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Published at 2nd of December 2019 04:40:11 AM

Chapter 162

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The melodious Laugh spread around giving some people cold goosebumps .  

''Master? This . . . '' They looked at the man that lasciviously groped young girl's breast with relish as she winced in disgust and pain .

''This girl here is not willing minister Tharus . '' He threw the girl to the floor .  

He had his clothes open and his deviously sexy body appeared in open . Some of the madams gulped loudly as they gaped at him .

He snickered as he came closer to one woman that had red hair and specific green eyes . ''You are pretty . You need to make me feel good . Are you willing? ''

She opened her eyes and saw his well-proportioned abbs straight in front of her face, Her face flushed red as she shyly nodded .

He looked at the man next to her whose knuckles became white while he held his wife's chin . His fingers left her face as teh traces of powder were left on his fingers .

A frown appeared on his beautiful face as he laughed . ''A dirty woman like you can never be good enough of someone like me . Bring me your daughter . If you are this pretty she might have some resemblance to you and will be able to make me feel good . ''

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Hatred entered her eyes as she turned her head towards her servant . ''Bring her . '' 

Her husband looked at her like she was some kind of monster while she crawled towards that man . ''Master . Please try a real woman . How can a small girl be better than me?''

''Monster . . . I married a monster . . . '' Gasps could be heard from his white lips . He held his chest as his heart started beating faster and faster .  

''Please, master . Do not touch my daughter . I will do anything . '' The man hit his head on the floor while begging for his daughter .

''Count Decalli, right?  Do you say anything? Then rip your heart out your chest and give it to me as an offering . Then I will reconsider . ''He sat down on his chair again while holding Lady's Decalllie head away from him .  

''I will do that . Please give ultimate promise to not harm in any kind of the way my daughter and I will do it . '' Count Decalli stood up and walked with straight back towards him Then he plopped in front of him and looked at him earnestly .

The man stared at him looking in his eyes and started laughing . ''Your child is unlucky to have the two of you as her parents . She is unlucky to have such a person as a mother and unlucky to have a dead father that can't protect her in the future from such motehr . But this is fun indeed . Then I shall do that then . I promise to heaven and earth, to all teh powers on top and those under me that I will not break my promise to you . I will never harm your daughter I promise . Now keep your promise to me . ''

Count Decalli slowly took his outer robe off and then opened his undershirt . He looked as a thin man but he actually had a nice well-proportioned body as well .  

The man turned his eyes towards the woman that stared at him with greed and scoffed . ''Arent you sorry for your husband, not even a little bit?''

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She shook her head . ''Why should I? He was just a tool for me . I was sent by the old continent long ago to infiltrate this place . Now we changed so many people into ours, so these people here became just dead weight . And that child . . . It's just a mistake I made one night . So disgusting . ''

Count Decalli now understood why this man said that the girl had bad luck having them as parents .  

His body started shaking in realization . ''But she is your own flesh and blood as well . Why do you hate her so much?''

She turned her eyes towards him and stared at him in disgust . ''Because she made me be uncomfortable for a long time and then in pain . The worst thing was that she broke my body and now I have this ugly old woman's body . I hate her for destroying my beauty . I really hate her . ''

Her poisonous words hit his heart and he started seeing flashes of white light in front of his eyes .  

He could hear the man laughing . ''Count Decalli you still have a choice . you can let me have fun with the girl . I promise I won't kill her . After that, you are free to go . But if you want her to stay untouched just rip your heart out for me . I am quite hungry . ''

The room was silent as everyone had cold shivers . What did they do? Why did they invite such a big danger? Now they can't even fight it back . One woman fainted and was taken out and beaten to death for not looking at the things happening in the big hall .

Everyone shook in fear . This is not what they planned . This is not . . .

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Count Decalli just shook a bit and resolve appeared in his eyes . ''I will offer you my heart as long she is safety, I am willing to die . ''

He used his hand as claw and dug into his flesh, spilling the blood on the floor . A broken bone could be heard as his breath became more rapid . Tearing of flesh and bones could be witnessed and just as he reached into his open chest towards his heart child voice could be heard .

''You must be really dumb . '' In front of his eyes stood a youth with long red hair and red eyes staring at him .

''He gave ultimate promise . '' He hissed through his lips .

''To not harm your daughter himself . . . '' The youth added . The red eyes darted at the beautiful man that looked shocked . ''Isn't it so?''

The man resumed his leisurely stance as he looked under the eye at the youth . ''Quite my taste . ''

The youth revealed a beautiful smile as the wave of the hand stopped the blood to gush out Count Decallis body . Under his amazed expression the chest closed and the complexion of that man changed into a healthy color .

Count Decalli touched his speckless chest in wonder in fear that it was just a dream . ''How?''

The youth wave his hand and Count Decallis flew backward through the door with her words accompanying him . ''Prepare . The war is here . We will need you . Aunt and uncle are waiting for you . Go . ''

He understood . He turned around and saw a servant bringing his little daughter . As he grabbed the child he started running . Mist enveloped his body and he disappeared .

The youth smiled at the man . ''Eating his heart will still not make you be able to absorb his powers . I have stopped that a long time ago on this continent . You could just get indigestion . ''

The man rose his eyebrows and started laughing . ''Little imp, I am starting to like you more and more . ''

''Calling me imp will just make me wish to cut you in pieces even more . '' The youth gave him a blinding smile, but this time the smile gave him ominous feeling .

''Little imp, who are you actually?'' 

''I know who that is its child from . . . '' But the rest of the words could not be said anymore as Commander Palli died in a very ugly way . His body literally just exploded .

Pieces of his body sprayed around as the youth stared at the rest of people with red eyes . ''Oh, speak . . . I am just waiting who will spill the beans first . . . ''

The coldness they felt was even worse than before from that man . This child is literally devil incarnate . . .

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