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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:05 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Birth of a New Humanity

OCTOBER 28, 2017 ~ MESEN

First Chapter out! (with some “minor” edits)

On a certain day, long after I started my observations; I noticed a pillar of smoke .

Deep within the depths of a forest, a thin stream of smoke climbed towards the sky…

I thought it was a forest fire at first, but that wasn’t the case .

There was a small fire at the source of the smoke and around the fire was a gathering of animals .

At first glance, the cat-like animals had fish in their hands .

Then, the animals threw the fish into the fire and once the fish was cooked, the fish was taken out of the fire and they started their meal .

I will probably never forget this scene until my death .

No, I’ll leave the data after I die and continue preserving it until this universe meets its end .

It was just that shocking of a sight .

These animals had intelligence .

They were using fire to cook .

I was so moved that I continued a dance which could be interpreted as either surprise or joy for 100 years continuously .

Since then, every day was a series of shock and excitement .

Across the lands, animals capable of using fire appeared .

In the case of humanity, there were no other animals that could use fire . But now, various different animals could use fire .

It was as though the animals had discussed this in advance . At almost the same time, all of them had gained intelligence .

And the hunting began along with some simple farming .

I continued to observe and record all this .

My life changed completely after that .

Singing and dancing, drawing pictures, sculpting sculptures and cooking dishes of celebrations continued on day after day .

And finally, a small village was built .

Several villages were created throughout the world, and without showing any signs of reducing their numbers, continued increasing .

And「War」began .

Animals…No, new humanity already had alphabets and I understood their reasons for war by combining the decoded words and letters .

It was a very primitive battle for food supplies .

The starving attacked those more well off and stole their food .

It wasn’t just food supplies but rather, clothes and earthenware, or anything usable was taken away .

People, who still couldn’t be called soldiers, wielding tools that still couldn’t be called weapons simply killed without preparing any strategies .

If the starving won, plundering would begin and if the nourished won, an annihilation would occur .

I was moved to tears at that sight .

I felt as though the fledglings that I had raised had spread their wings and taken off for the sky .

The times pushed on and while the villages that lost the war were either slaughtered or made into slaves, larger towns were gradually built .

Cities became small countries, and the small countries became larger countries .

Slaves, commoners, nobles, royalty, military personnel, merchants, farmers… As these various divisions were created and the states started functioning, conflict between the countries became even more intense .

…No, it wasn’t just between countries . There were also battles among the different races .

The long-eared tribes and the hog-like tribes that lived in the forest fought, and the long-eared tribes that were physically inferior were all massacred .

The love that crossed between the races of a dog-like man and a cat-like woman could not be fulfilled due to the surrounding occurrences .

I oversaw all of it .

I just kept looking .

And finally, they found me .

The artificial island exists in the middle of the vast ocean .

Their boat had come to such a place .

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They didn’t come here intentionally .

When they arrived, they had been stranded at sea .

They barely had any water or food supplies left on the boat they were on .

Riding on the very primitive sailing boat, they had just spotted this artificial island by accident .

They, who had found this artificial island, desperately moved the boat in order to reach the island .

However, hindered by the invisible barrier, they were unable to reach this island in the end .

After that, all of the crew members starved to death on the boat, but they had left some information which would drastically change the world afterwards .

The information which they left behind… It was a picture of the artificial island with a short passage .

An intricate picture of the completely white island, an explanation of the mysterious invisible wall which they couldn’t pass through, and a young girl on the island who just kept on staring over here…

They left it all behind in detail .

The sailing boat that was sending out signals of distress had become like a ghost ship and floated to a certain country .

People who had found the corpse of the crew members had mourned for their deaths and examined their belongings, in which they found the diary that had the image of the artificial island drawn in .

But at the beginning, no one believed them, thinking that the crew members who were stranded at sea had become strange and were simply hallucinating .

From then on, there were several stranded ships that had passed by the artificial island .

And just like the first boat, the sailors left behind some information about the artificial island in their diaries before passing away .

As such a thing continued, it didn’t take long for people to start holding ideas such as「there is something beyond the ocean」 or「once you see it, you’ll never return alive」 .

And among the sailors, they had begun to fear the artificial island as the「Island of Death」and started calling me「Death God」 .

At that time, when leaving the port, the sailors with strong physiques would desperately pray with their trembling large bodies, so that they would not reach the Island of Death .

They would progress even with troubles along the way .

As I was observing such a thing, it felt to me as though my own child had started making their first steps… a warm feeling rose within me .

One day, another stranded ship had sailed past, close to the artificial island .

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I had thought that the crew members would all die this time around as well, but it seems that the stranded ship was slightly different this time .

It’s probably due to the change in times but their equipment were magnitudes better than the ones from previous ships .

Unlike the vessels that were similar to fishing boats up to now, this was a huge boat (TL: I should start using the word ‘ship’ from now) with a proper living space .

Sailors of the stranded ship started moving hurriedly as soon as they saw the artificial island .

There were sailors who unfurled the sails in an attempt to keep the ship away from the artificial island and those who clung to the rudder .

There were even those who desperately prostrated themselves towards the artificial island or those who looked to the heavens .

If you translated their words:

「Please! Please! Let us go! 」

「I have a newly born child! Please! Please let us go back to our country! 」

「Ohh! God! Please help us!!」

「Hurry! Hurry up and unfurl the sails! We need to escape immediately! 」

「The rudder! The rudder’s not working! Someone!! 」

While shedding tears and trembling in fear, the men who were bigger than me desperately lowered their heads to me .

There were also men with snot running down their face as they desperately tried to spread the sails .

I also spotted some men who, due to the tension, could not use as much power as usual as they tried to move the unyielding rudder .

I looked at them with the naked eye .

I stood at the cape of the artificial island and just looked at them as they were scurrying around on the ship .

「E- E- E- Everyone! Look at the cape!! Ahhh!!  Help!! Save us!!」

「I- I- I- It’s the death god!! What terrifying eyes! It’ll never let us escape!! Hurry!! HURRRRRYYY!!」

「I- I’ll offer this golden ornament!! Please overlook us!! Ohhh, please!! Save us!!」

The stranded ship desperately parted with the artificial island and aimed for the continent .

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Several weeks later, they had succeeded in reaching land .

They became the first sailors to survive after witnessing the artificial island .

And so the survivors told their fellow sailors about the artificial island and how to escape the predicament .

The sailors who had heard of the method to survive constantly had a golden ornament on board to dedicate to the Island of Death in case they ever see the island .

On the other hand, the news of 「There were people who survived even after seeing the Island of Death」 spread across the world .

It didn’t take long before people regarded the Island of Death as a mysterious existence .

Some said there are large amounts of gold on that island .

Some said if you wish to the girl on that island, the wish would come true .

Some said that the girl is indeed a god and is guarding our peace .

Every single piece of the information was ridiculous, but how charming is this?

It was as if my child was writing a composition of 「My mother」, and then further reading it aloud during class . I wonder if it’s such a feeling .

Sometime later, the artificial island that was called 「Island of Death」 had its name changed to 「The Island where God Lives」 .

It seems that I have changed from the 「Death God」 that kills sailors to a 「Goddess」 that protects the new humanity .

And a religion for me was born, along with a bible which praises me as a goddess .

Inside the bible with exquisite illustrations were paragraphs of esoteric 「delusions」 where I guide the new humanity and watch over the world .

Apparently I had cut off parts of my body and had already created several other gods .

And sometimes I would save the virtuous from bad people and devils .

I sure have a high volunteering spirit . (TL: She’s referring to how they described her in the bible)

It must have been around this time .

That 「I」 started existing outside the barrier .

Never did I anticipate that 「I」would be subject to my own observation .

The new humanity would always surprise me, please me, and induce warm feelings in my heart .

Really… . Truly adorable .

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