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Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Strongest Sage, Gets in Quarrel with Glory Crest Idiot


Several hours later .
We arrived at Relaia Barondom's central town, Relaial, without a problem .
. . . Well territory of a baron isn't that big though, so this central town is more like a village .

" . . . It's heavily guarded . "

The escort knight muttered when he saw Relaial's gate .
Indeed, soldiers who appear to be guards are standing in front of the gate .

Normally, you don't place guards on the gate of a small town like this .
Security gets stricter only when it's one step away from full blown war .

"Allow me to inform them our arrival . "

"Very well . "

Viscount Regido halted afterward .
Looks like we still need to inform our coming before we could enter the town .

Guess you can't just stroll right through the gate without saying anything even if you're a noble .
. . . Right now I'm a noble, albeit temporary, though, so I can't say like it's none of my business .

While I was thinking that, a middle-aged man who appeared to be a noble rushed out of the town gate in a big hurry .
It's probably cause he can't let nobles who are of higher ranks to wait for him .

"Viscount Regido, Baron Hildesheimr! I bid you my warmest welcome!"

Looks like I'm getting called Baron even though it's just temporary .
. . . This might be the first time someone called me Baron Hildesheimr .
I mean, I rarely ever used my family name and usually introduced myself as just Mathias .

Viscount Regido opens his mouth .

"You must be Baron Relaia . Have you heard the details from His Majesty?"

"We received a letter a few hours ago . We have arranged the information for you . "

"Good work . Lead the way . "

. . . Looks like the local army will lend us their cooperation .
Having a viscount in the investigation team is already showing its effect .

As I walk while thinking that . . . a familiar-looking human walk up here from afar .
--It's Biffgel .

Frankly speaking, I'd like to avoid meeting this guy .
I don't care about Biffgel himself, but it'll be a waste of our time if he causes troubles here .
And that'd result in more troubles for my father Castor, and my brother Reich, I'd like to avoid that .

. . . However, as I'm currently going along with other nobles, I cannot hide my figure here .
I walked while hoping that he wouldn't notice me, but . . .

"Mathias, you bastard! What're you doing trotting back home without a care in the world huh! You Disqualified Crest trash, a disgrace of Hildesheimr house!"

. . . Looks like he found me out .

"What do you mean 'back home', we're not in Hildesheimr Baronet's territory here . "

"Same difference! I'm asking why'd you show your mug in front of me now! You already left our territory!"

No, it's not 'same difference' .
It's another noble's .

. . . I can't even begin to figure out where to quip here .

"Oy, who is this guy?"

Viscount Regideo asked the escort knights when he saw our conversation .

"That is the second son of Castor Hildesheimr, Biffgel Hildesheimr . "

The one who replied to Viscount Regido was the escort knight who had guided us all the way here .
This knight is not only knowledgeable about roads, but also other nobles huh . . .

"Second son . . . That means he's not a nobleman?"

"That's right . "

"So you're telling me, a commoner just called a noble, however temporary it may be, 'trash' and 'disgrace', not to mention the lack of honorifics . . . "

"That will be correct . "

"On top of that, did he really say that other noble's territory is 『same difference with his household's own』?"

"Amazingly enough, that's exactly right . "

Viscount Regido looked amazed as he asked the escort knight .
He then turned at Biffgel with a look of pity .

Looks like he can't even work up anger .
Yep, I know that feeling .

"Biffgel Hildesheimr . . . I've heard rumors about you, but to think it was all true . . . Will Hildesheimr house be alright with this guy as their heir?"

"No, the heir is the eldest son Reich, not Biffgel . "
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" . . . Really now? I heard the eldest son didn't have Glory Crest, and only a year older though . "

In this country, heirs are usually the eldest sons .
However, the situation changes slightly if only the second son has Glory Crest and the age difference is less than three years .

The law states that 『The one better at magic』 is to be the heir in a case like such .
And as chant magic is the mainstream in this country, Glory Crest holds the advantage .
Thus, heirs are usually Glory Crest bearers .

And Hildesheimr household is exactly one of such cases .
Biffgel has Glory Crest, my brother Reich has Common Magic Crest .
However . . .

"That would normally be the case, however, it appears that the elder brother Reich is exceedingly talented and better than Biffgel at magic . As such, the heir is the eldest son . "

"Common Magic Crest surpassing Glory Crest at a place where chantless magic hasn't been popularized yet . . . ? No wait, Baronet Hildesheimr territory was Mathias's hometown huh . I can hazard a guess as to what happened . "

"Your hypothesis is most likely correct, Viscount Regido . "

Viscount Regido had a 'no wonder' look on his face after hearing me .

. . . Biffgel's face reddened as he watched the conversation unfolded .

However, Biffgel must have realized that the other party was viscount from it .
He has no way to talk back .

And Viscount Regido further twists the knife in .

"We have come to Baronet Relaia territory under order of His Majesty . Mathias and his party is included in our entourage . Denying Mathias here would mean the same as denying His Majesty's order . . . Did you say that while fully aware of that implication?"

"N-no, I didn't mean to . . . "

Biffgel gradually inched back as he said that .
And then he scurried away just like that .

Biffgel, how pitiful . . .

『That Biffgel really is like the rumors say . . . 』

『Worse than that even . . . He's lucky to escape with his life . 』

Ruli and Alma who had been keeping silent had that conversation .
Though rather than keeping silent, it was more like they couldn't believe what happened, not a word would come out .

Ruli is right, Viscount Regido could have Biffgel offed just on the basis of earlier matter .
But that would be a waste our time .

The viscount must have surmised that Biffgel couldn't do anything more than complaining anyway and thus let him get away .
. . . The guy is not even worth his execution .

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