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Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Strongest Sages, Goes Hunting




The monsters that were getting roasted in the flame attempted to flee but there was nowhere to run .
As such these monsters will all eventually drop dead, and the mana released from them shall accumulate in us as experience point .

"T-that's kinda amazing . . . "

"First time I've ever seen monsters getting slowly roasted to death . . . "

"This is made possible thanks to the narrow exit and exclusive magic . "

Though in this case there was no door to close, I just tossed the magic into a closed room through a hole in the ceiling .

"Exclusive magic . . . With how powerful the magic is, it must be quite complicated right?"

"Actually, it's really simple . . . And besides, you can take your time constructing it, wouldn't be hard then . . . Though, might as well use the time to learn other magic than something like this, let me do all the work . You can help out if the door gets broken down and the monsters are getting out . "

Just letting loose firepower in a wide range needs not complex magic .
On the contrary, compacting firepower in a localized spot, and unleashing it in a short amount of time would require more mana instead .

The most time intensive part of this magic is the Constant value of simply pouring the required amount of mana into the spell formation .
Ordinarily, you'd make the formation so that mana can be poured shortly, but this magic sacrifices even that in pursuit of more performance .

It's a true exclusive magic .

"Alright, looks like it's over . "

The flame died down while we were talking about magic .

Looks like all the enemy there has been nicely eliminated .
I get down to the artificial Monster House that's full of monster bones and put usable looking materials in Storage magic .

I plan to sell them at the guild later .
If we don't sell a number of materials after hunting in a dungeon, some people may start suspecting us .
Better bring back enough materials that makes us look like [We've hunted some] .

Besides, dungeon materials are a resource to develop the country .
Second Academy students should be capable of processing these materials from Floor 27 .

"There's so many mats everywhere . . . "

"Yeah . There's also the Floor Boss, and this and that too can probably be used in some ways . . . Guess I'd just bring them all back . "

My mana is going to get used up for the exclusive magic anyway, might as well make use of Storage magic to the fullest .
We'll think about how to use them later and get everything here .

We can use those that can be used and sell that cannot .
If selling through normal channels looks to be bothersome, we can just send them to Second Academy through the principal .

After I'm done collecting the materials, I turn to Ruli .
This part is the most important point of this leveling up .

"Ruli, try augmenting this magic stone with 『Magic Light』 magic circle . "

I hand over a very tiny magic stone to Ruli .

"『Magic Light』? . . . Sure, but what are you gonna use it for?"

Ruli augments the magic stone with 『Magic Light』 with a perplexed look on her face .

『Magic Light』 is the most basic of all augment magic .
Its only usage is lighting up the surroundings .
It's not particularly efficient nor of any particular use .

Since the augmenting is simple, Ruli was done in a flash .

"Alright, so far so good . "
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I turned on the magic light Ruli created .

"Um, yeah, I don't think I could fail at 『Magic Light』 though . . . "

"If your mana increased too much from exp farming, your magic control will start to go haywire . Easiest way to discern magic control's level is by looking at a completed magic tool . That's why I asked you to make one . "

I observed the lines of magic circle carved in the magic stone while talking .
Yup . Nicely shaped lines that are neither too thick nor uneven .

"So that's how you measure the exp you gained . . . "

"Yeah . There are also other ways to directly find it out, but this one is quick and consumes little mana . "

I took out a wooden stick from Storage magic while talking .

"Alma, shoot an arrow with 『Wired Homing Enchant』 at the tip of this stick . "


As Alma shot the arrow, I swung the stick .
Alma's arrow flew in accordance to the stick's movement toward the tip .

. . . Alright . No problem with Alma either .

As for Iris, this much exp would barely have any difference to her, so there's no need to check her up .
I myself know the state of my own magic control, no worries there .

Looking at this, the first one to reaches their limit is most likely Alma .
Since Ruli is better at magic control than Alma, the amount of mana she can control is probably higher .

"No problem with you two . Let's do this again after annihilating another Monster House . . . The ground has holes on them, be careful not to fall in one . "

I kneaded mana near a door nearby to construct the Monster House Annihilation Flame magic .
Then I opened the door, hurled the magic inside and closed it again .



The monsters' screams of agony resounded inside .
I was planning to enlist the girls' help if the door got broken down . . . But this door has been properly reinforced .

Looks like those guys understood the importance of the doors attached on Monster Houses despite their sloppy works on the ceilings .
The door is nicely reinforced with dungeon-use alloy .
No need to worry about it getting broken down then .

"Man, this is easy peasy . "

In my previous life, I never had the need to go to community farming spots like this one since I could get the exp I required just by hunting normally .
I created this Monster House Annihilation Magic to destroy Monster Houses in other locations .

Guess community farming spots have their own specific allures to communities .
No one is gonna come to this spot in this era though .


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