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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:05 PM

Chapter 4

Hey guys! So, first of all I’m sorry for the late release and so here are two chapters to make up for it . And also, these chapters will be released on as well and I may or may not be currently translating another series that we be released sometime soon .

On another note, I have an editor now! All welcome Fletterman!!!

Now without further ado, here’s the chapter!  o(≧∇≦o)

The next day after the end of the battle, the Long-Eared tribe launched an attack on the Hog tribe's settlement as though to clear up the gathered resentment until now .

Hands made from dirt grew even larger and sturdier than before . The trees pulled out their roots out of ground and walked on, trampling the Hog tribe as though they were giant humans . That wasn't it; gigantic rocks gathered and took on humanoid forms, crushing those who fled into caves along with the cave .

Warriors from the Hog tribe had made an attempt to retaliate, but the situation could no longer be called a fight . That, which could be called a massacre, was the 「revenge」of the Long-Eared tribe .

There was little that could be gained from the fall of the Hog tribe's settlement .

Originally, they were a race that could live without such a wide area of land . In addition, although the Hogs had physical strength, they were lacking when it came to 「crafting things」 . That's why men and women only wore a simple grass skirt; even someone on the level of the chief only had a fur wrapped around .

Despite this, the Long-Eared continued to raid the settlement and, with no exception, slaughtered every Hog in the forest .

As a result, in just one year, most of the widespread forest had become the Long-Eared tribe's . And the Hogs, which were greatly reduced in numbers, lived in the corner of the forest in fright of the raids that came from the Long-Eared tribe .

For a while after this, magic was treated as the speciality of the Long-Eared tribe . Those who were not able to use magic feared the power of the Long-Eared and refused to enter the forest .

And so people started calling the Long-Eared tribe, 「Sages of the Forest」 . (TL: Is it just me who's getting the feeling that the long-eared are the elves? I mean, previously I was imagining them as people with bunny ears…)(ED: I feel the same)

The Long-Eared tribe already had little exchanges with the outside, but still understood that they were called Sages by those outside .

It was unavoidable that ideologies of their own superiority were formed .

The Long-Eared started to hold the idea that 「anyone other than themselves were inferior races」and started to condemn the other races . This was not anything in particular to the other races and strived to obtain the magic that the long-eared tribe had acquired .

Some tried to steal the knowledge by presenting beautiful women to the Long-Eared tribe's men . Some tried to get the Long-Eared tribe's women to teach them magic by giving them expensive jewels . There were even those who snuck into the forest and tried to spy on them .

But all of it ended in failure .

The Long-Eared tribe completely withdrew into the forest and stopped interacting with the outside world . Therefore, those who lived in the outside world had to develop magic themselves .

After that, with time and several intellectuals, the new humanity finally completed the magic which could be used even outside the forest where the Long-Eared dwelled .

That newly developed magic spread through the world like wildfire .

At first, only magic related to battles was developed but gradually, magic that was closely linked to everyday life started to be developed .

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However, it was not as though everyone could use magic .

Almost all of the new humanity, including the Hogs, were equipped with the mana organs, similar to the Long-Eared . However, perhaps due to the differences in race, there were many whose organs were smaller than the Long-Eared's . The quantity and concentration of the magic produced from the smaller organs, did not meet the necessary amount to activate magic . Due to that, there were plenty of people who 「had a mana organ but could not use magic」 .

The amount of people who could use magic by only relying on their own mana organ was extremely small . And so for the sake of those 「people who could not use magic without external assistance」, a 「magic wand」, that assists in the activation of magic, was sold and quickly became a major hit throughout the world .

Using this magic wand, people became able to use magic in their everyday lives . Due to the wand, lighting fires in the stove, manipulating water to clean something, all of this was performed using magic .

As a result, the thought of「without magic, life would be impeded」 became a common sense throughout this world .

I was curious about this magic wand, so I ran a detailed investigation on what it is .

Apparently it combines the principle of a「charger」 and a「bamboo blowpipe」 . Though small, there is a constant release of magical powers, even from the smaller mana organs that could not activate magic in its original state . For an ordinary person, by simply possessing a magical wand close to them at all times, it is possible to accumulate the small emissions of magic power in a special stone in the magic wand . Just like that, the accumulated magic powers would act like a 「bamboo blowpipe」, raising the 「concentration」of the magic, rendering it usable .

Although ordinary people could not master advanced magic such as offensive magic and recovery magic, everyone became able to use magic related to everyday living . On the magic wand there was a pre-drawn magic formation for everyday use, so there was no need to chant the spell or draw the formation every single time people wished to use magic .

However, there were people who were not able to use magic even with a wand .

There were those who were born without mana organs or those whose mana organs were just too small and would take too long to store the magic . Those people were able to use magic by buying a magic stone that was already filled with magic powers and installing it on the wand . Due to that, those with large mana organs were able to make a sufficient living with just packing the stones with their magical power and selling those stones .

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This indeed is quite the convenient item .

As this slightly piqued my interest, I decided to replicate this 「mana organ」 and 「magic wand」using the technology left over from the Ancients . As a result, although somewhat distorted, I managed to create a replica .

By extracting the magic from the 「mana organ」inside the growth medium, and putting the magic powers into the 「magic wand replica」, and furthermore flowing the magic powers through the「magic formation replica」 .

I succeeded in developing a 「phenomenon」almost equivalent to the magic used by the new humanity as a result . Apparently, if the magic formation is improved upon, you would be able to produce quite a lot of output .

Alright, for now let's repeatedly experiment on what could be produced .

However, there is not enough magical power for experimentation…

In order to perform the research, I mass produced the mana organ replicas and connected them together just like a row of charging batteries .

At first glance, the mana organs possessed by the new humanity seemingly take on the shape of a heart . It is not circulating any blood, but this organ is beating .

The size of the mana organ in an 「excellent magician 」is the size of a thumb at best and it's only the size of a bean for those unable to use magic .

Because it is useless in such a size, I decided to enlarge it to approximately the size of a soccer ball . When lined up, the final result had ended up with a large amount of thumping organs arranged in rows . What should I say? It does seem like a spectacular sight when seeing a large amount of mana organ replicas lined up in growth medium .

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I feel like I became a mad scientist .

Well, if there are so many mana organ replicas, there should be no problems with the amount of magical powers .

Next, I integrated circuit technology into the magic formations, remodelling into something far more complex . Furthermore, the spells were improved by using a range of sounds that could be never hoped to be produced by a normal human, resulting in quite a high level of magic .

As to how it performed, I had succeeded in moving to Mars . If I was to put this in terms of scientific technology, it would be appropriate to say that I created a magic similar to a 「warp」 .

Well, I was somewhat touched by the diversity in magic … but to be honest, this magic technique does not really suit me… While it is true that it's convenient, but everything that can be done with magic could also be reproduced with scientific technology .

How would I say this… magic gives off this 「fluffy feeling」 .

It is technologically that's unstable and inevitably has a large instability factor to it . In that case, it can't be helped for scientific technology which is much more familiar to me to be more manageable . After all, it is said that 「well developed technology is indistinguishable from magic」 .

The young girl created a variety of new magic and played around with it for half a century, but eventually got bored of it . A note which had the thickness of a dictionary was filled with various methods of uses for magic had already been neglected .

Even the large amounts of mana organ replicas, and the magic wand replicas that had complex magic formations drawn on them, all of them now just sat in the girl's storage room collecting dust . Sometimes, she would pull them out again as if she just remembered and play with them, but it never lasted long .

As I thought, I prefer scientific technology . I'm used to using it and it's easier to understand . This is one thing that cannot be helped .

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