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Published at 16th of April 2020 11:30:04 AM

Chapter 46

The homunculus girl’s home was at the heart of the academy .


Research in this area was confidential, and mighty walls circled the area as protection . Now, those same mighty walls had a gaping hole, exposing the deteriorated buildings inside .  


Leading the pack which headed to the area filled with crumbling buildings was a girl . Her face was full of smiles . Occasionally, the girl would look back and beam at the scholar .


The girl wore a tattered robe, and hence, everytime the girl moved, her robe moved . After she walked ahead, the scholar was treated to a sight of the girl’s cute rear .  


Turns out, the girl held no shame in exposing her skin . Rather, she was purely happy to have someone to talk to after so long .


It may be a given but to the girl who spent a century alone in this desolate land, simply having a “conversation” was enjoyable . On top of that, the scholar had an aura around her similar to her parents which put her at ease .



Shortly thereafter, the party arrived at a lonesome building .


This building that the girl brought them to was the research institution, which was also her home . Most of the weeds around the building had been pulled out, and one could see tidied rooms through the windows . The girl looked after the home where no one lived .


She was over the moon to have a visitor over at her house which she dearly treasured . The girl happily skipped to the entrance and held it open .


Then she twirled around and energetically invited,


“Welcome to my home!”





Inside the house was a tidied kitchen, it was just enough to live in . Scholar borrowed one of the empty rooms, moving all her luggage in . This place would be her research facility for the time being .


The girl was unbearably happy, and helped move the scholar’s luggage as much as she could .   


The demon lowered itself in order to make it easy to remove the luggage from its back, and both the girl and the scholar brought the luggage into the residence . When the scholar thanked the girl for helping, she skipped and jumped around happily .


All of the moving was completed within a day .  


Scholar made two portions for dinner time, one for each of them to enjoy .


Although the homunculus girl could live without ever eating, she was equipped with a digestive system . Eating was nothing more than an entertainment, a type of luxury .


However, eating a meal with someone who had a parent-like atmosphere for the first time in a while was exceptional . During this meal, the girl had a mess around her mouth . So, the scholar took a napkin and wiped around the girl’s dirty mouth, and the two continued their delightful chatter throughout dinner .


Once finished, she explained to the scholar how the bath was used . As one would expect from an area of high importance in a country with advance development in magitech, the baths here were nothing like those from the scholar’s home country .


The baths ran fundamentally on magic, they were made to instantly fill up with water adjusted to the perfect temperature . Scholar dipped herself into the contemporary yet also antique bathtub, washing away all her fatigue .


“…Ahhh… My first bath in so long feels great…”


She let out a pleasurable sigh as she made the most of this bath .


All of a sudden, she felt the presence of another person, and letting her curiosity take charge, she spread out her search magic to probe towards the door .


She gazed upon the figure of the girl as she opened the bathroom door .


“…? Is something the matter? … Well, just let me know if something’s up .  


I want to savor this bath for now…“


In the end, she pushed the existence of the girl to the back of her mind as she sunk her body deeper in the bath .



Later on the scholar, now in pajamas, found the girl standing in front of her bedroom . She questioned the fidgeting girl .


“Is something wrong?”


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In response, the girl looked at the ground and softly muttered,


“ . . If… it’s not a bother… Could we… sleep… together…?”


Just like how a child would be spoilt by their parents, the girl yearned for the same affection from the scholar . Scholar was astonished by the young girl’s behaviour .



(She’s acting as though she is a young girl .


I didn’t believe what I heard about the creation of artificial souls in the beginning, but looking at her now, I have to admit that she has a soul . I don’t dare think that I could unravel everything about homunculi engineering in the least, but still, I’m curious… .


Alright, I guess I can proceed with my research on the demons in parallel with research on this child .

I’ll need to switch to making active observations, watching every one of her moves . I would love to learn even a bit more about the technology behind homunculus . )


Scholar was quivering with anticipation as she thought about her new field of research . She quickly agreed to the girl’s question, and even promised to sleep with her together in future nights .



The girl broke into a smile at her words, then broke into a run . She rushed to her room, and came back holding her favorite pillow .



The scholar waved the girl over to the bed so the two could sleep together .





Some time after the girl climbed into the scholar’s bed, the girl fell into deep sleep . Scholar stared at the adorable girl, gently stroking her head .


(This is amazing . I can’t believe that her hair is anything other than real hair .


Not only her hair .

I can’t see a single seam on her face .

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She gives the same feeling and has an identical body temperature as a real human . They even reproduced the body odor . )


She got up from the bed to thoroughly investigate the body of the girl happily snoring away . It was a piece of cake to look into the girl, seeing as she was still wearing that same worn out white robe since noon .


She completely disrobed the girl’s white clothes and carefully examined every nook and cranny of her body .


(…I can’t find any connections on her skin…

She looks exactly the same as a human would… I suppose the only difference would be the metal collar around her neck .


From her fingertips, face, chest, abdomen, to her arms and legs, she licked every part of the girl’s body, but every part was salty… Identical to a human .


She has nails at the tips of her fingers and she also has the same amount of teeth any human child would . )


The girl’s chest heaved up and down with each breath she took, and a soft thumping rhythm could be heard when the scholar placed her ear on the girl’s chest . Even her pulse was the same as a human’s…


Although she had already expected this, the girl did not possess a second heart, which was probably why she wasn’t attacked by the demons .


(I wonder why she doesn’t possess a second heart . … Perhaps it was because they couldn’t make one…?)


Just in case, she also stuck a thermometer inside the girl’s mouth, under her arms, and into her rectum, but every measured temperature was within the tolerance of a normal person…


(With such an intricate replication of a human, no one would be able to distinguish between the two as long as their necks were concealed .



More importantly, I’m more curious about whether “can homunculus have children?” . I can’t help but wonder if they managed to replicate those almost godly feats .



I know for one, that the interior female genitalia were accurately reproduced, but I don’t know about the functionality… .


Sigh… I have never resented the fact that I was born a girl as much as I have now .  

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If I were a man, I would have been able to test whether she could have children…

This girl seems to have gotten quite fond of me so I’m pretty sure that she’d cooperate if I asked her…


No, it’s not just her body which matters . I also have to investigate how her mentality compares to a human’s .


Her appetite seems weak, likely given that she’s not required to eat .


What about the part of her that feels shame or embarrassment when her skin was exposed? It could be taken that she practically feels no shame…… well, her sense of shame might’ve faded after not encountering anyone after a century… .


Is her need to sleep, sexual desires, greed for knowledge and self-assertiveness also replicated?


Ughhh, I want to know .

I really want to know . )




The scholar grew excited as she looked over the girl who lay bare in front of her, exactly as how she was brought into this world .




(From here on out, let’s constantly do things together with her . That way I can observe this child .


To think that such an interesting sample was hidden away…

Life really is a box full of surprises . )


The scholar had to control her rugged breaths and quivering hands as she put the girls robe back on . However, the woman’s excitement lasted for a while, and it took a considerable amount of time for her to fall asleep .  



Next morning .


The girl and demon worriedly watched over the female scholar whose eyes sparkled dangerously despite her hazy consciousness caused by sleep deprivation .

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