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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:35:03 PM

Chapter 9

So there’s some news!

First, I've officially received permission from the original author Shimamon to continue translating this novel. For the original novel and other short stories from the same author, please click .

Thank you very much しまもん先生!

Translator: Mesn

Editor: Fletterman

Author: しまもん  (SHIMAMON)

The Special Forces were currently riding a small magic ship that was crossing the ocean at high speed.

They would reach the artificial island in a few more days.

On the deck of the magic ship, that sped across the water like an arrow, was a young man who was also the captain.

At a time which could already be called midnight, there was a full moon hanging from the sky, lighting up the quiet ocean.

The young man was lying on the small deck silently gazing towards the ocean, not showing even the slightest signs of movement.

A young girl approached the young man.

「You should go to sleep… There’s still some time until we reach the Devil’s Island」

The girl, with a cute voice just like a bell, gave a smile as she spoke to him.

「Sorry. But when I think about how the evil who tormented the populace lies beyond here… I just can’t sleep」

The young man’s reply to the girl contained a strong sense of will.

「Even in this moment, there are citizens who are tormented by the demons… Ever since we've set sail, I've been thinking if this ship could move even just a bit faster.」

「There are currently no demons around here. Even if there were, they would not be able to keep up with this speed. Please rest your body for now.」

「Hahaha. I can't really deny the request now that it's asked by the Miko of healing. Alright, let's rest up for now then.」

The youth returned to the cabin with just the young girl remaining on the decks.

Towards the back of the youth, the young girl opened her mouth as though to say something but simply sent off the youth in silence as she cast her head down with her cheeks flushed…

And there were a secret group of three peeking at the girl from the shadows.

「Tch!! Why did you let this chance go!! I can't believe you! 」

「Calm down, the Miko is a late bloomer, so it may need some more time 」

「Need some more time!? We'll be reaching the Devil's Island in a bit more!! Exactly when will she confess!!」

「Foh Foh Foh, looks like this bet seems to go to I. Then just as promised, I'll be able to fondle your breasts as much as I wish now? 」

「Shut up perverted old man!! Ahh! Geez!! As another girl, I can't believe her! If she likes that man, then sneak into his bedroom! Why not just push him over already! 」

「Well… wouldn't that be a bit hard for the Miko? 」

「There has to be a limit in being a late bloomer!! Then why not! I'll personally show her the way-…」

「Exactly who and what, will you be showing the way of? 」

Hearing the charming voice, the group of three who were making a racket just now suddenly stopped and slowly turned around to see a young girl with a slight smile quietly standing there.

「No…Miko-dono… This is… not what you think」

「I did try to stop them!? But this pervert said…!? Huh? Where did that perverted old man go!?」

Tonight, the deck of the small high speed ship was noisy as well.

One small pearl bug was in pursuit of the high-speed ship, flying high above the ship but no one realised its existence.

Looking at them who were panicking on the deck, the young girl's cheeks blushed. Simply looking at them was pleasant, making one wonder how noble they were.

They were living their lives happily without wasting even a second of it even before a battle.

There was no doubt that their one second contained more value than my ten thousand years.

Every second that passed by was painful and dearly.

I might as well stop time to preserve them eternally but their shine would die out.

Just like how you cannot prevent gold dust from falling through the cracks of your hands, I am unable to stop their noble lives spilling from my hands.

If only the Artificial Island was in a place further away, I would be able to enjoy even a second more of them…

Their faces full of happiness, their anxiety of knowing that they might get killed, their anger towards The Demon King who created all the demons…

All of it illuminates their lives.

Ahhh, I want them to arrive here earlier.

Ahhh, I don't want them to come here yet.

Ahhh, I want to look at you all through my own eyes and perceive you all.

Ahhh, I don't want to see though my own eyes nor experience any of you.

Inside me are various emotions swirling up like bubbles then disappearing.

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But cruelly, time goes on.

My chest was about to burst as well.

A few days later, the magic ship approached the Artificial Island.

The giant demons surrounding the artificial island responded to their 「enemy」 and swam with great intensity over to the ship.

The members on board were astonished upon seeing the great amount of giant demons.

「What are all these giant demons!?」

「Tsk! They must be the Satan's personal guards! For us to be welcomed so warmly! It sure is the best! PIECE OF SHIT!! 」

「I shall clear the way!! Everyone! Brace yourselves!!」

「No matter how injured everyone is, I'll definitely heal you all! Please rest assured!!」

「LET'S GOOO! Let's take back our own peaceful world!! PREPARE YOURSELF, SATAN!!」

I moved to the cape in order to see their fight with my own eyes.

Compared to the invading group of demons, they were fighting a desperate battle.

The knight cut down the groups of demons coming one after another, the female thieves pierced through the demon's vitals, and the magician used his powerful magic to open the way for them to pass through.

The young Miko then yelled out

「OVER THERE!! It's Satan!!」

The young girl pointed her finger my way, informing the captain of my position.

「Satan has finally come out!! Old man!! Fly me over there!!」

Using the remaining magic power left, the old magician cast flying magic onto the youth.

The youth made a large jump and closed the gap between us.

In his hands was the sword levelled a national treasure which the king had granted him.

There was a legend behind that sword.

According to the legend, in the far away past it was the sword which 「I」 once used when I invaded the human world.

But 「I」 had suffered defeat to the human army, and fled.

While 「I」 was escaping, I abandoned the sword to protect myself and ran to this artificial island.

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Or so it was written.

What he is holding is the sword which 「I」 had abandoned at that time.

But the legend was very different from just a while ago.

A while ago… When 「I」 was still treated like the Goddess, the legend went like this.

<The Goddess smiled upon the humans living in fear within the darkness and said 「If there is anything that harms you all, you may use this sword」, and therefore bestowed the sword on them.>

Or at least, it was like that.

The youth held such a 「venerable sword」.

It was a grandly decorated sword with an air of godliness surrounding it but in reality, it was a sword from a past king who had it made for him as a hobby.

Due to the large amount of money, enough to buy a castle that was poured into this, the king had the church create a 「Legend」 to satisfy the citizens.

This 「secret that was never to be let known」 had been forgotten over the generations and now, it had really become 「the sword which I had bestowed to the humans」.

But since I had changed to Satan in this generation, the legend which the church had used could no longer be accepted.

Now that the Goddess's religion has disappeared, scholars had gathered and forcibly created a legend which was the one now known.

The level of information technology outside is still underdeveloped so it would be quite difficult to see through a lie like this.

In fact, the youth in the air had lived as a noble but had never seen through the 「Legend of the Sword」.

Finally, the young man drew near me.

「Sataaaann!! Prepaaare yourrseeelfff!!」

The youth stabbed forward with the intent of piercing through my heart with his sword.

There was only one meter until his sword pierced through my heart… or it was supposed to.

Unfortunately, he simply slammed his body onto the barrier.

The youth who clung to the barrier, slowly slid down as gravity pulled on him.

At the ocean’s surface were the demons waiting for the arrival of the youth as they snapped their large mouths open and closed, revealing their sharp fangs.

I approached the young man who continued to send me glares filled with killing intent even as he slowly slid, little by little, due to gravity.

He was the first of the New Humanity to come this close to me.

We met outside and inside the thin but sturdy barrier.

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The youth grabbed the barrier with his left hand, and repeatedly slammed the sword in his right into the barrier.

I gently overlapped my right hand with his left as though I was touching his.

Not even a single particle could enter the distance between our overlapped palms.

And I spoke up to the youth while giving a slight smile.

「Hey, Welcome and … nice to meet you I guess? 」 「I've been observing you ever since you were born」

「The moment you first started walking… The moment you held your first sword… The moment you fell in love with the Miko of healing and decided to confess once the world regained its peace. 」

「I've seen everything of you. And I shall see you off during your last moments」

After a bit more, the youth would reach the ocean surface.

The demons waiting for the youth to arrive were just like young hatchlings waiting to be fed, opening and closing their mouths in anticipation.

The youth struck his sword repeatedly against the barrier as he slowly fell towards the sea.

I continued observing the young man's life as though I was seeing off a loved one.

He was then torn into shreds by several demons and departed from this world.

…You were a noble existence until the very end.

Just like other humans, you lived your life to the fullest.

Living by justice, despising the evil and hoping for the happiness of others.

I'm proud of your life, unboundedly stupid, yet beautiful like a jewel.

I will definitely not forget about the time that I spent with you.

If, there really was a God…

「… Please…, … May he be happy…」

For the first time ever since she was born, the young girl offered a prayer to on of an unknown existence.

TL: I mean… This chapter was long(er than normal). Excuse the lateness?

Also, for those of you who don’t know, a miko is a shrine maiden:

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