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Published at 25th of April 2019 09:59:19 PM

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Second Heart and Demons


On the artificial island, the girl danced throughout the night . The world is progressing in this moment, lives are born and disappearing .


A couple celebrating the birth of their baby .

A man whose back was pierced through by his companion’s sword .

A lady who silently mourned the loss of her beloved husband .


The girl enjoyed these emotions, laughing, singing and dancing . Then, she noticed the movements of the female scholar .


Ahh, she has finally taken the step to remove her mana organ… Will she realise the relationship between demons and magic now? And, how will the world change if she does? Will new humanity be freed from demons? Will people’s lives change? Just like how modern magic changed the world for new humanity, this knowledge would bring forth great changes in the future .


Will the newly born baby’s world change?

Will the lover whom was left behind by the man be able to survive this changing world?

Can the child raised by the mourning lady change the world?


Be desperate .

Thirst for life .

Do your best to struggle, pathetically but graciously, devilishly but wholesomely, like an unbound fool but also like the wisest sage .

Then, live your lives to the fullest .

Show me how you all live .

And everything you all have to offer .


The girl gave a slight smile, a strange glint in her eyes as she continued her unending dance as a beam of light from the morning sun lit up her face .



“We will begin the surgery shortly . ”


A mana surgeon in a white cloak spoke to the female scholar .


The operation will surely go well if the mana surgeon in charge is as excellent as he is . He was impressed by my “excuse” I prepared and shook my hands as he swore to “definitely make this surgery a success” . Just as I predicted, there are indeed doctors who wish to know more about the functions of the second heart .

It was chilling when I thought that he might find out but turns out it was just my needless concern . He strongly gripped my hand drenched in cold sweat as he cried and promised to place utmost priority on my operation .

Of course there were the many checkups I had to attend before performing the surgery . It was necessary to check any changes to my body after the amputation . Those checkups took up two days so the removal of my second heart was scheduled for three days after I made the request .


After confirming that the female scholar fell into deep sleep from the sleep magic cast on her, the mana surgeon gave a respectful salute before beginning .


The surgery itself was over very quickly . In the first place, the second heart was a relatively small organ meaning there was no need for an overly large incision to be made . Plus, the doctor was just as skilled as the rumours described him to be . Because of that, I was only forced to stay at the hospital for one day to recover my stamina then after a check up the next day, I hurried back to the laboratory . The results of the checkups showed that my body was just as good as before . But if something abnormal occurred, I was to immediately return to the hospital .


More importantly, I wanted to continue with my research . I returned to my laboratory and lit up the dark room with magic . The magic staff activated the magic as per my orders, brightening up the room .


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Now I can finally see my surroundings . My my, only a few days passed and I’m already missing this room . Does this mean that my fatigue is pilling up? But even so, I don’t have the time to complain about it . I must resume the experimentation .

How will the demons react to me now that my second heart has been removed? Will they continue to intimidate me as they have done before? Or will they lose interest in me just like with other animals?


The female scholar stood still in front of the room, her breathing rough from the running .


…This won’t do…

How could I let my excitement get to my head…

Let’s calm before entering the room .


She took a deep breath in and resolved herself then entered the demon’s room . Just like before her operation, the demon which was in a daze suddenly shot up but upon seeing the woman, it tilted it’s head in confusion and sniffed at her . The demon seemed to lose all interest in her after sniffing for a while and returned to daydreaming .


The female scholar too, stood in a daze when she saw the attitude of the demon . When she snapped out, she gingerly crept towards the cage and inserted one hand between the bars, into the cage . The demon twitched in surprise then slowly stared into the eyes of the woman . Under the piercing gaze of the demon, a rough sensation was transmitted through her hands as she timidly stroked the demon .

The cautious gaze of the demon never left the female but it understood that the woman held no hostile feelings towards it . Perhaps the thought of “no ill intentions so no harm done“ ran through the demon’s head for it ignored the hand patting it all over and resumed staring into thin air .


In this instant, one human and one animal inside the cramped and gloomy room created history .


Afterwards, she performed the experiment mentioned earlier . By using the medium sized demons outside, she confirmed that the demons truly had no reactions towards herself .

And she was convinced .

At last she had reached the truth of the world: “demons will not attack humans without a second heart” .

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Clap clap clap clap


The young girl who was dancing just a moment ago stopped abruptly and began applauding . Her eyes were moist and her face had a look of affection as she clapped .


Congratulations, really congratulations .

You have just paved the way for new humanity .

No matter what difficulties you will face in the future, even if you crumble halfway through, I shall stand as testimony .

That you are the first human of new humanity who has managed to communicate with demons .

The events tonight will be a great leap forwards for you all .

Even if nothing occurs, you have nothing to fear .

You are living .

You have a head to help you think of schemes to survive, regardless of the situation .

You are fine . Everything is alright .

Rest assured and enjoy your painful life to the fullest .


The young girl’s applause stopped and began singing a yet to be heard marvelling melody to celebrate the success of the female scholar’s research . That melody was unending and continued to be sung for a long time into the future .


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The next day after conducting the experiment outside the castle walls, the woman pondered inside her dark and gloomy laboratory . From this human experimentation, the conclusion of “demons will very likely attack humans with a second heart” can be deduced . This is undoubtedly a major accomplishment for humanity . But there is an overwhelmingly small amount of information to publish it just like this . I don’t know why the demons react to the second heart either . No one will pay any attention to a research paper filled with so many unknowns .


No, that’s not the only issue . If I carelessly publish these results, there’s a chance the church will cover it up . The church has most of the world’s information network under their thumb by having the special existence called Bestowed and because of that, the church holds a great amount of authority over the various countries .

Of course it’s not limited to only authority . The church has gathered enough wealth for people to say “the riches of the world are with the temple” . In the case where I release this report of “creating humans who won’t be attacked by demons by removing their second heart”, almost all of the merchants who wish to trade with other countries will remove it .

Not only the merchants . I’m confident that people who hold some level of hatred towards the church and country will fight to have their second hearts removed and then leave the country . That would cause the church’s influence to be greatly diminished .

…This is… bad .

Humans beings are creatures who strongly fear losing the wealth already their hands . It is the human nature to ultimately readily stain their hands with blood in order for things to not reach that end .

I could be assassinated in the worst case scenario, my research buried into the depths of history, never to see the light of day ever again . No, I can’t deny the possibility of the church taking advantage of it to increase the amount of wealth they already possess .


A drop of cold sweat slid down her face . The report containing her research results were crushed by her hands .


No!! I have to tread carefully!!

If I publish these results just like this, both I and these results will be buried in darkness within darkness!!

But I lack the information to make a major publication to the world .

Let’s see…

It would mean throwing away everything I have piled up but…

…I have no other choice .


It did not take long for the woman to start taking action after making the decision . She instantly withdrew from the school she worked at and pushed forwards with many of her preparations .

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