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Chapter 5

— Fort Kaspar, A fort near Galia Fortress occupied by the Imperial Army .

Captain Samuel is dead .

Fort Kaspar’s alertness level had been risen by the news, the news brought by soldiers who had patrolled Canary Road . The gates were lit brighter than usual, and its guards were wearier . One by one, several covered corpses had been brought into the fort through the man-door next too the large double gates .

“So, is it true that Captain Samuel was killed…?”

General Osvanne, fifty years old, asked with a puzzled face . A heavyweight in the Urthbelt Empire . He had led the imperial army on its campaign to conquer the Farnesse Kingdom . He was also widely known as a warrior who fought in a way that left his opponents little room to attack .

A young officer raised his head and replied quietly .

“Yes . When the patrol arrived on the scene, they found Captain Samuel’s decapitated body . There were also ten other bodies . We’re currently in the middle of bringing them to the fort . ”

“Decapitated…? Maybe its the Kingdom’s doing . Possibly in an attempt to make an example of him . ”

“No, It was not the Kingdom’s doing . ”

The officer refuted shortly after, which caused General Osvanne’s eyebrows to rise .

“Not the Kingdom’s doing? Then who slaughtered Captain Samuel and his men? It couldn’t possibly be just some random bandits . ”

“About that… It’s…”

The officer hesitated, but Colonel Paris, one of General Osvanne’s staff officers, gave the officer a cold, sharp glare that urged him to continue on .

“The-The surviving soldiers said they were attacked by a ‘Female monster’ who wielded a ‘black sword . '”

“Female monster?”

Colonel Paris hadn’t expected what he just heard .

“Yes, they said the female monster is headed towards the Kingdom’s Capital to volunteer for their army . ”

The young officer’s report almost sounded like a delusion, which caused Colonel Paris to laugh . His original position was in the intelligence division . Listening to such nonsense about a female monster, with a friendly “Is that so?” . He was sure the information had been jumbled somewhere along the road .

“That’s an entertaining story . Very well, I’ll just question that soldier directly . Bring him here . ”

Paris commanded with anger . The young officer trembled as he shook his head vigorously .

“Its unfortunate, but the soldier in question is not a position to talk properly . He appears to have been traumatized by the event . Some of the other soldiers who had seen him are also beginning to create a ruckus . They’re scared that such a monster being sent against us by the Kingdom . ”

“Ah, is that so…? Perhaps that means he isn’t completely wrong?”

“Your Excellency, are you trying to say that–“

“Colonel Paris, no need to waste more time . ”

General Osvanne raised his left up slowly . A signal for Colonel Paris to stop talking . There were plenty of things the Colonel wanted to say . However, the soldier in question was too delirious . They’d probably never get a definite answer . So, as General Osvanne noted, it’d be a waste of time to discuss it . Time was always in short supply, after all .

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“I-I was just a bit curious about it . My apology . ”

“Doesn’t matter, I’ve heard enough . You’ve done well . Dismissed–“

“Please excuse me, may I have a few words?”

As General Osvanne urged the officer to leave, another had been waiting to meet with him . He wore a robe black as night, and his features were obscured by its hood . Simply stated, he was creepy . Despite still being in his thirties, he looked as if he were sixty . When his countenance was seen on occasion, what could be seen as a strangely gaunt face with sad eyes .

He was Prime Minister Dalmes . A man who often visited the fort under the Emperor’s order to check on the situation . Colonel Paris had heard that Dalmes had formerly belonged to the analysis team, and had no prospects of promotion . However, within recent years, he had advanced quickly through the ranks . Now, as the Prime Minister of the glorious Urthbelt Empire, his influence was second only to the Emperor .

Rumour was that the Emperor declared unification of the continent due to Minister Dalmes’s strong advocation . The man rarely spoke, and many called him the “Silent Prime Minster . ”

“Does something bother you, Prime Minister-dono?”

General Osvanne inquired . Minister Dalmes, on the other hand, merely waved his hand and smiled .

“No, no . It’s not a big deal . However, I do feel slightly concerned about that black sword– By chance, could you describe how it looked in more detail?”

Minister Dalmes sought a better report from the young officer . Not expecting the Prime Minister would speak to him, the officer was obviously excited .

“No need to be so nervous . Please answer my question with what you know . ”

He spoke with a gentle tone . Even under the dim light of the candles, the sweat was visible on the officer’s forehead . It was only natural for him to be nervous . A person with such influence within the empire had actually spoken with a mere officer such as himself .

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“Don’t make his Excellency wait, just tell us what you know!”

Colonel Paris reprimanded him .

“–n, no . I haven’t really asked in particular! I just thought of it as a regular black sword!”

Seeing the young officer’s nervousness, Minister Dalmes smiled .

“Is that so? I see . Well, you may leave now . ”

“Yes! P-Please excuse me!”

The officer quickly saluted before he fleed the tenet . Almost in concert, Minister Dalmes stood from his chair .

“Its already late, thank you for your hard work today . ”

“No, no . ”

Minister Dalmes raised his hand slightly when Colonel Paris bowed to him . He was careful not to let his robe, he left the tent with a slow gait . As for General Osvanne, for some reason, he stared at the tent’s flap as he went . His face a ghastly pale .

“Your Excellency, what’s wrong? You’re pale . ”


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“Your Excellency!”

It was only when Colonel Paris shook the General’s shoulder did he regain his wits .

“You’re awake, are you alright?”

“N-No, its nothing . Do not worry about it . ”

General Osvanne said with a smile .

“Is that so? Very well, then… Regarding that monster– Girl . If the story is true, then we’ll receive some more information from the spies we’ve placed everywhere . ”

“U-uwu . In-Indeed . First of all, we must stay vigilant . ”

“What will be par for course . Well then, there is still the matter of Captain Samuel’s body, so please excuse me . ”

After he confirmed Colonel Paris had really gone, only then did the General fall back on his chair . Chills ran down his spine, and his heart rammed against his chest . With trembling hands, he took out a cigar from his breast pocket and forced himself to light it . After he smoked for a short while, he dared to recall that scene .

The scene of a nightmare .

“Paris seemed to not notice… But what was that just now? Prime Minister-dono’s shadow… It was shaking as if it were a living creature…“