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Published at 29th of October 2019 09:59:27 AM

Chapter 39



At the center of the wealthy area, the lively voice of the female scholar resounded . At what had once been a bustling resting area in the plaza while people still lived there, the woman held up a glass, leaning on the fountain . Furthermore, she had prepared and brought a bathtub from who knows where, and was soaking in the water . Naked of course .


The bath was filled with the water conjured through magic, and floating on the water surface were delicate petals plucked from a flowerbed which endured the trials of time .

While she was in the bathtub, she repetitively drank with a gulping sound . It had been a fine liquor which she had retrieved from a mansion . This fine liquor had been one of the kind which aristocrats found really really really important . Important enough to preserve it in an underground storehouse . Such fine liquors that no commoner could ever taste in their entire lifetime were lined up around her tub . She ferociously drank the bottles empty one after another, as though they were her sworn enemy .




I’ve always wanted to try this at least once!!

I can drink all I want whilst in a giant bathtub!!

If this were my hometown, I would probably be arrested by the police in a blink of an eye but there’s no need to worry about that here!!



*Gulp gulp*… Pwah!!!


The taste is great!! It’s the best!!!


This is probably worth way more than my income from when I was a teacher!!


While eating her own homemade snacks, she downed the high grade liquor as if it was water .


Aaah~… .  

I’m so happy… .

Back when I was a teacher, I was afraid of getting hangovers, and gave up drinking alcohol, but now I don’t need to worry about that sort of thing… . To begin with, I start to feel sick when I drink shitty cheap alcohol… but this liquor is magnificent!! It goes down so smoothly, you can tell it’s of a high quality! I can drink as much as I want! Well, hypothetically speaking, even if I happen to get so wasted that I couldn’t even move tomorrow… . All I have to do is sleep it off in some nice mansion around here… .  


… Just as I thought… I’m really lucky, aren’t I…? 


Right now, the world is suffering at the hands of the demons… .


……… . Aaaah!! But!! There’s no going back!! I’m unstoppable!! 

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Hmm! I choose you, damn bottle!!


How dare these bottles look so expensive!! Outrageous!! I’ll get rid of them all!!


The woman’s lips twisted into a revolting smile as her eyes landed on her next target . She jumped up out of the bathtub, exposing her voluptuous breasts bare to the air, and vigorously uncorked a bottle to pour its contents into a glass as she set out for her next target . The designated luggage courier (demon) stared at the woman with cold eyes .






On the artificial island, the girl could feel the female scholar drinking alcohol in the bath . And then, she muttered .


“Which reminds me… the last time I got into a bath… was it decades ago?”

“I think… it was because I got into a bloody fight with the planetary alliance…” 


She murmured as she sniffed her clothes .

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“Actually, I can’t even remember when was the last time I changed my clothes…”


However, there wasn’t a speck of dirt on the girl’s pure white clothes, nor did they smell . The scent which wrapped around the girl’s thin body was reminiscent to that of gentle sunlight . In the first place, it was possible to live a sanitary lifestyle without taking a bath your entire life thanks to old humanity’s technology . In truth, the girl’s pure white clothes that she always wore kept her hygienic at all times, thus it was unnecessary to bathe . However, the girl stood up from her chair and proceeded to the bathhouse in her residence .   


After that, she threw her white clothes and underwear into her washing machine and went into the bath . The house that the girl lived in was small, with an equally small tub . At most, it was no bigger than what a small girl could stretch out in it . But, the girl was pleased with the bath . If she had wanted, she could distort the space in the tub to make it the size of a lake . However, bathing in a large bathtub alone was neither fun nor relaxing . Hence, the girl intentionally used the tubs original size as is .  


The girl submerged her body in the small tub . She sank into the hot water, stopping just at her head . While sitting in the hot water, the girl grabbed her knees as if to curl up, and stared at her right arm . A scar-like line remained on the girl’s unblemished white skin on her right arm . This was the scar from the time the planetary alliance’s fleet had attacked . Even though she could heal the scar perfectly if she wanted to, the girl didn’t want to get rid of it . The girl wore a spellbound expression as she stared at the scar, before lightly rubbing her cheeks against it .


Yes, I still remember when this wound was made . I vividly remember it as if it happened only a second ago . For that moment, I was the center of the universe . My brain couldn’t keep up with nor process the tidal wave of surging feelings and information, and for a second, I went crazy… .


In that moment… my instincts woke from the depths of their slumber . My calm conscience was thrown aside, and in its place the “animal” in me bared itself . I had never experienced something so exhilarating since I was born .


… Although I won’t be able to do something like that ever again… .  


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At that moment… I had been able to “live” like them… .


If I went crazy again, what would I do? What would I want to do?


… It’s no use thinking about it .

… The answer is obvious .


It’s like asking if I should grant everyone salvation as God, or massacre everyone as if I was the Demon King . No matter what path I choose, I’d ultimately send them to their ruin .  


That’s how much power I wield . Such a frail body possesses such absolute power . My ancestors who gave rise to this power in search for freedom… Were they able to attain the freedom they sought for?

We can achieve anything, and yet nothing .

A set of armour, crafted to perfection can also serve as the perfect cage .

Can I, confined by this power, truly live ‘freely’…

I’m envious of those who can experience a life of suffering .


The girl’s outstretched hand fumbled in midair, her eyes staring blankly at the ceiling . Then, a glass of alcohol abruptly manifested in the air . She took the drink into her hand, subtly closing her eyes for a more meticulous vision of the wider world . She then raised her glass to the woman still parading in the plaza ruins, whispering a small “cheers” before emptying the glass .

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