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Published at 7th of November 2019 09:45:12 PM

Chapter 141

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She at first had the impression that the cloud was just a group of wild bats . But with her enhanced vision, she could see that what came towards them was much worse than just a few bats . She turned her head to warn everyone but to her surprise, everyone was calm as they looked at the approaching cloud .  

She shrugged her shoulders and just put a protective layer over her carriage as she entered inside . If they know each other so well, she might as well just go back inside and just have some nice sleep . She could hear the flapping of the wings and coldly smiled . ''They are here . Isaa, go into your space, I will stay outside, I need to see how outrageous these people can be . ''

Isaa nodded and quickly disappeared . In her space, she sat down and started concentrating on cultivation . She needs to grow her powers fast . Even tho she is a child now, but the time flies fast and soon she will grow up . . . She sighed . Kendra is thinking in advance . She closed her eyes to start cultivating, but suddenly she leaned on the side and started snoring lightly .

Kendra patted her head and kissed her forehead . ''You little fool . You think I don't know that anytime you go into your space you would cultivate until your body is almost dry and exhausted . If you continue like that you could only hurt your future development . We have so much time, where do you rush so much? Is power so important? Sleep now . '' She poked her round cheeks until they turned red and she started laughing . ''I like you more like this . Hahahahhahaha . Soon you will grow up and some young man will steal you from my side . Sigh . Let's hope you won't forget me at that point . ''

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Kendra slowly took her to bed . She tucked her in and as she looked her deep breathes she smiled mischievously . She took a pen and painted mustaches over her lips . ''Child, even with such ridiculous thing on your face, you look cute . Hahahhhahaha . '' She laughed until the tears came out and her stomach started hurting .  

As her laughing subsided slowly, she wiped her eyes of remaining tears and poked her forehead . ''Thank you for being my sister . Without you, I probably would have drowned in the darkness that I took with me from the past life . You gave me a reason to walk the path . Everything you said before is right . From start on, we are different than other children, but that doesn't mean we can't live like others . Let's have a normal childhood, shall we?''

She turned her head to look at butterflies that flew around their heads and enjoyed a moment of peacefulness .   She poked at Isaa's soft face one more time and with a small laugh disappeared to the outer world . The moment she left her space Isaa opened her eyes and smiled at the spot Kendra was sitting at . ''Yes . Let's have a real childhood . The future is so far away, why wasting childhood that lasts an only fleeting moment . Two of us are destined to live an adult life for a long, long time . . . '' She closed her eyes again and continued to sleep in content .  

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Kendra arrived outside the carriage with her usual calm expression, but her eyes still had sparks of happiness and mischievousness . She looked at the unbridled group of people and shook her head as her feet slowly took her toward them . Her feeling already told her that this would happen earlier or later, but as it seems, they found her early . She looked at the redheaded boy that took long strides towards her and opened his arms as he exclaimed: ''Kendraaaaaa!!!''

The men that so far ignored screechers and their owners looked surprised at the young man rushing at the small child . Lord wanted to say something but a small gust of wind formed around the child and young man was kicked fiercely backward . He paused slightly but was still smiling brightly at Kendra . '' Kendra, finally you came to visit us . ''

When Isaa and Kendra left, Cian was at the beginning concentrating on his cultivation . But soon he realized his mistake . Even if his ability has nothing to do with fire he ended up having fire as his secondary ability . So to expand the dual ability he chooses first to test his fire ability and now as he got thsi he could feel that his defense towards fire rose astronomically . The whole family was stunned and amazed as they all knew his problem . As it seems, while Kendra was healing him and implementing her new cultivation, his body broke through the boundary and he got his fire inheritance .  

Since then he went to his place on fire mountain and wanted to cultivate it hard . He traversed the whole mountain and couldn't find a perfect spot . But one day he found on fire mountain hidden cave . At first the cave was just like any other, but soon he could feel power surges from the inside . He curiously went inside and found a large group of sleeping creatures that released fire elements from their bodies .  

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He slowly advanced towards nearest and as he wanted to touch it, the animal opened eyes and screeched loudly . All other animals stood up quickly and surrounded him . At first, he got scared but soon he was surprised to find out that all these creatures were quite tame and cuddly . They would let him pat them, even putting their heads under his hand . He took the first screecher outside the mountain as others followed him and soon they flew up in the sky, circling the fire mountain .  

The screecher looked quietly at him and then stubbed his back with his wing . He showed at his back, and when Cian curiously went up it started running and soon opened its winges and flew up in the sky . As it seems it had some intelligence so Cian showed him his village and slowly, the whole group of screechers flew down into the village, scaring his clan witless .  

Suddenly a child run out of the crowd and hugged one of the creatures . At first, everyone froze, but seeing the creature licking the small face of the chuckling child, everyone came to the realization . These animals seem quite friendly . As fire clan itself were quite simple people, they just accepted the group of creatures in their own family . Later on, Cian explained to their elder that actually the screechers seem to exclude a big amount of fire element, so no other animal or creature could get near them without dying .  

The fire clan realized one more strange thing, screechers ate only once a month . And only a bit of certain plants that could be found only on their mountain . The fire flowers . From then on screecher and fire clan became family . As it seems the clan loved the screechers quite a lot .  

Kendra used the inner eye and saw the screechers excluding a big amount of the fire element, making normal humans feel quite uncomfortable . But for fire clan, it was like soaking in the warmth . She turned her head towards Cian and looked at him quietly . They have been gone only for a few months, but he grew almost as big as his uncle .

''Cian, do you plan to turn into a giant? How comes you are so tall?'' She looked at him and could only shake her head .  

Cian blushed and chuckled embarrassedly . ''Actually, my father was the tallest man in the village and my mom was one of the furies . So she was tall as well . Being so small all the time was only because I suppressed the abilities in my body . So it harmed my base and my growth . Now since I am free of boundaries . . . '' He blushed as he looked at the floor . Then he turned his head around and then stared at the stiff expression on Kendra's face . ''Isaa?''

Kendra realized one thing, Isaa is still a small child and as it seems she will never be tall . . . Well, at least not tall enough . In front of her inner eyes, she saw giant holding his tiny wife and trying to kiss her and her skin got covered by goosebumps . She shook her head and stepped one step back but then realized on the thing, Isaa has higher aspirations . In the future, if he doesn't grow his power, them two won't end up together anyway .  

Her eyes calmly looked at him and with a slight smile, she winked at him . ''You do know her dream . Are you ready to follow her to the next plane? Or do you plan to just grow tall and live like a normal human? It is your choice . '' She turned around and disappeared leaving him in deep thoughts . . .

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