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Published at 23rd of January 2019 11:24:23 AM

Chapter 6

The next morning after they arranged to go to the ancient temple, Mira received the lunch box set she requested at the inn’s dining hall and left the inn .

The sky was cloudless and it was a perfect weather for a picnic . Walking around on the main street in the gentle, late morning sun, were housewives and armed adventurers .

Deciding to show off the essence of Summoning today, Mira took a deep breath and started to walk .

The location they promised to meet up, was in front of the union . After arriving there, Mira looked for Emera and Takuto . However, it appeared that they weren’t there yet .

After lightly checking the surroundings, Mira sat down on a chair for resting that was in front of the Spellcasters’ Union .

“Nhm, what’s going on?”

When she raised her head after taking a short break, Mira saw a squirming crowd . On a small plaza in front of two unions, there were men and women of all ages gathering around something .

Another zombie? Mira thought at first, but coming from that crowd were high, cheering voices, which is why she decided that was not the case .

After muttering to herself Mira lost her interest, took out Apple au Lait and started to sip it .

About ten minutes after Mira arrived at the union, the large clock on the plaza displayed ten in the morning . However, the two still did not appear .

“They’re late . Completely late, mm . ”

Her dazed line of sight she aimed towards the surroundings, had once again captured the lively crowd .

(“Are there street performers in the morning in this city?”)

Thinking that could be a good way to kill time Mira stood up, and that moment, a familiar boy squeezed himself through the crowd and jumped outside . However, he was kicked by someone and fell over, which caused him to let go of the two copper coins he was holding, so he chased after the coins .

“What, it’s Takuto, so you were here . ”

Mira picked up the copper coins that rolled on the ground and called out to the familiar boy .

“Ah, Mira-oneechan . Good morning!”

She smiled gently and extended a hand with the copper coins on her palm, which Takuto received with a friendly smile and said “thank you!” .

“It’s not just you, right . Where’s Emera?”

“Umm, there . ”

When she asked, Takuto pointed with his finger at the crowd that gathered in the plaza . Mira thought that they came before her and were killing time .

“Emera-oneechan! Mira-oneechan is hereee!”

Takuto turned towards the crowd, approached it and raising his voice he called out .

After a while, the crowd split and the black-haired Elf, Emera appeared from it .

“Mira-chan, so you came . You should have called out . ”

When Emera said so, Mira shrugged and heaved a sigh theatrically .

“Don’t say stupid things . I didn’t think you would be in the middle of such a crowd . ”

Hearing Mira’s words, Emera turned around to look again, then allowed her gaze to wander around before she smiled bitterly and joined her hands in apologetic gesture .

“I’m sorry! I didn’t think so many people would gather . ”

Emera made an excuse . However, there was something that caught MIra’s attention in what Emera said, so she opened her mouth . In that moment .

“So this missy is the Mira girl you spoke of, sub-leader?”

Along with that voice, from behind Emera peeked a large man . This man was clad in a metallic armor shining in dull silver color and wore gloves decorated with scarlet bells . The large hammer he had on his back was as long as the man was tall and spoke of the inhuman strength he possessed . He had an expression of a good person, but at the same time his shortly-cut red hair and the unshaven face made him give off a wild impression .

With that as the start, two more people showed their face .

“Hahyuu, that’s super cuuteee!”

A woman wearing a purple robe stood right of Emera and while saying this, jumped like a rabbit . She had green hair and her green eyes hidden behind her glasses were dyed with lust and sparkling . A scarlet bell was embroidered on the sleeves of her robe, which must have been the guild’s symbol . At first glance she had intellectual facial features, but now that her expression was dyed with lust, it all was for naught . Her green hair extended a little below her shoulders . By the waist, she had an about meter-long staff .

“Seriously? Where, wheree?!! Ohh, found a pretty girl! But personally, I’d wait for another five years first . ”

This time, lining up to the left of Emera and looking at Mira curiously from the top of her head down to her toes was a man clad in light equipment . He had brown hair and an earring in his ear, embroidered on the green bandana he had the same scarlet bell as the two others . He was the lady-killer type of guy, tall and holding twin short swords by his waist . He was wearing a black jacket on his back and camouflage-patterned pants with several belts tied around his waist . His light-heartedness was not limited to his looks, but also showed in the way he spoke .

“Who are they?”

While feeling uncomfortable with the sudden exposure to several stares, Mira looked at the three who seemed to be Emera’s acquaintances .

“They are members of the guild I belong to, Écarlate Carillon, whom I handpicked from among everyone!”

In response to Mira’s question, Emera puffed up her chest and said with confidence .

“With that said, we were the only ones who were free today, riight . ”

“Why did you have to say it?!”

While Emera tried to show off as much as she could, it was all exposed by the light-hearted man . Caught by angry Emera, he said “sorry, sorry" clearly poking fun at her .

“I’m Asbar . Let’s get along, missy . ”

Glancing at such two and smiling cheerfully was the large man . Although he appeared stern, his good-hearted personality showed in the edges of his words .

“I’m Fricca . Take care of me . ”

Following him, the woman in purple robe put a finger on her glasses to raise them and smiled intellectually, then extended her right hand seeking a handshake .

“M- . . . mm-hm . I’m Mira . ”

Thinking that her impression was different from earlier, Mira extended her own right hand towards Fricca’s hand .

“I knew it, you’re so cuuute!”

The instant their hands touched, Fricca smiled broadly and speaking in mushy voice she started to squirm, then pulled in with unexpected strength . Having no idea what is happening, Mira was caught in Fricca’s arms .

“So you’re called Mira-chaaan, these cheeks are soo squishy . ”

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While saying so, Fricca poked Mira’s cheeks with her finger . Although Mira attempted to escape, she was firmly caught in Fricca’s arms and was unable to escape from her range . Mira shook her head and resisted, but the moment it almost worked she fell for a feint and was poked in the cheeks again .

“Emera, do something!”

Unable to bear it, Mira raised her voice . Wondering what’s going on Emera let go of the light-hearted guy and turned around . Then noticing what was going on she smiled wryly and “there!”, delivered a chop at Fricca’s head from above .

“I’m sorry, Mira-chan . I already told Fricca not to touch you as much as it’s possible for her . ”

“I’d rather you made SURE she doesn’t instead of as much as possible . ”

The chop must have been fairly powerful as Fricca held her head with both hands and made an anguished expression . Still, since she was still intent on clinging onto Mira, Asbar pulled her away with an experienced move .

“I’m Zeffard . You can call me Zeff . ”

The light-hearted man who introduced himself as Zeffard approached Mira without a sound and lowered himself to match Mira’s height, then smiled broadly . This carefree expression of his had given Mira an unexpectedly good impression of him .

“I’m Mira . So, who are these people?”

The appearance of Emera’s comrades whom she did not mention at all yesterday had confused Mira .


On the other hand, Emera answered as if it was the most natural thing ever . All of this was caused by the fact that the place they were heading was a C-rank dungeon . In order to dispel the remaining anxiety and make sure they completed the dungeon safely, Emera hurriedly spoke with the three last night . To Mira, the ancient temple was low level hunting grounds, but in general it required a fair amount of fighting power like the one that was here now .

“Mm-hm, well, fine . Let’s go . ”

From Mira’s perspective there was no problem even if the number of people increased . It has been a while since she was in party with people she met for the first time, so it even felt a little fun .

Holding Takuto’s hand, Mira started walking with intention of departing but had immediately opened her eyes with astonishment . Before she realized, the crowd from the plaza earlier had spreading with them as the center .

This uproar was actually caused by Emera and others . Écarlate Carillon was a famous high-class guild . With the four members of such a guild gathered together, they started to gather attention .

Emera and others arrived in front of the union before Mira . They dealt with the several things they had to do inside the union and when they waited for Mira, people suddenly gathered to turn into this mysterious crowd .

The cause of the crowd gathering was with Mira, so it was self-evident that the same phenomenon would occur around them .

“Emera-neesan, so wonderful . " “I wanna be stomped over by Fricca-san . " “Zeff, don’t get carried away" “Asbar, bro, bring me to drink something next time . " “Is that cute girl a new member?” “Zeff, be careful on streets at night!”

Voices came from all over in the noisy plaza . Used to it, Emera lightly waved her hand back, Asbar laughed cheerfully, Fricca remained absorbed in Mira, and Zeff alone said “All I get is abuse…" and hung his head .

“Well then, let’s go . Everyone, follow meee . ”

“Rooger . ”

Raising her right arm, Emera started walking the main street in high spirits . The only one who responded to her was Zeff .

Once Emera started to move, the crowd opened up and as they passed by, they were given voices of encouragement . It looks like high-class adventurers are treated like celebrities, Mira thought impressed as she hid in Asbar’s shadow .

About an hour from the Soul-Calming City of Karnack . After passing through the forest to the North, a cliff had spread in front of them . There, enormous statues were lined up one next to another, welcoming the party .

The countless statues cut out of the wall continued so far that they couldn’t all fit in the field of vision .

“Now then, it’s finally time for the real thing . ”

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“Looking at it again, it sure a magnificent view, mm . ”

Looking up at them Emera tensed herself, as for Mira, seeing this massive scenery, had completely entered a sightseeing mood .

At the foot of the cliff filled with countless statues, there was the entrance to the ancient temple .

“Well then, I’ll be off . ”

While saying so, Zeff silenced his footsteps and entered the ancient temple . Although the possibility was small, there could be monsters hiding at the ritual site . It was an action cautious of such possibility .

With that said, it appeared there was no problem this time as soon after, a voice saying “iIiiit’s allll riiiiiight" had sounded .

Once everyone moved into the ritual site, they sat down somewhere near . Then after waiting until everyone caught their breath, Emera opened her mouth .

“Now, our objective this time is the fifth level, the Dark Aid’s room . ”

“The Dark Aid’s Mirror, was it . Still, I’m not familiar with Summoning, but on the fifth level the number of troublesome monsters increases, will it be fine?”

Écarlate Carillon has dived into this place multiple times . They have prepared their equipment and charged in with their main members, thanks to which they were able to finish the fifth level .

Although they grew stronger compared to back then, there were only four members of the main force this time and a Summoner of unknown skill had been added . It could not be helped that Asbar spoke such a honest opinion .

“Hmm, I will make you correct your prejudices then . ”

Mira said with confidence and puffed her chest . Écarlate Carillon was a guild that caught a lot of attention . If its main members properly understand Summoning’s real power, they will become an advertising sign that will help wipe away the bad image . That’s what she thought .

“I see, then I’ll look forward to it . ”

While saying so, Asbar confirmed the medicine and various tools . It was so that he was able to protect Mira and Takuto if it was necessary .

“Asbar-san and I will be the vanguard . Mira-chan and Takuto-kun will be in the middle and in the back Fricca and Zeff-kun . Got it?”

“Got it . ”

“Yes . "

“Roger roger . ”

“Mm, fine . ”

“Yes! Please take care of me!”

After everyone had given their acknowledgement, Emera nodded with satisfaction .

Then, the four of Écarlate Carillon started their preparations for combat .

Asbar held the large hammer and confirmed the connection part, Fricca checked several tarot-like cards before putting them back in her breast pocket . Zeff pulled out his short swords and covered them with an oil-like coating .

As for Emera, she put away the sword she had at her waist and took out a long western sword out of item box, then with a suspicious smile different from before she hung it on her waist .

“Oh, is that leader’s sword?”

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Seeing the sword Emera had, Asbar asked and everyone’s gazes naturally gathered on her .

“Yup indeed . I mean, we know what kind of place it is, when I explained to him what’s happening he lent it to me . With this we should be able to progress much easier . ”

While saying so, she pulled out the blade . The sword with blade on both sides let out a faint white light, and just by a glance it appeared it was not just any sword .

“Hooh, a Spirit Sword of light, huh . That’s an interesting thing you have there . ”

Said Mira after seeing Emera’s sword . The faintly shining white light was a characteristic of items enchanted with light element . There were several light elemental swords including rares, but the one in front of them was something acquired through special circumstances .

The most regular sight elemental sword was something that had radiant water and augite added to materials when crafted . The rare ones were holy swords and divine swords which had peculiar designs, things that could be distinguished at a glance .

But the one that Emera was holding in her hands at the first look appeared like a mere sword imbued with light element . However, to spellcasters, especially the higher class ones, a certain something could be seen around it .

“I’m surprised you noticed . It’s normally our leader’s item, but I asked him if I could borrow it . ”

Emera said and stared at the blade with an ecstatic expression . Then once she put the sword back inside the sheathe, the sparkling particles that were clinging to it have disappeared . Those sparkling particles were the reason Mira said it was a Spirit Sword of light .

Spirit Swords . They were swords that were blessed by a spirit and held a characteristic of the spirit that blessed them . These blessings also dwelled in things other than swords, and those items were called Spirit Armament1 . Their characteristic was that the blessing could dwell inside any kind of armamen,t and spellcasters were capable of seeing some of its power .

Warrior classes could see fighting spirit, spellcaster classes could see spirits . Which is why Mira was capable of seeing the spirit power dwelling inside the sword .

Every spellcaster knew of this . And the higher class the spellcaster was the more clearly he could see them, and sense more spirits .

"We’ll be relying on you then . ”

Asbar raised the corner of his mouth in a smile and put the large hammer on the back again before standing up .

“Sure, leave it to me . Now, let’s go!”

Following Emera who stood up with a strong momentum everyone else also stood up and headed to the entrance of the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis’ underground first level, which was at the altar .

Emera, Asbar and Zeff only thought of Mira as of a knowledgeable girl, but Fricca who was also a spellcaster, was different . She was incapable of seeing the particles of light that were the proof of a Spirit Sword . For someone who could not see it, it would be difficult to guess at first glance that it was a Spirit Sword .

Although Mira spoke those own words as nothing but idle talk . From Fricca’s perspective this was the moment she started to think Mira was not an ordinary person .

The six lined up together in the middle of the altar . Part of the ground in front of them was covered by something like a membrane of polished glass . In the four corners of it, there were suspicious pedestals and crystals .

After taking a step forward, Mira took out the card case . Then recalling the method she was taught, she pressed the ancient temple’s permit onto a pedestal .

That moment, the membrane that blocked them from entering underground had become completely transparent in no time .

“Hmm, what an elaborate mechanism . ”

Mira looked at the permit that lost its color and muttered . Meanwhile, Écarlate Carillon members passed by her and went ahead .

“Now, it’s finally timee . I wonder if there will be treaasuure . ”

“Don’t forget the objective . We are escorting them to the Dark Aid’s room . ”

“I know I know . ”

Zeff passed through the completely transparent barrier and lightly descended down the stairs, Asbar with all seriousness warned him, then Emera and Fricca . Once Mira saw Takuto had passed through the barrier, she turned the permit to the card case and chased after them .

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