Oh, if it isn’t Kilik . You came at perfect time!”

The young man was called Kilik and he seemed to be one of Écarlate Carillon members . He was clad in matte black armor and he was expressionless, it was hard to read his emotions . However, when Asbar called out to him, he turned around and smiled faintly . The difference when he was smiling compared to when he was not, was something hard to tell unless one compared pictures, but Asbar who knew Kilik for a long time could tell he was in good mood .

“What is it, Asbar-san? By perfect time you mean . . . ?”

Kilik walked up to everyone’s table and asked in almost monotonous voice .

“In today’s loot there’s something that seems like it will fit you, we thought of passing it to you once you come back . ”

Asbar said and turned his gaze towards Mira as if prompting for an opinion . Led by that gaze Kilik turned in that direction, then upon seeing Mira his eyes rounded in amazement and he gasped .


Kilik muttered in voice too quiet for anyone to hear .

Mira was in the middle of stuffing her cheeks with a tart for dessert . At such time, noticing Kilik stare at her intently in the corner of her vision, “ehem" she cleared her throat flustered; trying to keep appearances .

“I see, so you are the Darkness Knight that Emera and others spoke of, yes?”

Since she was listening to the two talking, based on the content of their talk and Kilik’s appearances she surmised this much . Then with cream still remaining by her mouth she puffed her chest .

“Certainly, I am a Darkness Knight, but… Asbar-san, what is the meaning of this?”

“It means that you’re lucky . ”

Asbar stood up and started strongly patting Kilik’s shoulder, then received the great scythe from Celo and extended it to Kilik .

“And this is…hm? This appears to be dwelling strong power of flames, what is this?”

Right after laying his gaze on the scythe Kilik appeared to feel something as he suddenly let an aura of nervousness .

“It’s the loot belonging to this missy here, but she doesn’t need it so she asked us to pass it to someone who does . In our guild you are probably the only one who could use it, right? In any case, try holding it . ”

Most likely because his arms were at the limit, Asbar forcibly passed the great scythe to Kilik . Receiving the scythe because of the momentum, Kilik took it in his hands and upon feeling its overwhelming power from up close, he trembled .

“How’s it, think you can use it?”

Asked so, Kilik took a step back and held the scythe with both hands .

“This . . . has a lot of power hidden inside, but I probably could use it . ”

Feeling his hands gradually get used to the great scythe, Kilik thoroughly confirmed the blade before he answered .

“Hooh, it does look good on him . ”

Unlike when Emera, Asbar or Celo held it, it looked very natural when Kilik poised with it . Seeing his splendid appearance, Mira made a satisfied smile .

“How’s it, missy? It seems like he can use it . Also, I guarantee he has good personality . He might look gloomy, but he’s a compassionate man who even donates to orphanages . ”

“Eh…? Why do you know that?!”

For an instant Kilik nearly dropped the scythe out of fluster upon hearing Asbar’s words . It appeared that donations he made to orphanages were something he did in secret from everyone .

“Heh, we all know that much . ”

Hearing Kilik’s question Zeff responded as if to tease him . And all other members of Écarlate Carillon in this place also nodded in a big way and smiled with enjoyment .

“All right . Kilik…was it . I will leave it with you . Make sure to work hard . ”

Kilik’s expressionless face crumbled as he blushed, making Mira also agree that there was no problem if it was him .

“Good for you, Kilik . You got acknowledged . ”

“Umm . . . I understand that I am to take it, but I think this is a very excellent item . Is it really okay that I use it?”

Holding the great scythe which was clearly on a completely different level from the weapon he was using up until now, Kilik hesitated because at the suddenness .

“Mm-hm . Use it well for people’s and for society’s sake, that will be enough . ”

As for Mira, she answered while looking straight in Kilik’s eyes .

“Thank you very much . I promise not to do anything that would go against that belief . ”

Receiving Mira’s feelings sincerely, Kilik looked back in her eyes, corrected his posture and bowed deeply .

“M- . . . mm-hm . You’re . . . welcome?”

Bewildered by Kilik’s very serious attitude, Mira answered and to try hide her embarrassment, she stuffed herself with tart . As for Emera and others, they thought it was very Kilik thing to do and laughed .

“I can’t be at peace of mind having one-sidedly received something this good . I would like to do something in return . ”

He carefully put the scythe inside the item box and once again he spoke to Mira with a serious face .

“You say return, but…"

Mira gave it to him simply because she had no need for it, which is why she was bewildered to see him go this far . However, Kilik did not seem like he would back down; a burning determination could be seen in his eyes . He was completely different from his expressionless self that came to the inn at first .

“That’s true . I too, as the guild’s leader would like to thank you somehow . Thanks to this, we can expect our fighting power to increase by a fair amount . ”

“Nhm . ”

An unexpected supporter, the guild’s leader Celo had joined Kilik, making Mira unable to say anything . It appeared that from Celo’s perspective too, this was too much of a favor to receive without giving anything in return . Emera and others also agreed with them at this critical moment .

Receiving such determined looks, Mira realized that she was unable to leave it at that . In which case, she started thinking of something and traced back to recall something fitting in her recent memory .

“If you go that far, then I have a request . ”

“Yes, please leave it to us . ”

Celo nodded even before Mira said anything . Listen first before agreeing, Mira thought with a wry smile and took out a piece of paper from a letter .

“I would like you to investigate various incidents and occurrences, strange happenings that occurred on the date I will say now, and within several days of it . How about it, can you do it?”

“Information gathering, is it . We have members who excel at gathering information, it is a non-issue . ”

He responded and swiftly took out a pen and a memo paper he probably had always ready . After confirming that, Mira lowered her gaze at the paper in her hand .

“20th September of year 2117, 18th June of Year 2132 and 14 January of 2138 . That’s all . It doesn’t matter how trivial the information is . ”

After she finished reciting dates, Mira put the paper back in the envelope and inside the pouch . A moment later Celo finished writing them down, then after confirming them with Mira once he put it in his pocket .

“I will ask our most prominent members to gather information . Also, I don’t know what do these dates mean, but I vow that we will not let any of the information we gathered to leak outside . ”

“That would be a great help . ”

It regarded to Arkite Kingdom’s most important people, the Nine Sages . Although it was not something that should normally be asked of a mere adventurers guild, but it might be a good camouflage and actually better to use them instead of the country’s intelligence . Is what Mira thought after requesting this, which proved that she herself did not understand just how important it was .

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After the negotiations ended and they returned to a disjointed chat, the inn’s clock struck nine o’clock in the evening . While listening carefully to this gentle sound, Mira confirmed the time on the clock .

“So it was nine already, huh . Takuto, it is quite late, at what hour did you tell your grandfather that you will come back?”

Takuto said that ever since he was separated from his parents he has been in his grandfather’s care .

“I think it’s all right . According to the schedule we were supposed to be staying night in the ancient temple . I told him to make sure to tell his grandpa about it . Right, Takuto-kun?”

There is no oversight, Emera added and puffed her chest . The Ancient Temple Nevrapolis’ completion was not something that could be something to do and come back from within a day . Therefore, Emera prepared for such event and did tell this to Takuto as well .

However, in contrast to Emera’s words, Takuto acted very strange . He was having fun just a moment ago, but now he was making uncomfortable expression and his line of sight wandered .

“Can it be that you didn’t tell him anything?”

Mira asked one more time, making Takuto flinch before looking at Mira fearfully . Based on his appearance, it was clear that he did not say anything to his grandfather .

Tracing her chin with her finger, Mira heaved a sigh and stared in Takuto’s eyes . He must have had awareness he did something bad, as he hung his shoulders dejectedly .

“You see, Takuto, you are not the only one who was sad when you heard your parents died . Your grandfather must have been just as sad, or felt even more sadness than you,”


“Why would you worry him at time like this? Do you wish to make your grandfather feel even worse?”

When Mira spoke to Takuto both strict and gentle, Takuto shook his head sideways without a word .

“Right? When you’re leaving you need to tell him where you go first . You need to promise me that . ”

She said and gently pat Takuto’s head as he fell into a slump and smiled to him .

“Yess . ”

Takuto engraved her words in his heart and nodded . “Good boy" Mira said and embraced him, feeling her warmth Takuto was reminded of his mother he had buried in his distant memories .

“Mira-chan in oneechan-mode……!”

“Read the mood . ”

Breathing roughly, Fricca stared at the two with feverish look in her eyes, but was stopped by Emera’s experienced move .

“I’m not Fricca-chan, but I do think that Mira-chan sometimes shows this very mature charm . ”

“Oh, what’s with that, lolicon . Is that your excuse for yourself?’

“Ehh? You’re still pulling that joke alonnng?!”

When Zeff spoke with a refreshed look in his eyes, Asbar brought up his new nickname and grinned wide .

“That is something I would like to hear details of . ”

“Zeff-san, weren’t you a fan of big breasts?”

While Zeff was troubled over this shameful nickname, Celo and Kilik delivered additional blows - even his fetishes were suddenly exposed . As a result, within the next few days Zeff’s embarrassing nickname became known to all of Écarlate Carillon members .

“Well then, I was the one who mentioned this, so I will take responsibility and see Takuto off back home, mm?”

Mira said so, took Takuto’s hand and stood up . However, she was immediately stopped .

“Missy . We still haven’t finished splitting that other material, what about that?”

Like Asbar said, the distribution of Devil’s materials was still remaining . With that said, there was no materials Mira needed too much so she could just say so, but the looks everyone gave her said that they would not allow it .

“Then I’ll come back again after seeing Takuto off . ”

“In that case, how about I see him off . ”

After Mira proposed a compromise, Celo immediately nominated himself . He had already received a report of what happened inside the ancient temple, and seemed to have a grasp on Devil materials which could not be shown publicly .

“No, however . ”

But the reason of all of this happening was her own promise to bring Takuto . She could not bother Celo who was unrelated any more than this . Concluding so, Mira was about to reject his proposal .

“I will come as well . I don’t think I will be able to return the favor with this much, but I would like to be of help even if a little . With leader and me together, it will definitely be safe . ”

Just as Kilik said, with the two together Takuto would be safe even if zombies started to overflow again . However, Mira intended to act as Takuto’s guardian . Therefore, she was reluctant to pass this duty to others .

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“If you see him off, Mira-chan, you’ll get misunderstood and taken into custody again . ”

In Emera’s words there was also intention to tease . However, to Mira it could be said to be nothing but the highest shame there was .

As a result, Mira hung her head dejectedly and agreed .

“Mira-oneechan, Emera-oneechan, Asbar-ojiichan, Fricca-oneechan, Zeff-oniichan . Thank you very much . Right now there isn’t anything I can do, but one day I will definitely return the favor . ”

Takuto straightened his back and bowed deeply . Then after finishing saying his long thanks, his face was filled with not just gratitude but also strong aspiration . It was just a small change inside him, but he was clearly different from before, it was a face of a boy who grew more mature .

“See you again, Takuto-kun . ”

“If you want to become adventurer, I will teach you lots of things next time . ”

“If you choose to become a spellcaster, I should be able to teach you something . You can come to me any time . ”

“Ojii-chan . . . huh . ”

Emera and others crowded by Takuto’s side to pat his head all over, massaged by their hands, Takuto made a boyish smile and “yes!” he answered .

“Well, in any case… Tell your grandfather than your parents are alive . He will surely rejoice . Also, three roads to spellcasting opened before you, I might not be the to talk, but you have the talent . If you intend to walk any of these roads, come to Silver Towers . I will welcome you . But don’t forget to consult this with your grandfather . ”

When Mira leaned forward to peek at his face and pat his head, “Yes!” Takuto answered with a smile and nodded .

Once again, Takuto took a look around to burn his benefactors’ appearance into his memory . They were splendid adventurers he couldn’t thank them enough .

Thanks to his meeting with Mira, he had found so many people he loved . Thankful to the luck that connected them, Takuto headed back to his grandfather’s house .

“Mira-chan! Welcome not just Takuto-kun, but me too!”

Right after Takuto headed back, Fricca bit right into the words Mira earlier spoke to Takuto . It was how Mira said she will welcome him in Silver Towers .

The Silver Towers were not only Arkite Kingdom’s, but entire continent’s largest spellcasting research organization . To enter it, a little amount of prestige was nowhere near enough, both power and its wide application were necessary, making it very difficult to enter .

In that place, even first-class adventurers were laughed at scornfully and turned back at the front door . It was a den of eccentric weirdos inside of which the super-first class spellcasters continued to do research . That is what the Silver Towers were .

Outwardly, Mira’s position was that of Tower of Summoning’s highest authority, Danbulf’s disciple . Furthermore, based on her combat with the Devil it was clear that she had fulfilled all the required requirements to enter the tower . Hearing Mira say so naturally that she welcomes Takuto made Fricca think that Mira must already have fair amount of influence inside the Silver Towers .

The much-admired Silver Towers . To Fricca as a spellcaster, it was a place that could be said to be holy land .

“Mira-chan, just a little peek inside is enough! Pleee-aaaa-s-eee!”

Just a step away from prostrating herself completely, for the first time Fricca turned a gaze devoid of lust towards Mira . Her eyes now were full of a spellcasters’ curiosity and envy .

“Fine, fine, I get it . If I have time I’ll guide you around, so hurry up and let go of me!”

Up until now Fricca acted like a beast who leapt at her prey . However, right now the pressure she gave off was something like that of a beast ensuring the capture prey would not escape . Feeling Fricca’s tenacity, Mira realized she would not be able to escape and was half-forced to promise as such .

“Mira-chan, I love you!”

With Mira’s agreement, Fricca’s emotions swelled up and in the end, she leapt on Mira which was within Emera’s expectations, and Fricca was struck down .

Eventually they settled on that one day, she would come together with Takuto .

After reaching this point, they put a close to the party . Next, Mira together with everyone headed to Zeff’s room that was in the back of the second floor .

“Now, time to distribute materials . ”

Zeff pulled out the Devil’s materials and lined them all up on the table . Two twisted horns, eight claws shining with black, jet black skin, as well as two wings .

All of it was releasing ominous presence which put Emera slightly off, especially that they were having a celebration just a moment ago . Since Fricca who was capable of seeing magical things did not say anything, Emera knew there was no problem, but still could not completely get over it .

“Still, now that I look at it again like this . . . damn, this sure is amazing . ”

Asbar heaved a sigh and glared at Devil materials .

“Agreed . There is a considerable amount of magic power dwelling inside these claws . Based on the directionality of that power, it appears it dwells power of flame inside and if used for making spell equipment, they would become powerful items . ”

Fricca picked up one of the claws and squinted as if to examine it .

“A fire elemental sword…!!”

The first one to react to Fricca’s words was Emera, who looked at the materials from some distance .

Emera’ who had an overly fixation on swords had her previous feelings blown away without trace, and was now looking at the Devil’s claws on the table with a sparkle in her eyes .

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“First of all we need to distribute those, but . . . Mira-chan, is it really okay for us to have these? We were completely of no use when fighting this guy, after all . ”

“Uh . . . you’re right . ”

The question had returned for an unknown, nth time . Emera who was in high spirits was brought back to reality by Zeff’s words . That Devil was not someone they could win against . Far from that, they were aware that if Mira was not there, by now unbeknownst to anyone they would have been cold corpses buried inside the ancient temple’s underground .

“So stubborn . If you are so bothered by it, you can also memorize what I requested earlier . I want even the smallest piece of information, after all . There is nothing more important to me now than that . ”

Hearing the words Mira said, Zeff and Asbar looked in each others’ faces and shrugged with “I knew it" . Fricca already took note of the dates together with Celo when Mira said them, and puffed her chest to say she already intended to do so .

“Leave it to me!”

Although without any basis, Emera was full of motivation, with the sparkle returning to her eyes she answered to Mira full of confidence .

“Well, in any case . Missy, you can take whatever you want from these . We will split the rest . ”

" . . . Hmm, all right . ”

Mira answered and glanced at the table .

The black skin was most suitable for making a light armor of it, Devil’s claws for making spell tools and spell equipment, wings were useful material for making any kind of defensive equipment .

However, Mira judged she does not need any of these type . After all, there was a material that had a far better compatibility with her than that .

“In that case I will have these . You can use the rest as you like . ”

With that said, Mira picked the two horns in her hands .

“Missy, are you sure that’s enough? There is no need to hold back . From our perspective just one of these is more than enough of a reward . ”

Seeing her choose just the two horns and state she does not need anything else, Asbar asked once again . Materials from Devils who are said to be extinct now were something traded for high prices . The only ones that were in the market at the moment, were the ones rarely excavated from ancient battlefields and ruins, as well as from deeper layers of the earth . On the other hand, the materials in front of them were in perfect shape . They must have been worth quite the sum .

“This is enough . ”

Of course, the horns Mira choose also were fairly expensive materials, but above all they had good affinity for Energy-Refining .

“Well, if Mira-chan says so . Alright then, let’s split these between ourselves . ”

Judging that Mira really did not need anything, Zeff lowered his gaze to look at the table . At almost the same time a hand extended towards it, grasped Devil’s claws and pulled them back .


Zeff, Asbar and Fricca looked coldly toward Écarlate Carillon’s sub-leader, Emera . Ever since she mentioned a fire elemental sword, the aroused Emera vigilantly aimed for Devil’s claws . She was much like a dog told to “stay" .

“Eh . . . but, it’s fine now, right?”

When it comes to swords, Emera changed completely from the usual “big sis" personality and turned very reckless . The word “restraint" did not exist for her .

As a result, Emera received five claws . Asbar got the skin, Fricca - wings . Zeff took three claws and a little of skin, and with that, the loot distribution had ended .

“I’ll be going back then, mm . It was fairly fun . ”

Seeing this to be good moment Mira said so . That instant, Emera and others stood up and all together bowed to her . Surprised by the suddenness of this, Mira made an astonished expression as she stared at the four’s faces .

“We are still alive only thanks to you, Mira-chan . Let us say thanks once again . Thank you . ”

Even as a flower-like smile blooming on her face, in Emera’s eyes dwelled the earnest will to become strong .

“Thanks, missy . We even received such gifts, too . ”

Asbar knocked on the black skin and laughed cheerfully .

“Thank you very much, Mira-chan . I will definitely return the favor I received . If possible, could you tell me your addre…"

“Thanks to you I was able to get over many things, too . Thanks . ”

Fricca was interrupted halfway through her sentence by Emera, and Zeff picked up after her in no time .

“What, it’s nothing that needs such thanks . ”

Being a target of such words of gratitude, Mira was overcome by embarrassment and her gaze wandered around . Her cheeks were dyed red and made a smile that suggested she felt quite good about this .

“Mira-chan, you’re so cute!”

Of course, Fricca was unable to bear it upon seeing that appearance . And with that the chain of events had come to an end .

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