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Chapter 384: Mutual Respect

Bai Yunshan always walked about with her cool expression . Students that isolated or hated her thought it stemmed from her pride as the class rep . Such arrogance was not exactly appreciated, and people shunned her as a result .

Even so, Bai Yunshan was highly accustomed to being isolated . She did not mind Zhao Youyue hugging her so tightly in private, but she strongly urged her to refrain from doing so in public .

She feared that it would only affect Zhao Youyue's reputation, as she was quite the popular person in school . If the class practiced voting for their class reps, she would have never earned this spot .

Deep within Bai Yunshan, she was highly impressed with Zhao Youyue; she could never turn a blind eye to students' mistakes like Zhao Youyue could .

Not only was she self-disciplined, but she was also determined to enforce this discipline upon others . On the other hand, Zhao Youyue never took anything seriously . She may have dropped those ridiculous mini 4WDs, but she had started to write some gibberish, and her stacks of nonsensical notes was only piling up . . .

Zhao Youyue would constantly mutter to herself like a "scholarly girl," and it thoroughly annoyed her new deskmate, Bai Yunshan . Can't we just learn things quietly?

It only gave Bai Yunshan more determination to study . She always felt that if she ever surpassed Zhao Youyue's academic results, she could force Zhao Youyue back on the right track .

Yet, no matter how hard Bai Yunshan tried, she could never surpass Zhao Youyue . Others would have already lost their sanity, working with someone like Zhao Youyue exist . Zhao Youyue's extraordinary academic results were not exactly helpful to other students' learning experience!

Whenever Bai Yunshan inched closer to Zhao Youyue's results, she felt oddly satisfied . It was just like the time she received a hug from Zhao Youyue in private; it was all warm, fuzzy and substantial .

Bai Yunshan thought Zhao Youyue was a naive and romantic little girl, and she did not hate this sweet-smelling beauty .

But at other times, Zhao Youyue behaved like an elegant, rich lady, giving off an aura that eclipsed Bai Yunshan's icy demeanor . Why did Zhao Youyue have another personality?

Or in other words, how many personalities did Zhao Youyue have?

Nobody knew .

If only there's a word to describe Zhao Youyue . A close relative to that word might be "enigmatic . "

Bai Yunshan could not seem to turn down Zhao Youyue's suggestion, as long as it did not defy her sense of honor, just like how she had kept her hair long because Zhao Youyue had asked her to .

Once, Zhao Youyue said to her, "Shan Shan, I'm your best friend, right?"

Bai Yunshan had simply nodded her head; she did not know what "best friend" meant . Zhao Youyue was her only friend .

Since she was the only friend she had, she could also be considered her best friend; there was no flaw in this logic .

"Since we're besties, we should have equally long hair, and you must wear the clothes I bought you, and use the things I gave you . That's how you respect your friends," Zhao Youyue had said .

Bai Yunshan was a little confused . Was this how one respected friends? Still, this did not defy her sense of honor . She guessed that it would bring no harm trying . She might be able to please the Lady .

Whenever Zhao Youyue was happy, her countenance would shine in turn . It might not change her overall outlook, but that cool face would have something new to it, somehow .

Bai Yunshan did not know that Zhao Youyue was changing her discretely . Zhao Youyue knew that Bai Yunshan had great potential, but she did not stand out because she did not know how to apply makeup . Such a waste was simply impermissible!

She wanted Bai Yunshan to cast her old self off and take on a new skin . Maybe then would Bai Yunshan realize that this world had much more to offer .

When Bai Yunshan transform into a beautiful lady while acting the same, would others still despise her?

Her traits of unable to understand the human heart, would it become a moe-dere trait?

This world was a world of appearances . Beautiful girls could get away scot-free from just about anything .

Zhao Youyue was looking forward to seeing the cool and dense class rep reacting when she starts receiving love letters .

Zhao Youyue was transforming Bai Yunshan bit by bit . Bai Yunshan was just doing this because she believed that it was only respectful . Bai Yunshan hoped that it would cheer Zhao Youyue up .

Currently, Zhao Youyue's homemade dishes was probably one of her favorite meals . She was fortunate enough to eat the bento Zhao Youyue brought her during last semester, and it had been scrumptious . She was also a big eater . Zhao Youyue would happily make food for Bai Yunshan whenever she had time .

Zhao Youyue intended to improve her cooking skills, not only because she loved fine food, but also because of Bai Yunshan . Zhao Youyue hoped that they would meet on common culinary ground soon .

School soon reopened . When Zhao Youyue saw the perfected Bai Yunshan, she felt a sense of euphoria and accomplishment . Bai Yunshan simply looked outstanding, it only accentuated Zhao Youyue's side character status!

Together with Bai Yunshan, people would unquestionably notice Bai Yunshan first, and not her!

Who would spare the girl with short hair a second glance; she was just like a leaf accompanying a blooming flower, observing the world from the sidelines . . .

Without a doubt, long hair had turned Bai Yunshan into a goddess . The goddess of icebergs! She had not done so last semester, it would have been too hot for her to bear .

Last semester, Zhao Youyue had been the campus belle, winning the hearts of countless students . She was the one who hogged all the love letters .

Bai Yunshan now framed her face with bangs while sporting a ponytail . This hairstyle was far better than her boyish haircut . She looked completely different with it!

Her hair aside, her complexion had also taken a sudden turn! She was an obedient child, she had followed Zhao Youyue's instructions and used the skin care products that Zhao Youyue gave her . She had never used them in the past as she found them too feminine and it would not fit her rough disposition!

Of course, Bai Yunshan never noticed that she was being completely submissive to Zhao Youyue, but the other way round . Whenever she advised Zhao Youyue, Zhao Youyue would always take it seriously!

This was mutual respect . As Zhao Youyue always listened to her, she should respond in kind .

Even so, Bai Yunshan never noticed that Zhao Youyue simply heard her, but never actually listened . . .

Whenever Zhao Youyue took an earful from a teacher, she would simply admit her faults but never change . . .

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