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Published at 22nd of February 2019 09:55:26 PM

Chapter 3

After nearly an hour long chat, the entrance of a consul carrying a large amount of documents ended the conversation . At the same time, Solomon’s expression completely changed from a bright smiling to a cloudy one .

“Well then, it’s about time I go . ”

When Mira stood up not wanting to get in the way of his work, Solomon glanced at her and spoke with a little bit of expectation .

“Aren’t you interested in king’s work?”

“Do you think I’m fit for doing desk work?”

Mira answered full of confidence, making Solomon respond with “Riiight" and fall onto the desk . Although Mira would like to help him out, she was bad with this kind of work with documents . It was a problem bigger than her interest or lack of it .

“Soul Howl’s destination should be found within the next few days . But the mysterious Onmyou spellcaster is still a complete unknown so I’ll contact you about it later . That’s about it for now, is that fine?”

“Mm-hm, I don’t mind . ”

After finishing the last confirmation in regards to her mission, Solomon reluctantly started to spread the documents on the desk .

“You’re free today, so what are you going to do after this?”

“I thought I might as well go around for some sightseeing before returning to the tower . ”

Mira looked at the scenery that could be seen through the office’s window and said so .

“I see, I see . This city is my pride, make sure to enjoy it . Oh and, I would be really, really happy if you bring me some Magic-Sealing Stones you have stored, y’know?”

“If I don’t forget . ”

While Solomon grinned suggestively, Mira who intended to do so anyway, only shrugged jokingly .

“Well then, see you . ”

“Yup, see you . ”

The two exchanged short farewells and Mira left the office .

She entered the corridor and when she started to wonder where to go to, that moment, the door next to the office opened and Lily appeared from inside . It was the maid who woke up Mira when she was staying the night in the castle .


“Oh my!”

Mira’s expression stiffened and she reflexively leaked a voice . On the other hand, Lily’s expression was in full bloom .

“It has been a while, Mira-sama . Have you finished your business here?”

After giving a bow like the elite maid she was, Lily raised her head while smiling from ear to ear .

“Mm-hm, I’m heading back now . ”

“Is that so . Then, could I have some of your time? We castle maids have finished a great masterpiece!”

“Well… fine . ”

That is how it will end up anyway . The moment she encountered Lily, Mira had realized this much and thinking that it was better to get over with it as fast as possible, she nodded in response .


As she was told to, she walked down the corridor and was escorted to a room at the end of it . Lily headed deeper inside the room in order to pick up the completed clothing .

The room Mira was taken to, was a special room for sewing work . What entered her sight, were outfits in the middle of making and lined up rolls of material which filled the room making it cramped .

Inside the castle there were sections with rooms for crafting . This was one of those sections and it was where night after night, some of the maids gave form to their desires .

It was daytime now, so the room was silent . While fidgeting, Mira stared at the countless maid outfits hanging on the wall . There was not a single same-looking maid outfit design and each of them was a first class outfit overflowing with a different charm .

(“The second row from upside, third from the right . No, the bottom row’s fourth from the left is also…")

Mira examined the maid outfits with a serious gaze and enjoyed herself dressing up Emera and Fricca in her mind with the outfits she picked .

“Are you interested in maid outfits as well, Mira-sama?”

“Nhh…?! Uh, um, well . I don’t hate them . ”

Mira flinched when she was suddenly spoken to from behind and lost her composure, she unconsciously leaked her real feelings .

“Then, would you like to try one on?”

“No, I’ll pass on that . ”

Recovering some of her calm, Mira instantly refused . She lamented the fact there was no point if she was the one to wear it .

“Is that so . Then if you find interest in them again, please tell me . I will prepare a design to your liking . ”

While Lily did make a slightly disappointed expression, there was no signs of her giving up on it . Mira imagined herself wearing a maid outfit for just an instant and sang praises to herself, thinking it would be a wonderful view .

“Well then, please look at this, Mira-sama . It is Mira-sama’s exclusive Magic Robe Set!”

When Mira saw the outfit Lily had spread as she spoke formally, she was at loss for words for just an instant .

It will be another extreme gothic lolita mahou shoujo outfit . That’s what Mira had prepared herself for, but her expectations were discarded with a single strike . In a good way, too .

“Hoo…hooh-hoh, hoo!”

Mira looked at the outfit as if to drill a hole in it and nodded time after time again .

The clothes Lily was holding retained gothic lolita mahou shoujo concept, but the striking frills and ribbons have been nearly all removed, with just a few accenting the outfit in some places . And above all, this cute and stylish clothing looked similar to that of a certain SF-like mahou shoujo show that Mira used to be into .

To put it simply, the design looked like an outfit of a young girl belonging to some magicians’ organization . It had a black and white sleeveless one piece dress, it was also a set with a black coat with purple lining .

“Is this to your liking?”

“Mm-hm, this isn’t bad . ”

This outfit matched Mira’s tastes . She expected that it would be an improved version of the outfit she was first dressed in, but because of this unexpected difference Mira completely forgot that she would be made to wear it and honestly answered .

“That’s great . On the night when I passed the previous work to you, Solomon-sama taught me about your preferences . ”

“So that was it . ”

Certainly, Solomon did know her tastes . And it was not just that, they were really into SF-like mahou shoujo show together . Recalling that, Mira noticed that this outfit was similar to that of the one Solomon’s favorite character wore .

(“That guy…he mixed in his own tastes, too…")

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Mira focused on a white belt that was integrated with the one piece dress and the coat that was made very short only in front so that even if it was completely closed, her legs would still be visible . She was certain that these parts were completely to Solomon’s tastes .

“Then, Mira-sama, this way please . ”

Lily said so and guided Mira to a place partitioned with a curtain before passing the outfit to her .

“Shall I help you?”

“No, no need . ”

Mira received the clothes from broadly-smiling Lily and answered, then entered behind the curtain .

Since it seemed to have been used as dressing room there was a large mirror hung inside, and by the side there were several shelves and hangers .

Mira put the clothing she was holding on a shelf, put a hand on the robe she was wearing and started changing .


“It really, reeally looks good on you, Mira-sama!”

“Is… that so?”

When Mira appeared after she was done changing, Lily praised her with excitement . Mira herself wasn’t dissatisfied at all, she looked at her outfit and moved her arms and legs, then chuckled to herself happily . The clothing made by the earnest efforts of the elite maid team was perfectly fitting her body and did not restrict her limbs’ movements at all, it was a high quality masterpiece .

“Well then, I shall explain the robe’s features . ”

Taken by Lily who said so, Mira stood in front of a table with multiple pieces of paper placed on it .

“But first, this is the list of names of people who have cooperated in making Mira-sama’s exclusive Magic Robe Set . ”

“That’s a lot, mm . ”

On the paper that Mira looked at when she spoke, starting with Solomon’s and Luminaria’s names on the top of the list, there were numerous names written . Because there were too many names there, Mira only briefly read through them, but among them there was the name of Thoma, the designer of Accord Cannon .

“Next, this . Just as the name suggests, magic engineering has been used for this outfit and this is the list of functions implemented into it . ”

“Magic engineering…? Is it really safe?”

Hearing “magic engineering" Mira immediately recalled the armored jeep and glanced at her own outfit . In response, Lily proudly shook her head to the side .

“There is nothing to worry about . Far from that, it grants so many benefits that Mira-sama will remain our dress-up d . . . that I assure you will remain in our outfits’ care . ”

“Hm…? Dress-up . . . what?”

“It’s nothing, really . ”

Mira glared suspiciously at Lily who quickly corrected herself . Lily turned her face to the side pretending nothing happened . Mira felt like she heard very concerning words there, but she put that aside and turned her gaze toward the papers .

“Umm, I shall explain then . First, starting with the most important point . The one piece dress’ belt has a small pocket where you can insert a Magic Stone or an elemental Magic-Sealing Stone . ”

Lily said and spreading Mira’s coat a little, she opened a black buckle in the middle of the belt integrated with the one piece dress . There, was an empty space big enough for a stone to easily enter it .

“Hoo-hoh . This does look professional . ”

Mira tried opening and closing the buckle a few times and muttered happily .

“This mechanism is the reason this Magic Robe Set has magic in its name . After all, by using a stone’s magic power as fuel, it grants various benefits to the user!”

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Lily started explaining with a proud look . However, she only participated in crafting from the point of selecting materials to cutting the materials, so her entire explanation in regards to the magic engineering was something she heard from Thoma . Since she normally had no opportunity to get involved with such things, for the sake of this day alone she has been going to ask Thoma to teach her day after day .

“Well then, I shall explain the effects it has . First, the one piece dress and coat have been treated to be incombustible and impossible to freeze . However, that might not be the case when it comes to very extreme temperatures so there is a need to be cautious . However, if you use a Magic Stone, this effect is improved . While the Magic Stone bonus is in effect, it can stop a Hellfire Bird’s flame, apparently . Also, it has been enhanced with self-repair function . However, there is a limit to it and it apparently cannot repair itself from large rips . Furthermore, if you insert Magic-Sealing Stone, you receive a defense reinforcement corresponding to the stone’s element, apparently . ”

It seemed like Lily managed to say all of it without making any mistake, and then looked at Mira with an expression asking “So, how’s it?” . As for Mira, she touched all over the outfit she was wearing with interest .

“Hohooh . That sounds really useful . ”

Mira was honestly surprised by the features that surpassed her expectations . Just from what she heard so far, it had plenty of interesting effects . Of course, the Sage’s Robe boasted even better performance, but this Magic Robe Set was also high level equipment . She had a hunch that when its active effect is turned on, it might have higher defensive capabilities than the Sage’s Robe .

Well, I can wear them in alternation . Mira thought and in her mind she started repeating the features of this outfit that she started to taking a liking to .

“However, is it really all right if I have something this expensive-looking?”

A piece of equipment with this good options should be fairly expensive . Bothered by that, Mira looked up questioningly at Lily .

“Of course . All expenses have been covered by Solomon-sama and Luminaria-sama . This outfit belongs to you, Mira-sama .

“Is that so…"

Neither of them mentioned anything like this . Smiling wryly at the thought that all this fuss was caused by her close friends, she broke into a happy smile .

(“I’m not thanking them, though . ”)

It was something they did in secret, so going out of her way to thank them directly was not too interesting . I’ll buy them some souvenirs next time, she thought with a smile and stared at the mirror .

After that, Mira left the sewing room and was taken to the maid compartment and in the end, she was affectionately doted on by the maids who have been waiting for her in there . All of them were involved in creation of the outfit, and as such Mira could not simply refuse them, so she had her hairstyle played around with by them .

Mira herself started to get used to such treatment and indulged herself in the sweets specially prepared by the maids, aside from all the fuss around her, she spend a very enjoyable time .


A little while after lunch time, Mira had eaten plenty of snacks and her stomach was in perfect condition .

Released from the maid compartment, she exchanged farewells with the guards at the castle gate and headed off to the city near the castle . By the way, everyone in the castle was told by Solomon that Mira is Danbulf’s disciple and a privileged guest of honor, as such she was free to come and go from the castle .

Well then, where should I go? When Mira thought so, suddenly in her mind appeared the school buildings she saw from the office . Even from a distance, they released an overwhelming presence .

Recalling that, Mira took a sweeping look around .

“Which way was it again, mm…"

Not only was the city very large, but also well-organized . Since Mira was unable to catch the direction, she started walking forward while looking around restlessly . Then, with good timing, a guard in the middle of his patrol appeared on the road ahead of Mira .

Seeing Mira with her long silver hair tied on the sides the guard’s heart skipped a beat . But immediately after he realized who Mira was, he bowed in a hurry . Mira who called herself a Nine Sage’s disciple was introduced to people related to the military as a guest of honor .

“I’d like to ask something, how do I get to the academy?”

Feeling his appearance to be a godsend, Mira ran up to the guard and looking up at him, she asked .

“If it isn’t Mira-sama . To get to the academy, please cross the bridge behind that and move along the main street . ”

“Hoh, I see . Thank you . ”

Mira turned her body in the direction the guard pointed to to confirm, then turned her gaze back towards the guard to say her thanks before she trotted away in the direction of the academy . The guard was relieved that he somehow managed to respond calmly and made a captivated expression as he watched the shaking twintails .

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The crescent moon-shaped lake that could be said to be the symbol of the Arkite Kingdom . Surrounded by the lake was the high-class district and by crossing the lake with the bridges that were on it, one could enter the general district . Mira currently walked quickly on one of the bridges . This bridge was ten meters high and it was paved with ochre-colored stone . There were street lights lined up in even intervals on the bridge and it certainly had a style befitting a bridge that lead to the high-class district .

Since the lake was large, Mira walked for about ten minutes before she arrived at the entrance to the general district .

“If it isn’t Mira-sama . Do you have business in general district?”

The one who spoke to her, was the manager of the gate leading to the general district . The gate itself was not very large, about large enough to let a single carriage pass through it . By the gate’s side there was a small building for the gate’s watchman .

“Mm-hm, I thought of doing some sightseeing . ”

“Is that so . Well then, I will open the gate, so please stand back . ”

When the manager said so and entered the small shed, the gate slowly opened . As it gradually opened, the sight of the city that appeared on the other side was clearly different from the elegant high-class district . It was overflowing with energy and numerous citizens walked on the streets, it was filled with life, feeling like a true capital .

Mira waved her hand to say her thanks and passed through the gate, then stepped inside the Arkite Kingdom’s Capital, Lunatic Lake’s Eastern district .

In front of her was a wide street that extended straight forward . The destination it led to, was the Arkite Academy . Once again impressed by the presence of the building, Mira started walking down the main street .

The stalls along this main street were dealing with many and varied merchandise . There was especially many general goods, and because the location was near the school, here and there she could see stalls with stationery . However, what surprised Mira the most, was the overwhelming amount of stores with spell tools and similar . Wherever she turned, there has been at least one store that dealt with spell tools .

Spell tools were various tools related to spellcasting . Staffs that were weapons, catalysts that were required for Wizards to learn spells, paper talismans for Onmyou spellcasters, Holy Stones used by Holy Mages and Holy Water used by Exorcists . Other than that there were Magic-Sealing Stones and various tools that had special characteristics added to them with spells .

The stalls by the main street were dealing with numerous items of like that .

Drawn in by the curious, fun atmosphere Mira walked from stall to stall and enjoying her sightseeing she took her time as she walked forward .

Aside from the staple goods that have been sold before, there were new goods as well, which entertained Mira’s eyes . Whenever she saw new items she asked the storekeeper “what is this?” in response to which some people with a smile, some people nervously, and some very carefully explained the items to her .


After plenty enjoying window shopping, a while later Mira finally arrived at her goal that was the academy .

“It’s really big…"

She unconsciously leaked such words . Just as she said, the Arkite Academy boasted of premises as large as an airport . The three school buildings were lined up in an U-shape . Other than those, there were no similarly big buildings, but there were some conspicuous ones here and there .

Because Mira was aware of herself as of an adult, she felt a little guilty for looking so straightforwardly inside the school, so she moved into the corner of the school entrance and only peeked her head out to look inside . However, she herself did not realize that if anything, she looked more suspicious this way .

On the school grounds reflected in Mira’s eyes, the school’s students were practicing their martial arts . There were people who trained in pairs, there were some who were running in the school grounds and also people doing other things .

In the corner stood an adult man whom she thought to be the teacher, as well as about thirty children wearing shirts and short pants . From the looks of it was a lesson of martial arts .

Furthermore, in the opposite direction, there was a different group . They were led by a male and female teachers, and was composed of robe-clad students of about sixteen years of age who stood in a row . However, since the school grounds were enormous, they looked to be a smaller group than it actually was .

Mira happily watched all of it . Although the scale was beyond common sense, it was certainly a school .

“That’s youth for you, mm . ”

Since she had graduated from university about six years ago in her original world, the feelings of nostalgia had flowed inside her chest and she muttered with a wry smile .

“Can it be that you are interested in school??”

Suddenly, a voice called out to Mira from outside her vision . Feeling guilty about peeking inside the school, she reflexively flinched . Then like a rusty machine she fearfully turned around . Standing there, she saw a cat-eared woman with a large bag hanging from her shoulder who smiled to Mira with a half-standing posture .

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