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Published at 31st of December 2018 03:08:36 AM

Chapter 31

Numerous balls of light appear on the stage . People shudder in terror and run rampant .


During those times, a single man stands forth and speaks .


“Calm down!! These lights are from the clashes between the Goddess and Satan!!”

“It is now!! Our faith is being put to the test! Everyone! Pray!! For the victory of the Goddess!!”



Hearing the words of the man wearing a pure white priest robe, people nodded their heads, kneeled down and began their prayers . Satisfied with everyone, who wore the same pure white priest robes, he informed them of the upcoming situation .


“It is now!! Let us show them the power of us Bestowed!!”


Just as the man spoke and raised his glass cup brimming with liquid, another voice interrupts him .


“Please wait a moment!! Great priest!!”


From among the crowd of special priests, a single gallant special priest steps forwards .


“We cannot bring out our full potential right now!! One cannot fight on an empty stomach!!”

“Please leave it to me!! I shall immediately prepare a meal!!”

“This fight!! We mustn’t lose, at any cost!! I ask of you!! Please!!”


The great priest granted this request of his . And so the gallant special priest sent out the cooks and even personally carried the dishes, in preparation for setting out .


However, Satan was a shrewd one . By ordering his underlings he had sent in beforehand, he began hindering their preparations . He hatched a plan to place powerful curses on the food such that the Bestowed could not head to where the Goddess was . Nevertheless, this plan of his was seen through by the wise and gallant special priest, so by cooperating with the knights who protected the holy temple, he fell the underlings, one after another . The gallant special priest voluntarily took up his sword and cut down the chiefs and priests who tried to cast curses onto the food as per Satan’s orders . Satan’s underlings raised screams of agony and died as they spat out curses against the Goddess .


The stage meets its climax .


The great priest yells out “For victory!!” and downs his cup . Following him, the other special priests also yell out “For victory!!” and drank . Among them was one who yelled out especially loudly, and drank the poison cup faster than anyone else .

Despite this, the gallant special priest didn’t die . He was protected by a blessing stronger than anyone else – he was a true Bestowed . His faith rivalled even that of the great priest’s . As the other special priests collapsed, he stood up, and ordered the knights .


“Hurry, cut off my head . ”


The ordered knight raised his sword above his head as tears streamed out of his eyes, and swung down his sword in one clean motion, decapitating the gallant special priest . A few hours later, the balls of light shining above them in the night sky disappeared…


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The narrator continued .


“Like this, the Goddess came out victorious against Satan . ”

“This although, does not mean that Satan has disappeared . ”
“Even now, Satan lives on somewhere, and is continuing to plot the destruction of this world . ”

“He looks to plant the seed of evil inside our hearts, and wishes to overturn the Goddess . ”

“What could we do against Satan?”

“We only have one option, that is for every one of us to maintain our unmovable faith for the Goddess . ”

“Never forget your faith for the Goddess, and protect the peace of this world . ”

“Here!! Let us pray!! In thanks for this peaceful world!! In thanks for our Goddess who is constantly looking over this world of ours!!”


Following the voice of the narrator, the followers seated in the audience began their prayers .



This is one of the staged plays of the Goddess religion . The story of the battle between Satan and the Goddess and her Bestowed from the distant past was turned into a play . There is no longer anyone who has directly seen the fight with Satan . It was a story from many generations ago, but even so, people swore to never forget this story . If they had lost this fight, the world would have been plunged into chaos . People are still grateful to the Bestowed and the Goddess who prevented this . The residents of this world passed every day with a solid faith, carved deep within their hearts . New humanity believed in the Goddess from the bottom of their hearts, and held no doubts that the Goddess was watching over them .



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…Except for one female scholar… . .




Within the dominating darkness of the night, lacking even the light of the moon, stood a single young lady, outside the castle walls of a particular country . This lady was a scholar from the country . She had left behind the protection of the castle walls of her own free will for the sake of her research . This young scholar was currently in the midst of a bloodbath .


It’s fine .

Everything’s okay .

I won’t be attacked .

This guy won’t attack me .


The female scholar made a resolute face with the enormous castle walls behind her . In front of her was a huge demon, making rough breaths . This demon was as large as a hut and held a considerable sized log in its hands .


On the other side, the female scholar possessed no weapons of any sort . The clothes she wore were her usual casual clothing painted black in order to avoid the eyes of the patrolling guards . Of course it was not amour, it was your everyday cloth – it was just a set of plain black clothes not even magically enchanted .


Additionally, the female scholar was not a Bestowed . She was born a normal human and raised as a normal human . Therefore, it would only be natural for her to be attacked by a demon if she ever stepped outside . Despite this, she brought her face closer to the demon .

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Calm down, me .

It’s alright .

This guy will definitely not attack me .

This guy is only checking me right now .

Don’t move, me .


The rough and pungent breaths of the demon rubbed onto her face . The rough breaths caused the scholar’s face to crinkle up but the demon paid no heed and continued to sniff the female scholar . Then, the demon opened its large mouth . Inside its mouth were teeth as sharp as the tip of spears, lined up in rows . It’s saliva leaked out, slowly dripping down, onto the ground . The female scholar clenched her teeth, but didn’t avert her eyes and continued to glare at the demon .


…The demon’s mouth hung open for a while longer . It was just a “yawn” . Finishing it’s seemingly sleepy yawn, the demon lost interest in the female scholar and dragged its feet off into the distance, walking away . As she watched the back of the retreating demon, the female scholar never moved from her spot .


…As I thought .

The demons won’t attack me .

I don’t need to be afraid of the demons .

As long as I don’t provoke them, the demons won’t attack me .

…If I use the results of this experiment, I could potentially save the people scared of the demons .


She looked up to the sky and trembled in her own discovery .

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