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Published at 24th of December 2018 03:05:23 AM

Chapter 24

A few hours later, the mana carriage arrived at the country .


Whereupon, an elevator large enough to hold a mana carriage was lowered from the towering wall . I guided the mana carriages into the elevator with familiarised movements before the elevator was smoothly raised up the wall, and finally hopped onto the last carriage  and accompanied it up the castle wall . A bunch of incompetent idiots were already stationed at the top of the wall, in position . Most of them were related to the church but a few merchants were mixed in as well . When I got off the carriage, a lower class priest bowed his head .


Hmph, you pieces of overly-reliant scum . Don’t just lower your heads at me, you all should be prostrating before me every time… Well, I guess it’ll take more time if they did that which would indeed be troubling…


A merchant approaches the mana carriages I transported in order to confirm the delivered goods . Not just the goods . There’s letters, documents regarding the Church and of course my “personal belongings” were also brought along inside the carriage .


I was led to the drawing room while the merchants and lower class priests inspected the contents of the luggage . There, I will bestow upon them (the lord, soldiers, nobles and merchants etc . ) information .  Without me, these guys are all fools, unknowing of even the information from their neighbouring country . Why do I have to talk to these depressing as hell old men every single time? This is the time I hate the most .


When that ends, my free time will finally arrive . Or so I say but there’s a time limit of until the various goods on the mana carriage are loaded on again and the large mana stone on the carriage is re-supplied with magic . Even so, there should still be a three day buffering time where I can stay in the country . During this time period, not a single person in this country can oppose me .


Now then, shall I go have some fun?


I’ll take the usual for now . I get into the most gorgeous mana car the church has to offer and head towards the most magnificent mansion there is in this country . That is the house I live in when I’m in this country . Obviously there’s a similar house in the other country I’m in charge of . It’s not as though I bought both these houses though – the simpletons of the country had “donated” it to I, a Bestowed . Therefore not a bit of damage has come to the very, very, very, even more so than my life, important wealth of mine .


Once the mana carriage passed through the also magnificent gate and stopped at the entrance of the mansion, I flew out of the carriage, hurrying inside . Where I was welcomed by a row of beauties all lined up as I vigorously flung open the bedroom door .


These women aren’t those so-called lowly prostitutes . They’re women with definite backgrounds, all prepared my those nobles and merchants in power from this country . Every time, I can’t help but look forwards to the moment these doors are opened . Apparently these women are hopelessly desperate for my seed, for it is every woman’s dream to “conceive the child of a Bestowed” . It’s hilarious that such a worthless thing is their dream but I’ll welcome it with open arms since I get to enjoy it .


Hmmm, who should I play with? These women will literally do anything, even things that prostitutes will shy away from, they would happily do it . All to bear my child . I beckoned a few of my favourites over to my bed and healed my fatigue from my travels .


…“Fatigue from my travels” huh, what a joke . The mana carriage I’m using is the newest model so there’s barely any fatigue from driving . There are no difficulties with the road as most of it is straight . Only when I turn, do I need to take up the wheel and steer . I’m already so used to it that I can sort of tell that “there’s a turn coming up soon” . Even then, there is still only a handful of times where I need to steer and that’s it . Other than that I’m practically always inside my dedicated private room reading books . Once the sun sets, I stop the mana carriage, eat the prepared dinner then go to bed .



However, I can’t get enough of this moment . I’m always excited during this moment where I am surrounded by the flesh of women . I have the next few people lined up, standing next to my bed . Once I’m done with these few, those ones are next . Now then, how many people shall I give “mercy” to?

My “mercy”…is gonna cost a lot you know?


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Next morning, I, who had all the fun I wanted exited the bedroom . I must properly eat my breakfast for my other “enjoyment” .


In front of me lay a luxurious breakfast made by the chefs who could compete for first or second in this country . If I found any dish the slightest of displeasing, that chef would be immediately fired . Even while taking such a risk, these chefs will seek the fame of providing a meal for a Bestowed . To them, by having their food become my flesh and blood, it will also be conveyed to the Goddess . There’s a rumour that once when I said “delicious”, the chef who served it had fainted out of happiness .


After the meal is a bath .


Of course women are placed in the bath as well . All of them will actively push their chests up towards me, and forget the towel – they washed my body clean with their hands as though caressing me . Sometimes, there would be a woman who catches my eye, where I would then continue to push them down right there and then . Unfortunately, there was no woman who would be receiving my “mercy” this time, but oh well, a new batch of women should be supplied tomorrow . I can have all the fun I want with no worries while I’m in this country .


After getting out of the bath, I placed the important “personal belongings”  into the carriage .


And so my personalised mana carriage went down the road . Normally at this time, the main road is the definition of crowded, making it almost impossible to go anywhere . But while I’m still in the country, there will my own “Bestowed Road”  so I can go back and forth with no problems .

Those damn incompetent fools .

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Soon, my destination came to sight . It was a large building, the largest company this country has to offer . When I parked the carriage at the entrance, a bunch of beauties in uniform were already lined up there .


I leave the case containing my “personal belongings” to these girls and enter, where I am let into the room of where the boss of the company is . Inside the room, I’m welcomed by a seemingly great merchant old man prostrating before me .


Hmph, what great merchant . Since this guy has very little hair on his head, it can’t even be used as a shoe polisher .


As I dug my heel into the head of this old man, I said a few words .


“I brought it” .


Whereupon, the old man replied in a loud voice;


“Thank you very much! Oh Bestowed One!!”

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Seriously, I can’t stop this occupation no matter what . As a rule of thumb, the personal belongings of a special priest are not checked, therefore making it possible to bring in “items” that are normally forbidden . The thing I brought this time… No, let’s stop it there . It would be better if I took this to the grave with me .


I handed over the case containing my “personal belongings” and the old man gave me a large sum of money . Well, although I have never paid any money, it’s calming to just look at the money . When I sometimes show the mountain of money to women, their eyes suddenly take a sudden turn . Watching that is quite entertaining on it’s own .


When I entered a gem store, the employees would try to hand over a gem of the highest quality . Once, I entered a weapons store to kill some time, then the weapon stores across the country had gathered, resulting in them trying to gift me a sword of national treasure calibre . No matter what store I enter, I will be treated as special . There is no retard that will ask me for money . Every last one of them wants the honour of “having the Bestowed don the item from their store”, in hopes that the Bestowed wears it and say “this is good” . That store’s future would be guaranteed . Customers will flock from all over the country and sings praises to them .


I hauled the “large sum of money I will never use” into the carriage and picked out a woman from the company, stripped her naked and tossed her in as well, allowing myself to immerse in some enjoyment before I arrived at the mansion . Of course on the outside, I said it was “mercy” . My “mercy” is not something so simple and cheap that it could be randomly thrown around . The face of the woman who was on all fours like a dog was truly a masterpiece . Although I had accidentally kicked her face… it was understandable since she had an expression saying “I’ve done this much and yet you still won’t grant mercy to me” .


As the carriage shook, I looked out at the town and found a girl smack bang in my strike zone walking around .


I had the carriage stop, and ordered the escort knights in the area to “bring that girl to my mansion” . The church knights nodded their heads and a few of them went off to search for the girl who had disappeared into the crowd of people .


Lovely, I’m looking forwards to tonight…

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