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Published at 8th of March 2020 12:17:34 PM

Chapter 43

While I was enjoying my lonely fashion show on the island, the woman was in the middle of some relatively serious investigations .


She used her search magic in a range of places, in search of a building she could call base . But despite her efforts, she could not find the ideal building .

Unwilling to give up, she continued to cast the magic .


Occasionally, when she found some high grade wine a research director hid . She would go out of her way to push the rubble aside with her magic to retrieve the bottle .



She continued her search, unfortunately she was unable to discover anywhere suitable for the day . Thus, she took her small tent from the demon’s back and decided to set up camp for the evening .




The sun sank beyond the horizon and the stars hung like glowing gems . The woman and her cohort had cleared out the dinner table .


The demon wore a satisfied face as it lay near the tent, peacefully sleeping, while on the other hand, the woman’s thoughts ran wild as she looked upon the ruins encompassed in darkness .


(This country is truly an amazing place . The magitech here hasn’t grown old, even in current times .


…No, that’s incorrect . We can’t say that it hasn’t grown old, since it is still currently impossible to replicate the magic they had .


Even a country with such advanced magitech was destroyed…

What in the world did they do?)


An enormous demonic skeleton shone in the moonlight before her very eyes . It stretched on endlessly like a white hill, all the way up till the walls .


Behind her, in front of the distant crumbling castle, the enormous bones were also piled in a giant mound .



(Why would demons this big attack…


I knew it, magic is at the center of this .

The “magic” this country had drew the demons here .


What was it?

What magic did they use?


I should be able to clarify the relationship between demons and magic as long as I know that…

… But… Will I have to look for the source of everything in this mountain of ruins all by myself…?


How long would that take…

Would I even be able to find it while I’m still alive…?


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… I can’t .

I don’t have time to think about it .


This was the forefront of mankind’s fight conflict with demons . And I’m definitely mankind’s hope, mankind’s future…


Humanity would surely suffer a forever cyclic history if I give up .

I am not allowed to give up .


Yes, just as how the great priest spread the belief of the goddess, my life is no longer my own . My life, my research, they all exist to support the humans of the future .


“I must never break . ”

“I must never lose . ”


It’s the great priest’s words from the play I’ve heard again and again…

To think that they would pop up in my head at a time like this…)



She slowly closed her eyes and when she opened them, a new resolved dwelled within them . Her eyes shone with determination .



…She proceeded to chug a whole bottle of high grade wine she salvaged from the laboratory and turned in for the day, in preparation for the next .

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Morning .


As she withstood the splitting headache, she clumsily climbed atop the demon’s back . The demon looked up to her concernedly, but she gave a small kick, cementing her confirmation, starting it forward slowly .



(Ughh… Shit… .

My head hurts like hell…


I was so sure that my determination was set in stone but I guess it doesn’t mean anything in front of my innate love for wine…)



While the thoughts sped through her head, she continued to cast search magic from the back of the demon . As she continued the cycle of searching then moving, lunchtime came .


Unfortunately she had yet to find a suitable research center . Originally, she planned to spend a longer time searching but the simultaneous loud growl from both her and the demon’s stomach did not permit such .


She heaved a sigh as she hopped down from the demon’s back to begin preparing lunch .

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Heaped inside the larger pot was a mountain of vegetables and inside the smaller pot was a brewing soup . The delicious smell from the pot drifted into their surroundings carried by the steam .


She continued on as her stomach growled, and as the demon drooled from the aroma .



At that time, she heard small footsteps draw near .



At first, she believed that it was a small animal or demon approaching, but when she turned her head towards the sound of the footsteps, her eyes grew wide in astonishment .



The goddess stood atop the rubble .


The goddess was clothed in tattered white rags, with anything barely remaining in the front and, from atop the debris, she emotionlessly gazed at her .


The demons also briefly glanced at the goddess but lost interest, returning their focus to the pot .


The goddess slowly descended from atop the rubble, her long white hair fluttering in the wind and her pale skin shone in the sun . She stood in front of the woman whose face was stiff from surprise .


She was too surprised to even move, when all of a sudden, the goddess spoke to her .

“Who are you?”

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