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Published at 27th of December 2018 04:53:56 AM

Chapter 27

The great priest continued .


“Everyone!! Listen to the voice inside your heart !! You must hear it!! The voice of the Goddess!!”

“As of now! Our dear Goddess is fighting!! Against the enemy of the world!! Against Satan!!”

“Those balls of light are the light from the clashes between our Goddess and Satan!!”


Hearing the words of the great priest, all the special priests take a pose of prayer . Of course, I kneel down on the spot and take a praying pose at the same time as everyone else does . Thereupon, various voices from special priests could be heard .


“Great Priest!! I can hear it!! The voice of the Goddess!!”

“Ahh!! I can feel it!! Now! Our Goddess is in battle!!”

“This is!? What is this evil presence I feel surrounding the Goddess!? So this is Satan!!!”


…Let me get this straight . I can’t hear anything nor feel anything . Have these guys lost their marbles?


As though leaving me behind, the special priests are all proclaiming to hear the Goddess’s voice one after another as they cry their eyes out . The great priest continues .


“So you all hear it!! So you all felt it!!”

“Right now!! Our Goddess is fighting in order to defeat Satan!!”

“It is now!! That us, the Bestowed, are to fulfil our destiny!!”


Huh? Fulfil our destiny?


“The Goddess has granted us power!! Her protection!! The time has come, for us to return this power to her!!”



My instincts began to ring upon hearing the words of the great priest . I can feel my skin prickling, screaming out this is bad .


“Our Goddess is using an unfathomable amount of power to fight Satan!! However! That’s still not enough!!”

“Everyone should feel it too!! Our Goddess is struggling!!”

“All of that!! Because she loves humanity!! Hence giving away all her power to us!!”

“We shall now!! Return this power back to our Goddess!!”

“Not to say!! We won’t only return it!! Along with this protection!! We will send our faith to her!!”

“With the power from protection returned!! And the power from our faith!! The Goddess will never lose to the likes of Satan!!”



Special priests from all over are moved from the great priest’s speech .


“Ahh!! Dear Goddess!! Please, use this as a shield!! Use my firm faith as your shield!!”

“Oh Goddess!! Please throw my burning faith as a fireball towards Satan!! It will surely burn Satan into nothingness!!”

“My faith is as strong and fast as an iron-clad wall!! Please!! Please!! Construct a wall with my faith!! And use it to ward of the bullets!!”


The special priests are making a commotion, hoping the Goddess will use their own belief and faith to fight .


Next, the doors to the conference swung open, revealing the lower class priests bringing something in . A transparent liquid which was neither alcohol nor water filled the beautiful decorative glass cups . Once a glass has reached every special priest, that shitty geezer starts fussing .


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“Everyone! This is a poison cup!! Drink!! Relinquish your body! And pass your protection, beliefs and faith to the Goddess!!”


Everyone is cheering for the shitty geezer’s speech, and as the shitty geezer raises his glass, about to speak, I shouted:


“Please wait a moment!! Great priest!! Currently! Even if we rush to aid the Goddess right now! I believe we won’t be of much help!!”


Everyone, including the shitty geezer, makes a face of surprise and looks towards me . I continue, ignoring those gazes .


“Our faith is directly linked to our bodies!! It has already been hours since our evening meal! After that, we have not ingested anything!!”

“It is important for soldiers on a battlefield to have a full stomach!! We cannot fight a war on an empty stomach!!”

“I ask of you!! At the very least, let us eat supper!! We shall head off to the battlefield with the Goddess after satisfying our stomachs!!”

“By heading to the Goddess in our current state!! We will not be able to perform at our best!”

“Please!! I ask of you all!! Please reconsider this!!”


Many special priests begin disputing my words .


“Bastard, what are you suggesting!?”

“Are you saying that our faith will be shaken from measly hunger!?”

“We cannot afford to waste a single second!! How can you propose something like that now!!”


Whereupon, I answer in a loud voice .


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“The fate of the world hangs on this decisive battle!! We should raise our odds of victory as much as we can!!”

“Indeed, we cannot waste even a single second!! However!! Are we capable of becoming the Goddess’s strength, imperfect as we are now!?”

“The clashes have been continuing for a while now!! We should still have some time left!!”
“Have them immediately start cooking! We have to fill our stomachs!!”

“Is disappointing the Goddess during a time like this! Something we, as Bestowed should be doing!?”


Still, some of the special priests tried to refute me but was stopped by the shitty geezer .


“What you have said makes sense . Hurry, have them make something . ”


Hearing the words of the geezer, the lower class priests sprung to motion and so the cooks inside the kitchen also started moving their hands .



I hurriedly slipped out of the rowdy conference room . I mustn’t waste any longer . I have to buy as much time as I can . While I’m delaying them, this abnormal situation might somehow fix itself .


If it doesn’t, I’d end up committing double suicide with that fucking old man!! Who would want to suicide with that piece of shit!!


I kicked open the kitchen door and strutted inside, where chefs were frantically cooking up a meal . Pushing away the chef in charge of the largest pot, I ladled some soup into my mouth . Immediately, I dramatically shoved the pot off the stove . The exquisite soup spilt, quickly forming a puddle on the floor, leaving the chef exposed to my glare .


“What is this soup!? You there!! Are you looking down on us!!?”


As I bellowed out, I picked up the knife that just so happened to be near me, and stabbed it into the chef . Blood dripped down from the knife piercing the chest of the chef as he ever so painfully kneeled and spoke .

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“I am tru-… Truly sorry for this…”


Wonderful!! This guy is out of action now!! Next one!!


I ruined the meals one after another, dumped sewage water in, stabbed knives into chefs and just continued interfering in their cooking, whereupon, the knights of the palace came barging in after hearing the commotion .  The kitchen had already descended into a mess but can’t you see there’s still chefs cooking over there!!?


Fuck!! You pieces of shit!! Are you all trying to get me killed!!?


It was then, a single idea came to mind . I gave an order to the knights who stood blank-faced as they stared at the situation inside the kitchen .


“These guys are Satan’s underlings, trying to place a curse on the food!! EXECUTE THEM ALL!!”


The knights wavered, but didn’t move . At the same time, the cooks threw down their knives and scattered from the kitchen .



“Chefs!! Why do you run!? If you insist that you are not a Satanist!! THEN DO NOT MOVE FROM THIS SPOT!!”


The knights returned to their senses and pulled out their swords . The chefs on the other hand; there were those who ran for their lives and those who gathered up their courage and remained to continue cooking .


But I couldn’t care less . There are multiple kitchens in this temple . Only one of them has stopped functioning . I have to go stop the others as well!!


I flew out of this kitchen where screams flew about and dragged a few knights along as I ran into another kitchen .

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