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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:04 PM

Chapter 6

Hey guys! A four day early chapter (there’s no schedule though)!

But anyways, I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I will be in posting things on AS WELL AS over here so don’t go suing them or anything . I’m also promoted to their novel section’s manager (or something like that) and so yeah… .

Enjoy the Chapter!

TL: Mesn

Editor: Fletterman

How could this be…

I have become Satan…

For a long time, I have observed them .  Although I had shown my appearance in front of them from time to time, it wasn't as though I had caused them any harm . I had just kept on observing them…

Even though they had called me a goddess…

Even though there was no evidence at all…

Will they still call me Satan…?

「How… How amazing!!」

「At last, they have begun to oppose god!!」

「To think! For them to grow so much!!」

I trembled with various emotions as my never ending tears of happiness flowed .

Of course the religious officials were furious and fiercely opposed the conclusion of the meeting .

「There is no way our goddess will do something like that!!」

「It was because of the goddess that we've maintained our peace!!」

「There is no doubt that the demons are due to some other reason!! You guys who oppose the goddess are the true demons!!」

「The bible states that the goddess has lead humanity into this world! The decision of this meeting is equivalent to an act of spitting at the heavens!!」

And so, a war broke out between the army from the church's side and the Allied Forces of each country .  Believers in the goddess and the church's knights joined forces and fought against the Allied Forces of each country .

The war spread throughout the world and large-scale magic was actively used across the battlefields .  Of course, as a result of the long-term battles, the demons multiplied and became even more ferocious all over the world .

The Allied Forces eventually won the Great War and advanced towards the Island of God… No, at this time, it was already called the Devil's Island…, and began their assaults . (TL: It's officially called Demon King's Island but that's long and blah blah blah… I WANT A COOL NAME! for this and other naming stuff .  ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ) (ED: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

It was a huge fleet .  The troops of each country allied together in order to confront a formidable enemy… .  If this was a movie, my emotions would be running low due to the common overly used plot, but the formidable enemy this time is me .

Emotions that could no longer be described by words ran through my body .

It feels as though the emotions reached even the cells of my fingertips .  The inorganic artificial island looks to be radiating .  Step by step, just by walking I can strongly feel the existence of me .  Up until now, I have never felt my own existence as strongly as this .  Right now, I and 「I」 both existed .  Moreover, Satan that opposes the new humanity also exists .  And they are desperately advancing their fleet in order to defeat me .

The soldiers are in the dark preparing the monstrous magic cannon on the ship .  There are also soldiers counting the amount of magic stones or totalling the number of magic cannons .  Several magicians operated the massive battleships that run on magic power, heading full speed ahead, straight towards Devil's Island .

Everyone is directing a murderous intent towards the still imperceptible Devil's Island .

That feeling penetrated through me .

Ahhhh!!! How wonderful!!

They are growing more and more!!

They are giving their all in trying to kill the so called Satan!!

Their hatred! Sorrow! Anger!!

All penetrates through me!!

Happiness enough to make me faint flowed through my body .

The fleet approached the artificial island after a few days .

At the day of their arrival, they commenced their assault .

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Cannons, magic, shots from the soldiers, and even the soldier's suicide bombardments from small sized boats loaded with gunpowder were used .

The barrier repelled all of it .

I gazed at the attacks as though they were fireworks from the plaza .

Regardless of morning, afternoon or night, they attacked with full force .

They continued the assault to the limit with every ounce of power they could bring out .

All of that! Just to kill me!!

Just to kill me!! New humanity is cooperating!!

The countries that were hostile to each other have now allied!! Both fighting on the same battlefield!!

Friendship that crosses races was formed!!

Neither age nor gender, country nor species matter!!

The new humanity has now united to become one!!

In order to kill me, Satan!!

Ahhhh!! Is there anything as blissful as this!?

I've lived for tens of thousands of years! Has time ever seemed so pleasurable!?

Has any other existence ever seemed so enjoyable!?

Have I been able to perceive myself ever so clearly before!?

The hatred of their parents getting killed!!

The anger of a loved one getting killed!!

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The sorrow of losing everything!!

My feet! Hands! Chest! Head! Heart!! It's penetrating my entire body!!

Wonderful!! Marvellous!!

More! More! Aim those emotions towards me!!

More! More! Show me more of these beautiful forms!!

More! More!! Display to me that lovely appearance, enough for me to go insane!!

I continued to dance on the artificial island that was under firework-like attacks .

Reducing the output of the barrier, I fully experienced their emotions with my five senses .

With flashes from the explosion as the light, explosion noises as BGM, vibrations as my partner, their murderous hostilities as the audience, I continued to dance and sing .

Their offence continued for 2 weeks but despite all their efforts, not a single scratch remained on the barrier .  They backed down from the subjugation of Satan and began their retreat .

I, who danced alone in the plaza had shed a sweat, roughed breaths and a parched throat . But once I learnt of the retreat of the fleet, I took off heading to the cape .  And towards the retreating fleet, I gave a small bow while smiling as I stood at the cliff .

They saw my actions .

There were no emotions on their faces .

They just kept staring my way .

I slightly waved my hands towards the retreating them… . . I continued waving .

The fleet disappeared beyond the horizon and arrived at the port . And until the soldiers all returned home and announced their safety, I continued to wave my hand .

As I was waving my hand, I remembered the caterpillar .

The caterpillar that I had first observed .

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It had lived desperately .

Desperately ate leaves, desperately become a pupa, desperately emerging, desperately flying to the sky, desperately mating, desperately leaving behind the next generations and died off .

It was beautiful .

More than any painting, more than any sculpture, more than any music, more than any movie, it was much more beautiful .

Now, just like with the caterpillar, I am observing the very exquisite them .  The new humanity that desperately tries to live on is so very lovely .

Their figure all dirty from crawling around in the mud is lovely .

Their figure pleading for their lives towards something that is attempting to kill them is lovely .

Their crying figure that learns of its final moments is lovely .

All of their scenes are beautifully dazzling .

Ahh, what do they wish to achieve from now on?

Ahh, what will become of them from now on?

I shall observe everything .

No matter what is said .

No matter what is done .

No matter how loved, no matter how despised .

… . . Yes… . … .  For example……

「Even if I am called God or Satan」(TL: I guess the tittle wasn't accurate…)

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