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Chapter 7


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Chapter 1, Episode 7: Rest


Imperial Year 1023, May 7th .

Normally, they would already have entered the small country of Baum by now .

However, Hiro was with them, and they were encountering more groups of ogles than they had anticipated .

Due to unforeseen circumstances, they were delayed significantly, and so they set up camp as the sun set .

The tent in which the princess slept was noticeably larger than the others . The other tents were gathered around hers, like a small village .

Many fires were lit in the vicinity . There were groups of 4 heavy infantrymen securing the area in all directions so that they would be able to deal with monsters no matter where they came from .


You could see Hiro’s white breath in the cold as he gazed up at the night sky .

Liz comes out from the tent behind him .


「What’s wrong? We have to get up early tomorrow, too . You need to sleep… Are you perhaps hungry?」


Hiro shakes his head side to side .


「No, I was looking at the stars . 」


Though, he had another reason as well…


「Do you like stars, Hiro?」

「That’s not it . But I’ve never seen them from so close before, so I was thinking it was

interesting . 」

「I see . 」


She stands close enough to hear his breathing .

Hiro looked up at the sky once again in order to hide his embarrassment and shaking .

Maybe it was because they were near the peak, but the air was crisp and clean, and the stars were sparkling in the night sky .

It was an overwhelming brilliance that almost seemed to be within arm’s reach .

Though their breaths were dyed white, strangely enough, they didn’t feel the cold .


「I heard this from my mother a long time ago . 」


Liz’s sweet, clear, transparent voice felt nice on the ears .


「When people die, they become spirits, and the souls which become spirits turn into stars, and together with the spirit king, they continue to watch over the world . Whenever you’re scared, whenever you’re sad, whenever you’re lonely, look up at the sky . If you do, you’ll know that you’re not alone . 」

「That’s nice . 」

「It’s a lullaby any citizen of the Empire knows . 」


Liz’s white teeth peek out from her lips as she laughs sheepishly .

Then, Liz grasped Hiro’s left hand tightly .


「Now, let’s go back to the tent and go to sleep before you catch a cold . 」


Hiro was dragged away before he even had time to be embarrassed .

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「W-Wait! Wait! We can’t!」

「Why not?」

「Wh-What do you mean why not…? A grown man and woman can’t sleep together in the same tent… 」


Yes, that was the reason he was outside .

After they finished pitching the tent, Liz uttered these words: 「You sleep here too, Hiro . 」

After coming to the conclusion that he wanted to avoid that, he came up with the plan to kill time outside and wait until she fell asleep first .

But it seems that ended in vain .


「Cerberus is here, too . 」

「Well, he is, but…」


Cerberus is already asleep in the tent .


「Come on, get in, get in!」


She pushed Hiro from behind, and he stumbled inside .

There is a lantern hanging from the top of the tent with a candle burning in it .

It’s enough to see everything inside, so it isn’t completely dark, but it was just the right amount of illumination to set a romantic mood to get the heart pounding .

An extremely thick blanket is lain on the ground to prevent the pebbles from hurting them .

Cerberus was camped out in the middle, and a bedcover-like blanket was prepared to his left .


「It would’ve been nice if we could’ve taken a bath… Sorry if I reek of sweat . 」

「You know, I can’t sleep with you after all . 」

「Eh, do I stink that much…?」


Sniff, sniff . Liz takes a whiff of her body odor with her finely shaped nose .

-That’s not it… Actually, I’m the one who reeks of sweat .


「You can’t really smell anything on yourself, huh? So let’s not worry about it and just go to sleep . 」

「No, I’ll just sleep somewhere else… I really can’t sleep with-」

「Stop complaining already! I told you we have to get up early tomorrow, too!」



Hiro felt an intense shock to his back and let out a gasp .

In an instant, his vision when black . When he opened his eyes, he was on his side .

He can see Liz’s face in his peripheral .

Though, there was no need for him to check with his eyes because he could feel her warmth all over his body .


「Cerberus doesn’t like me holding him when he sleeps . 」


-Can you not use me for a substitute for something like that?


「Ahh… I feel like I can fall asleep right away today…」

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On the other hand, Hiro couldn’t sleep because his heart was pounding so hard .


「Zzz-… Mm…」

「… She falls asleep really quickly . 」


-Okay, what do I do now…?

It would been nice if he could hurry and count some sheep, but all he sees are demons .

He gets the feeling he’ll get evil thoughts if he looks to his side, even though he’s already in a dangerous predicament .

Hiro took on demon after demon as he fell into darkness…


Nothing feels longer than the time you’re awake .

Nothing feels shorter than the time you’re asleep .

Even when everyone was awake and putting away their tents, one man was still sleeping .


It was Hiro .


「Cerberus . Don’t you think he’s sleeping really soundly?」

『Woof . 』

「I feel bad, but I have to wake him up . 」

『Woof . 』


Though his eyelids were heavy, Hiro’s consciousness was drawn out from the darkness after hearing that exchange .

As if to say he wanted to enjoy the warmth and happiness a bit longer, he pulled the blanket over his head .

As he did-,




Hiro’s eyes popped out as a shock spread from his stomach to his entire body .


「Oh…? That’s not the reaction I was expecting . 」


He rolls over as he holds back the pain from his stomach . He wants to hide his pain, but his body won’t move .

Hiro could do nothing but gasp for breath, as if he were a fish that had washed ashore .


「Hehe . Ahahah . Hahahahaha . 」


Her laughters sounded like a quivering bell . Hiro looked towards her tear-filled eyes .


「H-Hiro… what’s with that look? What are you doing making me laugh first thing in the



Liz held her stomach and looked like she was enjoying herself .


「Th-That’s my line… What are you doing?」

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She was straddled over Hiro’s stomach .

It was where he was throbbing with pain .

It’s pretty much a given that she’s the cause of that pain .

He wanted to ask her why she was so violent .


「W-Well, I wanted to wake you up . 」

「No, but still, there’s a gentler way of waking some-」


Hiro was unable to finish his sentence .

This was because there was an ogre standing at the entrance of the tent .


「… K-Kid . What are you doing…?」


It was Tris, with his muscular body built like a bear .


「N-No, you’ve got it all wrong!」


Though the situation looked fishy, the truth is that it was nothing sexual .

Liz looked at Hiro, puzzled .


「What does he have wrong?」

「Can you just stay quiet?! You’re going to complicate things!」


This was a matter in which Hiro’s life was on the line .

Tris approached closer as he stomped his feet like a bear .


「To think that you were a beast with such a face… Princess, please get away from him . I must cut this one to pieces . 」


The blade which came out smoothly from his waist gave off a dull light .

Unable to read the atmosphere, Liz tilted her head to the side .


「I don’t really understand what’s going on… but are we ready to depart?」

「… Well, we are, but…」

「Then let’s leave as soon as we eat breakfast . 」


The weight above Hiro disappeared, and Liz stood up .


「Hiro, we have bread and soup for breakfast . Can you eat?」

「Ah, yeah… I’m fine . 」

「Then let’s eat up and enter Baum! You too, Tris! Don’t just stand there in a daze, go eat your breakfast!」

「B-But, grr- Boy, I’ll let this pass for the Princess’s sake…」


Tris completely released his tension, dropped his shoulders, and left the tent .

As Hiro stroked his chest, Liz carried over his breakfast, which he began to eat .

He took a sip of his soup and bit into a slightly hard piece of bread . The soup had chicken meat and was well seasoned with salt .

Cerberus sat right in front of him as if he wanted some .

Then, as he turned away, Liz was there changing .


「Huh? You’re cha- whoa!」


He spit up his breakfast all over Cerberus’s face, but that was the least of his worries .


「Wha, cough, what, cough cough, what are… you doing?!」

「What do you mean? I’m changing . 」

「Why are you changing?!」

「I can’t take a bath, but I want to change my underwear at least . 」

「Well, that’s true, but I’m in here . 」

「Is there a problem?」


Liz tilted her head and looked at him, puzzled .

Considering the incident last night as well, rather than saying she’s unfamiliar, it would be more accurate to say that she’s completely lacking in knowledge in that department .

Maybe she can’t help it because she’s an Imperial princess .

But that’s really dangerous .

-For my life, mainly…

I’m sure Tris would kill me if he saw this situation .


「Listen closely to what I’m about to say . 」

「Can it wait until I change?」

「W-Wait, wait! Just hold on a second!」

「Come on, what is it?!」

「I’ll turn around, so can you change during that time?」

「I don’t really mind… But why?」

「There isn’t any deep meaning to it . I’m going to turn around! Okay?!」

「… I don’t really understand, but okay . 」


After Hiro turned around, the tent was overrun with the sound of cloth rubbing .

It was as if the sounds were reverberating like a water drop falling into a pool of water .

Each second felt extremely long, and Hiro just waited quietly as the torturous time passed by .


「I’m done . 」



He suddenly started sweating profusely . He felt fatigued, as if he had been running for a long period of time .

Liz, who was oblivious to the atmosphere around Hiro, began to eat her breakfast right in front of him .


「… Anyway, I should eat, too . 」


Though Hiro thought he would finally be able to eat some food, Cerberus had already eaten everything without leaving a single scrap .