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Published at 29th of December 2018 11:28:32 PM

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Resignation and Compensation


Silence once again descends upon the conference room after everyone learnt “what” the “red barrier” encompassing the planets were . No one could say anything . It was only after some time did the chairman ask the soldier .


“Can…you repeat…what you…just said?”


This time, the soldier took a deep breath in, and spat out .




That voice was loud to the point of shouting, echoing through the wide room . But still, no one could lift a single finger after hearing those words .




The representatives who returned to their senses firmly pushed to surrender . Even those who were wholeheartedly supporting the notion of dispatching another fleet paled in colour, and spoke up .


“It’s insane!! For us to fight an enemy like this!!”

“Anywhere!! Is there a hole!! Is there a hole anywhere!!?”

“There’s nothing of the likes!! They’ve already completed their encirclement!!”

“Hurry up and surrender!! Our planet is on the edges of the Federation!! If we’re hit by that fleet!! Not even dust will remain!!”

“Bring the person who’s responsible for this time’s invasion!! We’ll give them up to Earth as a human sacrifice!!”

“What did you say!!? No one was opposed to the invasion this time round!! You’re just as guilty!!”

“That’s not true!! I was against it!! In the first place! An invasion for vengeance!! That’s something barbarians would do!! I was against it!!”

“Disgraceful!! How much fuel do you think was supplied to the fleet from your planet!! I won’t let you escape!!”

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“How about you!!? You’re the one who-!!”


Inside the conference room, representatives were hurling the blame at one another as they repeatedly asserted the need to surrender while sobbing . There was no one who dared speak of “sending another rearranged defence fleet to attack Earth” and such .


That day, the Planetary Federation unconditionally declared their surrender .




A small fleet departed from the planet the Federation’s headquarters was located . The battleships had their main cannons sealed up, and missiles were not set up . In addition, a giant white flag was placed on the ships’ bow .


The small fleet gingerly advanced through the Earthen fleet, stopping at the location specified by the girl, where the massive flagship was .


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Not much later, several representatives of the Federation riding on the miniature battleship arrived in the hangar . All of them donned sharp looking formal clothing, their faces stressed to the limit as robots guided them to the drawing room where the young girl was already waiting .


Seeing the young girl clad in a brand new Earthen Army lieutenant uniform, they could only stare blankly .


I did tell them about how I was the last Earthling remaining beforehand though… Well, their surprised is completely justified considering the last Earthling is a child like me . But there’s nothing I can do about it .



“Welcome, everyone from the Federation . Nice to meet you . I am the representative from Earth . ”


My words caused them to jolt and waver .


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“Please rest assured . I do not intend to do anything to everyone here . ” I said with a smile, and albeit only by a little, they seemed to relax their muscles .


Things carried on smoothly from there . They had apparently wished to unconditionally surrender but I told them that it was unneeded . When I conveyed to them that everything was fine as long as they never invaded Earth every again, they let out sighs of relief .

In parallel with that, I also compensated them for the past invasions from us Earthlings . Unfortunately, I did not own any common currency between us so I provided some of Earth’s technology to them . Although I gave a rough outline of the technology to the representatives, I could totally see those question marks hanging above their heads . It might have been slightly difficult for non-researchers to understand .


So, after informing them that scholars should be able to effectively use it after careful analysis, I handed over a storage medium . They nervously received the storage medium and so, the war officially came to an end .


A while later, the analysis of the storage medium brought back by the representatives was completed . Researchers could only remain shocked from the newly obtained technology from Earth and rejoiced that the “agitated tiger” had once again, returned to its slumber .

After that, various planets from the Federation became proficient with handling Earth’s technology, leading to a new “Spring for the universe” . These planets competed as they studied, utilised and modified the newly gained technology .



Like so, the girl protected Earth .

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