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Published at 29th of October 2019 09:59:27 AM

Chapter 38

A place like this must have a present for the demon . She, along with her companions came to this barren country of ruins after being destroyed by demons in the long past . Normally, she would never have had the chance to come here but now that she had the extra time, she was able to make this round trip . They could feel the grandeur in the desolate ruins overrun with weeds dispersed throughout this fallen country .  


The towering walls which once protected the countries borders were littered with holes created by the demons as they invaded the towns and spread the flames of destruction . Remains of demons accompanied by crater indents were found across the streets . Places assumed to previously be guard stations had traces of barricades being built, however, swords and canes, as well as squished plates of armour were rolling on the ground . This was the deserted town the girls were headed to .


A while later, she found the place they were searching for . It was a relatively spacious hardware store with a pot on its hanging sign board . The ajar door was covered with splatters of blackened blood . Inside the store, a couple of human bones were spread around the counter . Perhaps due to being indoors, there were still some bones, unaffected by the weathering . These were most likely outcome of those who sought refuge inside the store but were still slaughtered by the invading demons . Deep scratches from the demons were still imbedded on the ceilings and walls .


Now, it would be great if there was a present here…


After all, this country fell a long time before I was born .


Products on the shelves were already battered, but stores like this should have a warehouse at the back .


There might be a useable pot there .


If the pots’ are large enough, I could take one back as a present for the demon .


It’s a pain to cook the fruits day after day in such a small pot .


If I manage to find a large enough pot, I can greatly reduce the cooking time needed for the large amount of fruits and the demon can also eat their fill .  


The woman chanted a searching spell for her surroundings . As a result, she had indeed confirmed the entry to an underground warehouse . She headed further into the shop and opened the wooden door . It was too dark to see one meter ahead, despite the staircase inside . She lit up her staff using illumination magic and pushed forwards .  


The staircase turned out to be a short one of not even ten steps and yet the basement it led up to was surprisingly spacious . Stocks of pots, knives and other daily necessities were lined on the shelves . And at the very depths of the warehouse, there were multiple piles of skeletons .  


Judging from the size, they were probably the bones of children – possibly the children of the shop owners . Beside the corpses were crates to store ingredients and vases of water which were all emptied . There were no signs of trauma inflicted by demons on the bodies of the children either . These children had most likely starved to death inside this underground warehouse . As they were overcome with hunger, they turned their teeth to the crates as seen by the small bite marks left on the wooden boxes .


…These children died in a place like this, obscured by darkness…


Demons likely roamed the surface in search of any survivors .


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They who were unable to escape from this underground warehouse could only starve to death .


The woman offered a prayer for the children who passed away then proceeded to search for her pot .


After a few minutes of searching, the woman returned to the surface bringing along with a meter wide pot with her using levitation magic . She secured the pot to the back of the demon and finally let out a sigh of relief . Her gaze turned towards the all too quiet “shopping district” .  

Crumbling buildings and piles upon piles of bones lined the long strip of road . This shopping district once brimming with lively crowds of people now seemed pitifully empty .


The candy store where children laughed once upon a time, now held the bones of a gigantic demon, with multiple swords stabbed into it . . The restaurant which was turned into a barricade was littered with dented pieces of armour soaked in blood . When she peeked inside a luxury clothing store, she was welcomed with the scene of clothing racks blotted in black . Shelves in bookstores were overturned and buried under them were another few human skeletons .


Finally there was the half-collapsed mana stone store . The state of the interior was just as terrible as expected but there was also an unexpected harvest . When she looked over the unsold mana stones out of curiosity, she found that the stones still had some magic power remaining inside of them .  


It was surprising that these mana stones still retained some magic power considering the amount of time they’ve been neglected for . The mana stone itself was an older model and the magic power stored inside didn’t amount to much .  


But as long as there was magic power remaining, it could be used to perform magic . If she could gather the leftover magic power and transfer it into her modern magic stone, she wouldn’t have to worry about any extra luggage . It was a blessing for her that as of late, she hadn’t needed to dispose of any of the mana stones thanks to the demons .  


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She quickly scoured through the store and gathered every mana stone . And the still remaining magic power was transferred into her mana stone .


Afterwards, the woman and the demon wandered aimlessly around the country . No matter where they went, there was only uninhabited ruins infested with weeds . They deduced from the scattered bones that there was still someone around but it anticlimactically turned out to be a couple of smaller sized demons .


There, she found “treasure” . She copied down the map of the shopping district and retrieved all the magic power every store had to offer . When she found a mana tool store, she again retrieved all the tools she could carry .  


Furthermore, she made a visit to the grocery store and took all the bags of salt and sugar . As long as the surrounding environment of the salt and sugar wasn’t overly terrible, these seasonings would not rot . Fortunately, the food warehouse wasn’t damaged, retaining its appearance since it was last used . These condiments were not only for the demon’s meals but also her own . She couldn’t taste anything odd from these seasonings when she gave her finger she stuck in a lick .


She placed all these various “treasures” onto the demon’s back then headed towards the wealthy district where all the nobles lived . This area was different to the average residential district or the shopping districts in that it was protected by a separate impenetrable wall . Because the steel gates were reinforced with anti-magic defences, the woman had to use the opened gap next to the wall . Although the walls were built in a magnificent manner, the interior of the area was not too different from the shopping districts .


Bones could be found everywhere and buildings were infested with plants with many of them crumbling from age . If one had to be pressed for a difference, then one could say that the armour of the soldiers protecting this area was a bit more luxurious than the soldiers outside .


For the number of plates of armour on the ground was the same amount of demon bones . From the looks of things, this place had experienced bouts of intense battles . As evidence, there were a few larger demon’s worth of complete skeletons which were rarely seen in the shopping district . It turns out that a few of these larger demons which managed to break through had been killed .  


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Any guard who could accomplish this feat must have been an elite among the elites . However, they were outnumbered . The line of defence was broken through by the overwhelming amount of demons and the wealthy district then fell… and that was probably what happened back then .  


A magnificent castle could be seen beyond the wealthy district but even then, a couple of the towers were crumbling . It shouldn’t have taken a long time for the castle to fall after the wealthy district was broken through by the hoard of demons .  


The woman and her demons silently passed by the walls .  


A bit further away from the walls was a wide street lined with tall buildings . Nevertheless, every building had signs of erosion and some of the palatial residences had completely fallen under . She looked for a house which looked to be somewhat easy to enter and waltzed in .  


She pushed through the overgrown bushes in the garden, carefully walked under the grandiose doors hanging from their hinges and saw a grand chandelier towering at the doorway as though it was greeting her . It had probably fallen from the ceiling of the entrance room where it hung . She continued forwards while avoiding the chandelier and let out a searching magic when she reached a more spacious area .


…It looks like there are a few smaller sized demons who’ve made themselves at home in rooms on the second floor .


I remember there being a kitchen and study room on the ground floor…


She combed the residence in more detail and finally found the object she was searching for .

A smile formed on her face the instant she found it .

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