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Published at 3rd of February 2020 12:35:11 PM

Chapter 212

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Isaa stood frozen there as two sets of arms caught her from sides and females snicker could be heard . '''We will make you just like us so you can come down from your high and mighty pedestal . ''

They shook their hairs all over Isaa that suddenly calmed down and waited what will happen . But as soon those bugs touched her body they started jumping off and rushing away . The women stood there completely astonished and stared at Isaa that suddenly had an icy smile on her face .

''I wanted to help you . My heart felt bed for my words that seemed inappropriate, but actually you still didn't listen to my words . Those bugs are nasty to see . Actually we almost got them as well, but as we washed our bodies every day and used plants as repellant we found that bugs do not come close . To bad . I found you all interesting, but those that do not wish to be helped, will not be helped . Goodbye . '' She slapped first one woman and then the other woman that held her with quickness and smiled at the rest .

''I lived in my world and survived even worse situations than these . Do not take me lightly . I do not need my powers to beat you all up . Back off or I will make you black and blue . Understood!'' Her eyes seeped with coldness .

They stepped back and let her pass . She stopped for a moment in front of the young woman and sighed . ''Fool . '' Her straight back made them feel pressured and angry .  

One of the women rushed to grab her hair but was kicked with the foot straight in the chest and flew few meters away crashing into a nearby tree . Isaa turned her head and stared ta them . ''Stay away from today from me and my people . Our men do not like dirty, used things . I planned to bing ou healer out, help you become normal again, buts it seems, that is now impossible . Have a nice day . ''

Her words were cold and emotionless and made them feel fear . They looked at each other and run away while Isaa just snorted and walked back to the camp .

''Kimi, there will be trouble in a bit . We should not use powers if there is no need for it . '' Isaa came out of the forest and shook her body . Even those bugs didn't stay on her, she still felt disgusted .

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''What happened?'' Kimi was stunned with a disgusted expression on Isaa's face . The men were nearby and heard them talking . One after another they came near to listen .

''Actually, its all my fault . I wanted to give them advice and it came as I was too overbearing so I wanted to do something for them as an apology . I brought them the herbs that they could use for their body condition and as a repellant . But they didn't take it that way and attacked me . '' Isaa sheepishly looked at Conrad knowing that he was a good friend with the chief of those people .

Conrad just sighed . ''What happened then?''

''I beat them up . '' Her simple answer made few men chuckle but Conrad just coldly gave them stare so they stopped .

He looked straight at Isaa and shrugged . ''If they attacked you first its fine . Do not worry . If they plan to make trouble, we can just go away and they can handle themselves alone . ''

They already showed them how to extract salt . They can always find a new spot to extract salt . They didn't have to be here .

Just as expected men from another village came with Illo and started the argument .

But can they even fight their own men? Whole winter they had good food, proper body training and had a healthy set of minds .

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Illo came with a strange expression and stared at Isaa . ''Did you hit our women?''

His straight question that sounded disrespectful made Conrad angry . ''Have some respect . Isaa was alone and they attacked her as a group . What? Should she just wait there to be beaten up and not protect herself . ''

''She is just woman, why are you so angry? Such a small thing should not be a matter of us getting in a fight?'' Illo's face became ugly as he stared at her with anger .

Isaa just smirked . ''Fight? Sure! Do you think you can win against us? By the way, if you call me one more time just a woman I might break your bones as well . ''

This man's attitude towards his own women irked him already on their way to the sea but now she felt his gaze on her body and felt it disgusting . ''I can dig those two eyes of you and let them be a bite for bigger fishes . But thinking about it, I am sorry to fishies . Such a dirty thing is really not worthy of them . ''

Her words literally made him furious . ''Women are there only as seed pot . Better shut up and be good to my friend . Or you might end up in one of my men's bed . '' Suddenly he was sent flying a few meters away . After he hit the ground he straight was nocked out and fainted .

Conrad stared at rest if Illo's men and rubbed his hands on his clothes . ''I gave him just a punch as he was my old friend . But if any of you get similar ideas or have similar words to say, I might just kill you . ''

They stepped back as they were not blind . The men in Conrad's group were all healthy and strong . They would bring whole trees from forests to build what they wanted and as they build up the houses they finished them under one day .  

Illo and his crew still slept under the unstable roof together . Conrad sighed . ''You all take your leader with you . I need to talk to my people . ''

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In the rush, they picked Illo up and rushed on another side of the beach while Conrad stood there with furrowed eyebrows . ''How much salt do we have?''

Jason sighed . ''We have enough for this month's use . We could go and search for a better spot . I really do not have the wish to stay in the same place as them . Truly . ''

They all nodded . Actually, while they gathered all they need and started making salt the others just watched and lased around . They didn't even help them with that .  

Kimi huffed . ''I am angry . I should have actually a big heart and leave everything to them but I do not care if you see me as a small-minded person . Burn everything we build down and let's go home . Please . ''

Conrad patted her head as he saw small bolts of lightning passing her eyes in anger . Kimi was actually a rare lightning type and had quite strong power . It seems these people were doomed if she gets really angry . Even the first boundary lightning could hurt someone greatly .

''Stop fretting . Of course, we will burn everything we build down . I will not let lazy people take over our place only because they are too lazy to do it themselves . '' He had some feelings for Illo as he was his friend from youth, but that did mean he will let things go as he wanted .

So while few of his people checked if someone of the Illo's clan didn't watch, the others used their powers to gather all on one place and burned the houses and everything else they build in couple seconds . Only large spots of fire and ash were left as a reminder that they lived there .

When Illo woke up with a headache he asked about Conrad and rest . ''Where are they?''

One of the men shook his head . ''We didn't check on them . Illo, I have a feeling that we were wrong with the way we acted . Why going against their women when we need their help . How will we finish our main task without their help?''

Illo felt suddenly stupid . He held his head and stood up slowly . ''Come let me apologize and late when we have everything we need, we can still punish them for the way they acted . ''

But when they arrived on the other side of the beach all they could see a desolate place and large spots where the fire burned . Illo's face became ugly . ''Conrad . . . '' He hissed and turned to walk back to hsi own spot . ''I will get you for this . . . ''

But Conrad actually smiled brightly as they walked quickly back home . Actually, they found out that more than one village was nearby . Isaa and Kimi gave a suggestion to make trade between villages . And the spot he wanted to use as their trading place was one bare plane where not even one speck of grass stood .  

''This place would be perfect to do trade from time to time . What do you all think?'' He actually planned to make this place a trading center already for a while .  

Isaa looked around and her smile became bright . ''Why trading place? Let's make citadel here . We can use our powers to build high walls and inside we can make enough space for housings and the market . This is not our task, but we can use this place for our retreat just in case our shield brake down . I do not think Illo and his people will give up fighting us after this . ''

Olek sighed . ''We can make walls out stones and houses out clay . Like that our task could be done quickly . '' 

Everyone cheered . ''Olek! Good idea!''

Now it is spring . This place is hidden from strong winds and not many people could see it . If they use it to build a small city with their powers . . . Taskmaster never said they can't use it . Right?

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