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Published at 9th of July 2019 09:19:21 AM

Chapter 27

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If he is what she thinks, then they hit jackpot . Future brother-in-law you are accepted .

''When did you swim so freely before?''she asked carefully .

''This is the first time . ''he said while swimming like fish back and forth . ''On our mountain, there is almost no water and the water that everyone bathes could probably kill me . It comes straight from the earth . As I am not heat resistant I couldn't swim with others . ''

''Did your family treat you good,I mean you are different as them?''she asked while thinking about all the bad family -kick the different child-novels she read .

''My family actually adores me . ''he said with a smile . ''They love me that much that they choose to send me to my great-aunt here . They knew about my older cousin's ability so they taught I'd be better off here than on volcano mountain . ''

Kendra realized that his family might be strange in view of the old world, but she lives here and has her own powers . People living at the volcano and taking baths in geysers, so what their body got used to it . She then asked the question that nagged her since she started hearing about their fire resistance .

''If they are resistant to heat, does that mean lava can't hurt them?''she asked while that is the first question that she could think of .

"They do have fire resistance and would be able to fend against lava for some time . But swimming in lava or standing in lava for longer than a day is even for my people too much,''he said as it was natural . Well, it is, but lava swimming?

''They swim in lava???''she asked while her heart trembled, what world is this . She really needs to get stronger .

If there are people that are fire resistant then there are those that are water or other elements resistant or have terrifying powers . She needs to get stronger a bit and then travel .

''Yes . But only younger people do that . They like to take the dare . The living volcano is dangerous . It spits huge amounts of hot lava sometimes and they could fly out at that moment . Even if they have fir resistance they can't fly . If they fall from a high place they will die like anyone else . ''he said while looking at stunned Kendra that sit there with opened mouth .

''Wait . They don't die from the lava, but from being spat out and hitting on hard ground? This . . . ''What kind of joke is that? What kind of resistance do they have?

''My family is like that . Even my mother likes to jump into the lava . Only small children are forbidden to go near it . After they turn full age they can go to lava sea and swim . I couldn't even breathe there . ''It seems he misses his family .

''It seems your family can't swim than in water,''she said that with worry .

''Ahmmm . Yes, they can . They have resistance to fire but they can live anywhere they want . It is only because they feel the most comfortable they live on the mountain . ''he said while splashing Isaa with his hands and answering at the same time .

''In that case why they don't live with you in the city?''she asked curiously .

''My mom is pregnant . In our case its better for a child to be near heat to get starting requirements to get resistance . It was just me who didn't get it . I hope my brother or sister can get it so they can live with parents . But I am quite happy with my great-aunt and uncle . They are so good to me . It's just I didn't have friends so they were worried . But now I have two of you . ''he smiled brightly .

Isaa went out and jumped in water splashing the two children . When she came out she started chuckling .

''Isaa has a brother and Isaa has a friend . Isaa is a happy girl,''she said while cutely looking at the two children that were splashed and their hair hung like seaweed .

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''Isaa might have a brother but this brother will definitely play good with Isaa . ''said Kendra with a playful face . She started splashing Isaa and Cian tried to save her . The children played around for quite a while after that . The sound of them joking and laughing echoed giving the surrounding playful feeling .

After playing around children laid on nearby sand and talked . At that moment weird sound could be heard . They turned around to look at Cian as he held his stomach, the same sound came at the same time for Isaa's and Kendra's stomach as well . They started laughing . Its time for food .

It was already passed lunch time and they had just a few fruits to eat . When you are a child you forget . Kendra remembered the potatoes, she didn't put strong fire . So she hoped that potatoes didn't burn totally . They went to the house and saw that the fire was almost out . They used sticks to fish out the potatoes out ash . Isaa brought the sausage and bread from inside .

Kendra slowly blew the ash away and the two children just mimicked and looked what Kendra will do .

She then slowly cleaned ash of still warm potato and slowly peeled the skin of it . Inside was white-yellowish flesh that was still steaming . She slowly bit in it and tasted it . Hmm, the taste of potato and chestnut and a bit of corn . So many tastes from fire burned potato .

Isaa and Cian saw her actions and did the same . Cian ate chestnuts before so he was amazed . It tasted like that and it was so much and it was tasty . The three children even forgot the bred and sausage as they stuffed their face in fire-burned-potatoes .

Their faces looked after while like there was coal worker as the rests of ash went into their face while stuffing the potatoes in their mouth . When they saw each other face they laughed heartily . Even Kendra started to laugh freely . She taught to herself . Why not enjoying it . She got a chance and she will do it . Enjoy it every second .

After they put away the sausage and bread, they didn't eat it anyway, they went back to swim . Isaa started yawning and Kendra taught it was better if she goes to sleep . Little children need to sleep more, so she taught . She gathered lots of dry grass let one piece of cloth over it and let Isaa lie down to sleep in shadows . She just lied down and fell asleep .

Kendra and Cain went to water again . Kendra had an idea in her mind even before lunch . So she wanted him to try it out .

''Cian . You are our friend now . You know there are so many powers in the world . Right?''she said while seriously looking at the boy . Cian nodded .

''I know what you are saying . Uncle told me you two have powers but are hiding it quite well,''he said with a serious face .

''If he found out, that means we are not hiding it well,''she said while thinking about possible dangers if more people find out .

''He said that normal people and those with powers of lower levels will no be able to tell . Only those that are really strong and experienced would feel the energy in bodies of others . He said usually they can even feel what power that person had . But in your case, he said he could feel the power only you were really near him . If you were far not even powerful person would be able to know . He told me I should tell you that you are safe as long no one comes to close to your body . ''he said whispering as he was afraid Isaa would wake up .

It seems that her powers are quite strange and strong . To be able to hide it well is good . Less troublesome .

''But what about Isaa?''she looked at him''Did he say something about her powers?''

''She is your sister''said Cian looking at him in confusion''she has same powers . ''

''Same powers is good,''said Kendra while looking at Isaa that slept in shadows . The wind played with her hair and one of it fell on her nose making her crunch her little face and try to take it off . It was so funny that both children started snickering . Cian stood up and carefully took that naught hair off her face and went back into the water .

Kendra looked at his tender actions and taught to herself''yes definitely brother-in-law'' .

But who knows what kind of things will happen in the future . She didn't know much about this world and she will slowly dig it all out from this boy . But now to more important things .

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''Cian . I want you to do something,''she said while having a crafty smile on her face . He looked at her and had a premonition that this friend of his want him to do something weird . So he backed off a bit .

''Cian . Let's dive and see how long we can hold our breath . It has something to do with our powers . ''she said while slowly gliding under water .

He looked at her actions and followed . His actions seemed to copy hers so she showed him to go down to the bottom and sit down . She sat and waited to see is it possible for him to do the same .

He tried over and over and finally found a way to do it . He slowly sat down and looked at Kendra .

''Cian . ''she opened mouth and started talking . ''can you hear me?''

He looked at her amazed and tried to talk as well but nothing came out . But the strange thing is while he got upset about not being able to talk underwater, Kendra was looking at him and his body . It seems he is one of those that get gills .

''Cian . Calm down . You can't talk as you are different than I am . Your ability is water . Not fire that is why you felt uncomfortable near heat and comfortable near ice and water . Look you can breathe underwater . ''she said while pointing at the side of his head .

He slowly calmed down and touched the gills . He really can breathe . He heard stories about sea people and knew this is possible . He had a happy expression on his face . He has found his ability . Not many of his tribe has an ability and he has one . Even if it just breathing under water .

They came up and Kendra finally saw that his face was filled with tears .

''After all, I am not worthless . I can at least swim without breathing . That is good ability as well . ''he said while laughing and crying at the same time .

Kendra smiled . She was happy for Cian . He found something about himself that could make him feel more confident . And he will be able to help her and learn more about his abilities . Maybe he could control water like them . But for now, it's enough that he knows that they can swim about other things . . . Maybe later she will tell him .

But for now, they should just have fun . It seems the boy is as fast as the two of them as well . She showed him to go up as she wanted to ask him .

''Cian . If we ask your uncle, can you come with us to some special place in a couple of days . It will be much fun and work . ''she said while looking at him thinking about the sea .

''I will ask uncle and great-aunt . I do not think there will be any problems . Anyway, I think he will be happy about my new ability so he will accept it . ''he said while already making plans . ''How long do you plan for us to stay there?''

''Maybe ten days . Is it too much for you?''she asked while curiously looking at him .

''No . That will be perfect . I know that my father will come here after finding about my new ability, maybe even some elders from my tribe . I think they week need more than ten days to come . It is perfect if we get there before they come . ''he said while thinking about his family . His mother is pregnant so she can't take such a long trip . But knowing his father and elders they will come with certainty .

''Don't worry . I will explain to your uncle where we go, in case they come earlier . It is not far from town with the carriage . ''Kendra said while thinking about oysters . She needs to talk to his uncle .

''That is great then . I can't wait . I mean I like it here but I really want to see that secret place you are thinking about . ''

''Let's wake up Isaa and let's go to see the traps,''said Kendra it was already time for them to check the traps . She will leave them on today as she planned to come again after the market . She needs to buy a few things .

Cian went to wake Isaa up . He did it slowly as not to scare her .

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''Isaa, Isaa wake up,''he said while tenderly patting her head .

Isaa's eyelashes trembled slightly and she slowly opened eyes and saw Cian staring at her . She slowly stretched and gave him one of her brightest smiles . Kendra shook her head . It seems she will have problems later . She plans to travel . . . But these two people .

''Cian . Cian is best,''she said while rubbing her sleeping eyes .

''Oh . I taught I am the best . You are mean Isaa''Kendra made a sad face and started teasing her .

''No, no my brother is best . The bestest and bester . ''Kendra shook her head . . . this child needs to learn more words .

''I know, I know as soon you found yourself best friend your best brother became second in line . . . I am sad Isaa . ''Kendra turned her head as if she was angry . Isaa looked at Cian then at Kendra as run to hug Kendra .

''My brother is my brother . No one can exchange,''she said while looking at Kendra with big eyes full of trust and determination . Cian is a friend, but no one can be better than her Kendra .

Kendra looked at the determined child and had a sigh of a relief . No matter if Isaa liked someone in the future, but now she needs to learn more about powers . They can't take him with them . Who knows what will happen in the future . She needs to know that .

''Isaa, in future I promise I won't stop you to like someone . But now we need to become strong and powerful . Cian can't be always with us . You know that . ''Isaa nodded head .

Kendra looked at Cian and saw sad expression on his face .

''Cian, whats with that sad face . I didn't say we won't be friends . But our powers are bit different as yours as you can see . We need to learn how to control it . You as well will need to learn more about your power . But that doesn't stop us become friends . Do you understand?''she said while looking at the boy that nodded his head . ''And you will anyway most of the time be with us . What's the worry about?''

He looked at her as he realized that they didn't want to stop being friends .

''Let's check the traps and then let us get the strawberries . It's not as hot now . After that, we will go back to the city . Come . ''She said while giving Isaa and Cian each one basket to put on their back .

They went to the traps but it seems because high heat there are not many of these running around so they will leave it overnight and just come again tomorrow .

They went to the meadow and got every lest strawberry they could find . Of course, some of it went into their mouth .

It was already late evening when they went back home . They went down the stream again with baskets full of strawberries . They passed Goluk but didn't see either him or his wife, so they just went back to the city . On entrance, the guards greeted them, friends, as they passed .

When they arrived at their alley they saw a bunch of children running around and playing . When the children saw them they started calling them to play . But this time even Cian was bit tired so they just waved at them and went home .

At home, Kendra told Cian to go wash himself and then Isaa should do that . It time between she planned to just make vegetable porridge and add some potatoes . and carrots and seasoning and greens . They have it all there . Tonight they will eat lightly .

Cian and Isaa came back and Kendra told them to just mix the porridge from time to time so she could take bath and change into clean clothes .

They took meal and Kendra choose to take him back home . It was still light outside but it was late already when they arrived at the ice-milk store . Cian went in and from inside came the lady in fast steps .

Kendra was worried that she would be scolded as he was all day with them and didn't come back so she got ready for reprimand .

But nothing like that happened . The old lady gave the two children a huge hug as she hugged them both at the same time . Kendra didn't know what to say so she just pleadingly looked at Cian . But he just shook his head to just let it pass . Kendra relaxed and hugged bit the old lady and let go . So did the old lady let go of both of them .

''I am so happy . So happy our Cian found such good friends . And able . ''she looked at Kendra''Young man, are you promised to someone?''

''No and don't plan to promise my self to anyone . I want to live free like the wind . ''She didn't want to say bird as they pair after while as well . . . This woman might choose to use it against her . No marriage, please . Kendra's age is just too little to even think about any matrimonial promises .

The old lady looked at the scared boy and sighed .

''My son has a beautiful baby girl and she will be soon two . If . . . ''Çian stopped her as he saw that Kendra was about turn and run . He could see that she was quite uncomfortable .

''Kendra doesn't want,''he said seriously . The old lady saw the faces of the children and gave up .

''No problem . My son told me that you gave him an amazing idea . We will become rich . I plan to involve half of our tribe to work for us . ''She looked at Cian''they can exchange every three months so you could have some of the family members always around you . ''

Cian had a huge smile on his face . He looked at Kendra and Isaa happily .

''Than you . Thank you so much . You did so much for me . Even today . . . ''he wanted to say something but Kendra smacked him on his head .

the old lady looked at the two children and saw that Kendra looked around .

''Talk about it at home . '''she hissed at him''Stupid . Do you want the whole town to know it? Do not involve me if something happens . I will disappear and you will never see us again'' .

The old lady got serious . It seems their secret is not a small play .

''We will talk about it later,''she said to Cian who was petrified looking at Kendra's angry eyes . He just got friends but because of his big mouth, he might lose them .

Kendra took Isaa's hand and left more worried than angry . She didn't talk all the way home and Isaa saw her face and didn't dare to ask . When they arrived home Kendra turned around and looked at Isaa seriously .

''No matter do we like someone or not, is that friend or not, we definitely can't reveal all our powers for now . We will just say that we can swim underwater . You can't show him how you control water . Do you understand?''Isaa nodded . She didn't understand why not tell to Cian about powers, but she trusted her brother . If he says no, then is no .

Kendra calmed down little and hugged Isaa . She was worried . No matter if someone has a friendly face . This is the world where people have powers and there are still wars . That means there are bad people outside and they need to become much stronger . So much stronger that no one can harm them and they can enjoy leisurely days .

Isaa was still little, but she could feel the worry that seeped out Kendra . She knew that there are bad people . She met bad people when she was alone and was kicked out of the house . And then the bad man . But since she was with Kendra she felt happy, safe and free . She will stay with Kendra . Because Kendra cares about her as a true family .

Kendra is one and only family for Isaa . No one matters more . . .

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