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Published at 28th of January 2019 03:24:53 AM

Chapter 21

The next morning after the chaotic day during which she acquired clues to Soul Howl’s whereabouts in Ancient Temple Nevrapolis, defeated a Devil along the way, and put the zombies rampaging in the town to rest .

“Mira-sama, my apologies!”

After all of her business was over, Galet made an extreme display of prostration .

According to him, it would take time until the carriage is repaired . Apparently this was the result of him rampaging around the town during the turmoil about just as much as zombies did .

“You sure are beyond help . Fine, I will go kill some time then . ”

Staring down at Galet with a cold look in her eyes, Mira passed her arms through the sleeves of her coat and seen off by Galet’s “please take care!” she left to the morning city .

One night has passed since the turmoil and the city of Karnack became lively as if nothing happened . Here and there the repair works have began and many craftsmen were continued to walk on the main street and the central plaza . Also, it seemed like the processing of zombie bodies has fully started as Patrol Knights and adventurers could be seen carrying corpses away .

(“At this rate, they will clean it up soon enough . ”)

While dazedly taking a stroll down the main street, Mira confirmed the city’s state . Even though it was just yesterday, citizens did not seem too sorrowful, far from that, they were engaging in lively gossip .

“Hey, did you hear about the green-haired warrior women?” “I sure did, apparently there were seven of them . ” “That dumbass who was chased around by three dogs apparently saw one’s face from up close . He said she was an amazin’ beauty . ” “I’m damn envious . I only managed to see one from afar, the one holding a bow . ”

The topic of rumors that could be heard from here and there, appeared to be Valkyrie sisters . Their appearance descending from the sky and wiping out zombies in no time, was like that of angels, is what both men and women spoke excitedly .

And above all, while the power of sisters’ new technique struck awe into people, it was also highly praised as very reliable .

Unexpectedly walking up to a gathering of people, Mira listened carefully to rumors and made a smiley expression of delight . If this many people recognized it, it would definitely have effect on Summoning’s restoration .

Feeling a proper reaction, in high spirits she headed to visit the crowded and busy Spellcasters’ Union .

The union was currently giving out special requests related to restoration of the city, and while the reward was nothing big, all participants would receive an additional reward depending on their class which is why everyone was fired up for it .

However, Mira ignored all of it and at the reception she gesticulated to the busy Yuurika to receive permission before she headed to the union chief’s office .

“I see… Death influencing a change in the land . It is possible . ”

Leonil muttered and leaned deeply on the back of his chair .

The Devil was not trying to do something with zombies, but gathering zombies itself was his goal . Although for now it was merely their imagination, there was a high possibility this was the truth, which is why Mira spoke to Leonil of the conclusion she reached together with Celo .

“It’s not like we have any conclusive evidence, however . But based on the situation, this can’t be overlooked, right?”

“Yeah, this is information that will be useful for incidents other than this, too . I’m grateful . ”

When Mira spoke while restlessly carrying chocolate cake to her mouth, Leonil showed an indescribable smile and expressed his thanks .

Afterwards, with the rumors spreading in the city as basis, Mira spoke of how wonderful Summoning is before she left the union chief’s room .

Compared to the relatively quiet upper floor, the union’s lobby grew even louder . Here too, the rumors of Valkyrie sisters started to burn up . Seeing that Summoning’s good reputation is spreading, Mira smiled with satisfaction .

When she left the union, she saw a large group of people in a line carrying bags . This group charged with removal of corpses was talking excitedly who out of seven was the nicest . Here too, there were rumors of Valkyrie sisters .

Mira saw them off as they mixed in among people, then with light steps she started walking the main street .

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(“Now then, it’s about time Galet finished preparations, mm . ”)

About the time it was noon . After purchasing some snacks in confectionery, feeling some attachment Mira looked around at the city of Karnack as she walked towards the inn .

Due to the turmoil, there were big and small pieces of rubble lying all around most likely torn off from the buildings . When she took another look at the city, the cityscape of Karnack was very regularly organised much like a cemetery, and in contrast to the hustle and bustle around her it was solemn and calm .

Mira who walked through such city suddenly stopped her legs and stared at one place .

Ahead of her gaze, there was a single store . In the front on display it had several of what was probably samples of goods . Among them there was one that Mira had fixed her gaze at, then as if invited by it, she moved feebly inside the store .

Inside the store there was a great variety of goods lined up, but Mira slipped through between customers and without hesitated she chose a single one out of many goods .

(“There is no need for me to earnestly wear these frilly clothes . I have money, I can buy some clothes!”)

Wondering why did she not notice such a simple thing up until now, Mira laughed at the extent of her own stupidity . The thing she held in both her hands and spread like a banner of victory, was a robe of the same design as the Sage robe .

Like a monk who was enlightened, Mira made a perfectly clear expression like that of an actual sage and with calm gestures she confirmed the price label .

On the label the item’s name was “Sage Robe’s Replica" and it cost 5000 Riffs . It was a fair price for something without any additional effects . Thinking so, from among various flavors Mira choose “Sage Robe’s Replica (Summoning)” and stood in front of a large mirror . Next, to confirm the size she pressed it against herself before going to cashier to pay in high spirits .

Calming her legs down so that she doesn’t start moving in hops, Mira hugged the purchased robe to herself and hurried back to the inn .

The best room of Karnack’s number one inn, the “Summer Lantern" . Inside of it, Mira undressed leaving only panties on, and with a face beaming with joy she passed her arms through the sleeves of the robe she bought . Then standing in front of a large mirror, Mira looked all over her own body very carefully, and as she ogled it she spread her both arms in energetic move .


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Mira displayed a majestic pose and nodded with satisfaction . Then after staring at herself for a while, she abruptly rolled up the hem of her robe above her knees and loosened her collar .

“This is not bad, either…"

She muttered and made a twisted smile before starting to challenge the borderline .

The store that Mira bought the replica in, was named “Luna and Silver Towers Local Specialties, Karnack Branch" . In other words, it was dealing with Arkite’s local souvenirs .

At this time, Mira had yet to notice . Notice why was there a robe size matching a child’s stature .

Satisfied, Mira thought it was about time and left the room to check on the state of the carriage .

When she arrived at the stables, Galet had just finished up . It appeared that repairs were complete and everything was ready for departure .

“Well, let’s go back . ”

There was no reason in particular to stay any longer, so Mira said so and got up on the carriage .

“Understood . ”

Galet immediately answered, then closed the carriage’s doors politely he sat down on the coachman’s seat and took reins in his hands .

The carriage which had started moving stopped just once at the front gate . There, Galet finished check-out formalities . And then, the carriage once again started driving down the main street .

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Looking at the Soul-Calming City from the window of the carriage, Mira recalled all that happened in there .

Takuto who wished to meet with his dead parents . Although he was not able to meet them, a possibility they were alive had appeared .

The good natured-adventurers, Écarlate Carillon’s Emera and the party . As well as meeting their leader and an ex-player, Celo .

The absence of Soul Howl who was the objective and acquiring of hints to his whereabouts . Combat with a Devil .

As well as the zombie incident and its relation to that Devil .

After closing her eyes and recalling that, Mira raised her head and squinting nostalgically, she melted the memories together with the flowing scenery .



A few days after Mira left the city, the Adventurers’ Joint Union and Patrol Knights’s branch office had announced the end of the zombie incident .

The cause announced was overflowing of undead magic power from Ancient Temple Nevrapolis and along with this announcement, the required rank for the dungeon has been raised to A .

The information regarding to the Devil was concealed from general public and several methods of information manipulation had been put into works .

After the turmoil has calmed down, the union has performed an identity check on humanoid zombies they have been keeping safely in conjunction with examination of the missing persons list . As a result, many of them had matched and bodies were delivered to the families of deceased .

And in the city, a single rumor has spread . It was about the noble and beautiful, as well as overwhelmingly powerful seven battle maidens . The main point in question among these rumors, were the details regarding with what guild were they affiliated with .

It appears it will still take some time until Summoning is restored to former glory .

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