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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:03 PM

Chapter 10

New chapter out!

Translator: Kui

Editor: Fletterman

Author: しまもん  (SHIMAMON)

Looking from the situation where the Special Forces had not returned and the number of demons had kept on increasing, the countries learnt of their defeat .

Quickly, the countries throughout the world lost their war potential to defeat the demon king .

They had their hands full in simply dealing with the demons near their countries .

Humanity no longer remembered to cooperate with one another and began to simply move for their own countries profits .

Within such a world, the people suffered from tyranny but had no other option than to cling onto the country .

Because if one tried to exit the country, they would become fodder for the demons .

Various countries on the continent had to forfeit their information networks on land due to the overflowing demons on the lands .

A part of the countries that bordered the seas continued their trade via the ocean but it was not enough to influence the entire world .

As the appearances of demons have increased recently, the trade between countries further dwindled .

The New Humanity had no other option than to follow their route of decline .

Until the day when a certain man was banished from the country .

「Leave!! You fuckers!!」

A number of men were let out from the dark, unsanitary underground prison .

They looked like they were dragging their limp bodies as they walked .

Traces of torture remained on their bodies, there were even those who lost one arm or had both eyeballs gouged out .

They were all those who were related to the church in one way or another .

Even with the Goddess being regarded as Satan now, there existed people, despite being very little, who still revered the Goddess .

Majority of them were priests of the former church .

Those who managed to survive the previous holy war between the church and the countries had secretly kept to their faith .

However the country labelled them as Satanists and utterly crushed them .

When captured, they would be thoroughly tortured and then executed .

It was determined that they would be executed on this day .

Their method of execution was neither by guillotine nor hanging .

Those were methods to be used against humans, for the Satanist, there lied another awaiting .

This method was the banishment from the country .

Outside the walls were swarms of demons, even a fully equipped army would have trouble surviving .

They would be exiled by men and executed by demons .

They must be so happy to be of use to their beloved Satan, a method full of malicious intent indeed .

These men forcibly marched to the gate as they dragged their crippled bodies .

People along the roadside yelled words of insults as they threw rocks and raised voices of cheers when the rock hit the men .

One man resolutely looked forwards as he walked .

He gazed towards the people who hurled insults towards himself and muttered:

「O Goddess, please forgive these foolish humans」

The mutter was overridden by the yells and reached nobodies ears…

Finally, the men arrived in front of the gates .

Soldiers grinned as they opened a small door used for exiles .

And just like kicking them out, the men were one by one discarded in the outside world .

They were no longer able to return into the country .

Cross the plains where the demons reside, pass through the forest, climb over the mountains… They had no other choice than to advance .

As the men started to stagger around, the guards gleefully chucked rocks at them from the top of the walls .

「Look! The demons must be welcoming you all with open arms! 」

「You must be so happy! You may even be able to meet Satan!?」

「Alright! I hit his head! Something good might happen today! 」

Not even 10 minutes has passed since the men started walking when they were attacked by demons .

Demons bit into them and ripped them apart, dying the grass plains in blood .

The guards who were looking into the situation returned to their stations as they laughed merrily .

After a while, the majority of the exiled men were killed .

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And by the time the demons that were dirtied by the men's blood left the area, no one was standing .

But there was only one man still man left .

He was in a posture of praying, unmoving .

When the man finished his prayer, he slowly advanced across the grass plain and arrived at the entrance of the dark forest .

The forest could truly be called a nest of demons, with various sizes of demons wandering inside .

「This is… How could this be? To think the world was ravaged this badly… Ohh, Goddess . Please forgive this powerless self . 」

The man idled for a while then advanced within the forest .

Demons living within the forest observed the man who trudged through the forest but soon lost interest and returned to their own activities .

The man continued to trudge through the forest .

Two days, since the man entered the forest, have passed .

When it came to meal times, the man collected surrounding fruits and nuts, started a fire and began cooking .

He dug a hole in the ground, layered it with leaves, filled it with water and tossed the fruits and nuts inside .

And finally dropped a heated rock inside .

With this, it was the completion of a primitive pot and made it possible to cook simple meals .

The man waited for the fruits and nuts to soften as he closed the pot with a leaf .

Just like a large family, the demons displayed interest towards the man's movement and pushed the bushes to the side as they moved closer .

As the demons sat down beside the man, they sniffed the steam rising up from the food .

Not paying any attention to the demons, the man retrieved the fruits and nuts from within, placed them on a leaf as a replacement for a plate and began eating .

「Phwoh, Phoh, this is quite good . 」

The man completely ignored the demons as he continued eating .

「Demons do not eat . 」

This was common sense in the world .

Well, even if demons were an existence that did require intaking food, the man had zero intentions of handing over food to the hated demons . After eating his fill of the cooked fruits and nuts, the man lied down on his side and quickly fell asleep .

The man was lucky .

This place where the man was had already mostly been purified of magic remnants .

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In fact, the food that the man ate had already been purified and barely had any magic remnants remaining . Rather, the density of magic remnants within this forest was lower than the density within the city .

The demons, who quickly lost interest in the sleeping man, stood up and returned to their homes . After a few hours the man woke up, stretched and started walking again .

There should be another country after exiting the forest and climbing over a few mountains .

I have to head to that country and somehow make the citizens come to their senses .

The man believed this to be his mission as the head priest .

He believed that the Goddess was not the cause of the demons .

He believed there was a true Satan that existed in this world, and he was the one who made all the demons .

The true Satan does not show himself and creates a misconception so the humans would believe that the Goddess was the one making the demons, weakening the influence of the Goddess .

He believed that this was all part of Satan's strategy to weaken the Goddess's power .

「Ohh Goddess, please rest assured . I will definitely make the citizens come to their senses and restore their belief towards you . 」

A giant tortoise passed by, right next to the man .

That tortoise was one of the ones that had destroyed the Magic State .

It looked down towards the man but slowly walked off without showing any particular interest .

「…As expected . I seem to have received the Goddess's protection . Ohhhh our Guardian Goddess, I will surely repay your merciful heart」

Just as the man got into a pose of prayer, he starts to hurriedly walk .

Yes, the man had completely believed that he had「received the goddess' protection」 .

And so firmly thought that the demons would not attack him .

He had convinced himself that he had received protection because he was a true devotee to the Goddess .

He believed that if people regained all their belief towards the Goddess, her power would be completely restored and save everyone from the fear of demons .

That wasn't all .

The man truly believed that the day would come when the Goddess would revive and defeat Satan .

I have to broaden my ideas when that happens .

I need to somehow cross over to other countries and teach the people the truth about the world .

And restore the belief towards the Goddess as soon as possible .

Power naturally came to the man as he crossed the forest crawling with demons .

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It was a few months later during a certain night .

One man was climbing up the walls of a certain country .

The man hooked the handmade rope onto the wall and slowly but steadily climbed up the wall using his body that was forged over the previous few months .

He would stop once in a while and erase his presence whenever he felt the presence of the patrolling soldiers .

The man was attempting to climb up the high, high wall with only his own stamina .

It was raining very heavily that night, the cold rain water would sap away at the man's energy .

Occasionally a strong wind would blow, causing the man's foot to slip .

Lightning would strike and split the skies, deafening the man's ears .

But the rain, wind and lightning would aid the man in concealing his presence .

And burning deep within the eyes of the man was intense fighting spirit .

His body was trembling but it was not from the cold .

It was from excitement .

Overcome the wall, preach the teachings and spread the faith .

Currently, there was nothing else inside the man's head .

Perhaps, he would fall from the wall .

Perhaps, he would be discovered by the patrolling soldiers .

Perhaps, he would be captured and executed this time .

There were no such doubts within the man's head .

Responsibility as a devotee to the Goddess .

Mission of one who has received the protection .

That was what fuelled the man .

And finally the man crossed the wall .

The man collected the hooked rope and lowered the rope to the other side of the wall, smoothly entering the country .

It was only the next day when a soldier eventually discovered the used rope . But by then, everything was already too late .

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