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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:04 PM

Chapter 7

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Two weeks of fighting… They had called it 「Satan subjugation war」… only a little time had passed since then .

As I was routinely circling the artificial island, I realised something in the ocean .

It was 「something」very big .

I became very curious and headed towards the underground area . It was a large area like an aquatic tank with the barrier acting as walls, allowing one to see the ocean .

And so I understood that there was something in the ocean .

It was a huge demon .

It must have been about 100 meters long and 5 meters in diameter . Approximately 100 of those huge sea-snake like demons where swimming in the ocean .

So if you continuously used such powerful magic for two weeks, the fish would become such huge demons huh . This artificial island really looked like the Devil's Island with such huge monsters crawling around .

Eventually, some of the demons swimming around noticed me . They slowly approached the barrier and stared at me with their round eyes . Their skin was covered in sturdy looking scales and their pitch black bodies even held the presence of a「demon」 . There were several sword-like teeth growing inside their large mouths as they started licking the barrier with their bright red tongues .

After interlocking eyes with me for some time, the demons lost interest and swam away . They had probably perceived that I had no mana organs .

By taking in the magic remnants into their bodies and purifying it, they would protect the Earth's environment . To them, 「those who possesses a mana organ」and therefore would produce 「magic remnants」, are enemies and an existence to be eliminated .

Conversely, they are not hostile against 「those who do not possess a mana organ」 . If attacked, they will fight back but if left alone, they would be just some large animals .

They generally do not require any consumption of food in the situation of there being magic remnants in the air . While the magic remnants were a pollutant, it also served as the source of their nourishment . They wouldn't need to eat until they purified the remaining magic remnants in their bodies and surrounding environments . Even if someone without a mana organ was thrown into this ocean that was polluted with magic remnants, they would be able to safely swim around without being assaulted .

……That was only if they could remain calm with such large 「animals」swimming around them though…

Well, even if they attacked the barrier with all their might in an attempt to eat me, the barrier would not break .

I had no intentions of doing anything so I should just rejoice in the fact that my observation targets have increased .

Now that I have identified what was in the ocean, I returned to the surface and resumed my stroll .

The countries that learnt of the defeat of the Satan Conquest Army drew up more schemes .

「We should send a stronger army to immediately go and subdue Satan . 」

And the opinion

「First, we'll have to subdue the demons and restore our national power before we can form the army again」

Clashed against each other .

The meeting became rugged .

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「In the first place!! Was it not due to the incapability of the battleships from your country that led to the defeat this time!?」

「What are you saying!! Do you, who only possesses an army on land, understand how difficult it is to construct a navy!? If you wish to say that much, first create a navy stronger than ours before you complain!! 」

「The expenditure of the magic troops who participated in this times battle is very large . They will be useless for a while . 」 「It's not only the magic troops . How much money do you think it took? The amount was large enough that the national budget would have to be re-considered . 」

「If only we could get our hands on the gold awaiting on the Devil's Island . It would solve the problem of expenditures…」

「Do you believe in such stray words? There is no way there exists a mountain of gold which nobody has seen . 」

「But there must be a considerable amount of money to be able to live in such a remote area . Just maybe…」

「Ridiculous . They are probably using magic . Rather, it is that which is priceless . As the price of plunging the world into chaos, we have to retrieve it from that demon at all costs . 」

Ultimately, it was impossible to come to any final conclusions in the drawn out conference . And so, the representatives from each country returned with their own speculations held in their hearts .

A big country existed far, far away from the place where the conference was held . This was the largest magic country even within the new humanity . It was the place where modern magic was first invented and is still continuing its research to the present day . It was a place which could even be called the Sacred Land of Modern Magic . There was a strictly controlled area surrounded by thick walls in the heart of such country .

A collection of secret research facilities which must not be revealed to other countries were conducting classified experiments there .

Experiments on the creation of homunculus, research on teleportation magic which transferred substances and even investigations on immortality were conducted .

In this area was an even more confidential basement where several people had gathered .

This enormous underground facility had several large mana stones, which reached out for the ceiling, lined up with a dozen of excellent magicians keeping them under control .

Just for this day, the large mana stones had been charged up with magic for several months .

While inspecting this scene, a man, the king of this country, spoke out to the well-practiced magician next to him;

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「Has everything been prepared?」

To which the well-practiced magician responded in a proud voice;

「Of course your majesty . Our country shall be the very first in the world to achieve the complete destruction of the demons . 」

The other magicians who heard the words puffed up their chests and manifested a big magic formation on the walls and floor .


「Hmm…very well… This is top secret . It must not be known to other countries . 」

「Please rest assured . The security in this facility is perfect . Not even a mouse could make its way in . 」

「But there are Pearl Bugs flying around」

「Hahaha . The Pearl Bugs are everywhere . There are no methods to prevent those . 」

「Well, that is true… Then please start . 」

「Yes!! Everyone!! Commence initiation preparations!!」

The orders were given and the magicians began to move . They poured magic into the formation and started chanting a long spell . The ground gradually began to shake after the ceremony continued for a while .

Once the shaking grew stronger, a huge explosion rang out from the surface . At the same time the explosion resonated throughout, the magicians controlling the magic power stumbled noisily and fell to the ground .

The well-practiced magician peered onto the scene as they half closed their eyes and announced proudly .

「Your majesty, it has succeeded . 」

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In order to confirm the results, they climbed onto a high tower and viewed the area .

An unbelievable spectacle spread before their eyes .

Beyond the great wall which separated the country from the demons lay a field of burnt plain for as far as the eye could see . The originally rich and fertile plains had been burnt down and the demons surrounding the country had been driven into extinction .

Citizens were stunned at the sight of the burnt plains but someone stepped up and yelled out in a loud voice;

「With this, the demons have all perished!!」

To which everyone exploded into cheers . People embraced each other and celebrated their victory over the demons .

Merchants delightedly said 「Now our business will go smoothly!!」 .

A young girl, whose lover was killed by a demon, climbed up onto a roof and held up a memento left by him, displaying the scene of the burnt plain to her deceased beloved .

Magic students shouted out「This is the strength of our country! The power of humanity! What do you think now Satan!!」and launched magic lights of celebration into the air .

Voices of celebration overflowed in the country and various types of magic were shot into the air .

Seeing that spectacle, magicians, royalty and nobles alike all buzzed with excitement as they believed in mankind's triumph over the demons . And convinced themselves, that they were now freed from the demons . Next was the subjugation of Satan and then the construction of a truly peaceful world .

However, that「hope」would change into「despair」after just a few hours .

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