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Published at 9th of July 2019 09:19:37 AM

Chapter 12

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After he left, they cleaned the plates and put leftover soup for dinner on cool place .

She looked at the rest of bread and taught she need to make one more . There was just couple peaces left . She will make again dough before they go to check the traps in forest .

While she made dough she let Isaa watch it and gave bit of dough so she can playfully learn as well . It is not bad to learn early . They made the dough and put it shadow this time covering it with the clean cloth . The sun was to strong,it might cook if she leave it in direct sun .

Isaa put some water and food for rabbits after she put the cage in shadow as well . She looked at Kendra and saw her taking the baskets with her . She got happy having such big brother . He can cook and fish and hunt . She is never hungry and have clean clothes . Sleeps comfortably . She is indeed lucky .

Isaa went to Kendra and took her hand as she pouted . ''Brother you won't leave me alone ,right?''

Kendra looked at the eyes of her little sister that had sorrow,fear and questions in it .

''You are my sister . I will never let go . I hope you will grow up being strong and kind person . In this world there are so many things that can happen . But Isaa the hatred is the worse feeling ever . I hope you will never feel that . ''Kendra said while hoping for bright future for both of them .

''I promise I will not try not to hate . But if I get angry when someone scolds sister its not same . Right?''She asked while she was not sure about difference .

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''Being annoyed, angry or disgusted by someone is close connected to hate,but its not hate itself . If you use one of those to feel something strong in you that want you to harm someone that is hate . It is not a good feeling . Trust me . '' Kendra said while slowly walking into the forest .

''Hmmm . Did you hate that bad man that you had to cut him?''she finally asked the question that was on her mind for days .

''If he let us pass without attacking us I wouldn't harmed him . Its called self-defense . This is not good as well . I would have run away usually,but you were with me so I couldn't let him harm you . If you meet bad people ever and have chance,don't fight . . . run . You are small kid and most of people can fight . If that bad man was prepared for my attack I would have never won fight and would have lost life that day . So when i tell you to run,do as I say . If you are alone and bad people come . Run away . Brother will find you . I promise . ''Kendra said while looking at Isaa seriously .

'''Mhmmm . I will run if bad people come . And wait for brother to find me . ''Isaa nodded her head and simply explained everything .

''It is good you understand . In this world there is so many things we do not know . If there is danger run if you can't fight . If you can . . just do it . Sometimes we do need fight to grow . But we will talk about that later . Now lets look for traps and gather some branches for fire . ''they need that as well .

Kendra didn't know hoe long they will live here so she planed to gather enough fire power for winter . Who knows what will happen in future .

They went first to the traps and saw one big rabbit there . Kendra checked it and it was male . For some reason she didn't want to kill female animals . By the fishes she didn't know so she didn't care .

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She bundled his feet with some grass and put him in Isaa's basket . They choose to go back so she gathered branches and wood peaces as much as she could put in the basket and some she took in her hands . Luckily they were not that far from home .

''I need to ask can I fall trees in forest or use the old withered ones . We need some for winter and its better it dries trough summer . ''she mumbled while thinking about their future .

''We now definitely need salt . But but it its quite expensive . It took me one silver to take this much . It makes no sense to do that if we have sea so near us . Isaa what do you think about going to the sea for few days . We can go swimming and making salt . And then when we come back we can buy some meat and salt it for winter . ''

''We go swim in sea?Is it not dangerous?''Isaa said while thinking about what her grandmother said .

''The sea is only dangerous if you are not careful . I will teach you how to swim next few days . After I am sure you know enough we will go to the sea to play . ''she said while thinking that she will sell fishes in two more days . She needs to prepare some food to take with them . . .

When they get back she will grate the rest of the carrots and turnip and put them to dry . Even if she cooked she could use the dry leaves,seasoning and vegetables to make quick veggie soup or porridge . She should make two more breads . And they could take some jam with them .

When they got back home they got busy . Luckily she didn't buy much of vegetables and the preparing to dry is done fast . She left the grated carrots and turnip in flat caskets on sunny place where it will be left for few days .

The bread was still not done but this time she will use some of the dough to made flat bread and hot lid . Its fast done and could be eaten right away . The rest she will use same method as before . Under lid baked . After all she had no oven and this seems to be the only way .

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In the evenings she went to the stream and put the traps in . She will sell many fishes this time as she plans not to come for some time . She saw last time that she got per fish quite a lot money so she will set the price like that . He gave her 50 coins per fish so she will be thick faced and as for that amount .

And if someone ask for everything she will give some discount .

As she was set to stay in this world she will work hard for won future . Actually she planed to earn some money for the child as she taught she will come back . She wanted the child to get adopted and have nice family . But now she has sister and she can earn her own money . It is fine like this .

Next morning she saw again few fishes trapped and put them again into the hole where she will take them next day out for sale . The hole is attached with tiny stream of water falling in and flatly going out trough stones so fishes couldn't jump out . So it was safe to do that . She put traps again in .

She went with Isaa again into the woods and found again one more male rabbit . This time even bigger . She gave it again to Isaa and she took as many branches as she could back home .

Today they will go to the forest to take as many branches they could . As they passed strawberries they would take bunch of them and eat as they played around and joked .

At lunch Kendra fried eggs that were left over with some seasonings and bread and they had some bread with jam and finally Kendra made tea . She found some chamomile nearby and some mint . So she dried it and drunk mint tea after lunch with bread .

Then they went to the stream and played around for while . Isaa learned slowly how to swim and Kendra just showed her just few time and she started swimming up and down stream . Luckily stream was flat and slow so it was safe for hear to do that under Kendra's watch . She quickly figured it out .

''Isaa,swimming here and in sea is different . Sea has many undercurrents so you must be careful . ''

She said while looking at how happy Isaa swam up and down .

''Yes brother . I will go into the sea when you go . I will listen to you . ''She said while swimming in delight .

''You look like mermaid . ''Said Kendra laughing .

Isaa didn't hear her and just happily played around . Kendra took of clothes and joined her . It was quite nice to swim in water at this heat . After a while they went out dried put clothes on .

''Brother . I am hungry again . Sorry . ''said Isaa while holding her little tummy .

''It is normal . I am hungry as well . Lets go get some strawberries . It is almost evening and we should not eat not yet or we will be hungry again in mid of night . ''she said while walking toward the meadow . They took baskets and first gathered some branches in big basket and they filled the small with strawberries .

Kendra took one peace of cloth and put strawberries in it . She planned to make some fresh juice for them and rest will be eaten . She choose cloth as she planned to keep some of the seeds as she didn't know what is it good for . She planed to travel around and who know where she will live on end .

She just wanted to take these seeds with her just in case there is none where she stays . After all if there are no potatoes here, that means the other places might not have strawberries .

And seeds seems to be tiny . So she can take many of them . After squeezing juice she is left with the seeds on the cloth . She slowly poured water over it to get of rest of pulp and let the cloth dry on sun . There seem to be many seeds . She taught about it and planned to do the same before cooking next jam . The jam . She will take smallest jar and try to sell it . So the evening went on

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