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Published at 7th of May 2017 03:52:39 AM

Chapter 6

6・Evil tentacle bugs and such seem to be scarce in otome games .

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「Such a weird bug, d, don’t, sto…っ! ――…Hih……n, NOOOOOOOOO!?」


 The intou mushi that flew from the man’s hands, while buzzing it’s numerous legs it landed on Snow White’s fair skin .

 As if knowing full well where it needed to go and what it needed to do, it descended from Snow White’s abdomen and directly faced her chasm .


 Her vulva was further spread by the man’s hand and the hemp rope, and the still slightly immaturely colored genitals were completely exposed .


 Above the valley of the elastic hill, the intou mushi that arrived at the swollen bud of meat, as if to ascertain the sensation of her yet youthful genitals, it nyuru nyuru stretched out it’s legs .




 After the intou mushi affixed itself neatly atop Snow White’s stiffened flesh, with those dubious feelers it began rubbing her weakest part .




「nN……Ku, u…っ!」


 Next the intou mushi used its yellow tentacles with excellent combination abilities to push up the skin wrapped around Snow White’s throbbing erected point . ――…Then directly touched her lascivious core that hadn’t been opened wide until yesterday .


「Hi……nN, d, don’Tt!――…Hi, AaahH……!」


 From the brush tip like feet, once again an opportunistic mucous viscously pervaded her .

 The mucous glopped onto the sensitive flower bud whose skin was not yet used to being pared, thickly smearing on it, titillating it and it was a lost cause .


 As expected of the torture goods used by the brutal prime minister .


―――The intou mushi’s effectiveness was a terrifying thing .


「nNo, don’t, you…can’t! I’ll, become strange, scared, I’m……scared!」


 Because that was affixed to the clitoris, it was difficult to maintain a sane condition .


―――At this rate, I’ll go crazy from pleasure……!!


 To the  collapse of mentality happening and the intense swirl of pleasure, I was attacked by a never before sense of impending crisis .

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「Ple, ase――Take it! Take this, off, plea……っ!」


 Although I pleaded tearfully, true to being referred to as the brutal prime minister this guy was a demon .

 While a sadistic smile floated to his lips he spoke with an ill-natured tone .


「If you wish to have it taken off, why don’t you try begging more sweetly?」

「wWhat, ar, e you sayi……?」


 Far from taking it off the man covered the intou mushi with the rope as if to press harder on her flower wick .

 And once again the hemp rope bit into her genitalia .


「uh, ku, ah…っ!」

「You should bind yourself better . 」




―――This man, he made the rope wedge itself in deeper than before……!!


 The moment his arm let go of the rope, the bug pressed more intensely to her flower wick, and to the unbelievable degree of pleasure she raised a voiceless scream .


「uuAh! AhAh, ya……Nn! I, yAa, hi, nN」

「What an excellent voice this canary cries with . 」


In truth, Snow White has no experience with masturbation . Neither did she have knowledge on sex .

 After returning the memories of when I was a male now I’ve thought「what a regretful thing to do」, but during the 18 years I’ve lived as Snow White I’ve never consoled myself .

 But of course in my past life back in my male days I have masturbation experience . I have it, but  unable to stop crying like now or a gratifying sensation that makes me feel like I’m going insane I have never tasted .


「Ple…se, please, take, it off plea……se!!!!It’s un, bear……able!!」

「I see I see, good for you . 」


 I begged with tears spilling down my face, but all the brutal prime minister did was laugh playfully from his heart .


「It’s about time, are you ready to tell me what really happened? The thief who stole our vegetables was you wasn’t it?」

「That’s, wro……You’re wro, ng……!!」

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「Such a headstrong girl, how troublesome . 」


 The feeling I got from the Illuminato shrugging his shoulders “yare yare” was only killing intent .

 Exactly what is good about this man, I wonder .

 I don’t understand my past life sister’s taste in men . I don’t understand at all .


―――At that time,




 Snow White’s vocal chords shook at something entering her slit .



「Oya, it looks like the intou mushi has evolved into an adult . 」



 What is that it’s scary .

 Or like, I haven’t heard about any evolution from big sis .


「For male intou mushi, they grow as much as they absorb bodily fluids from female mammals . The ones they evolve quickest in are―― the love fluids of human women . 」

「Wha……no, way,」

「When they absorb the sexual fluids of human women, look, just like this . Their tentacles transform into the same shape as male genitals . 」

「No way,……what the…hell…っ!?」


 Rapidly becoming thicker and longer, the intou mushi’s multiple feelers that changed into the shape of a human penis vigorously protruded from behind the hemp rope .

 After the vanguards which were penis shaped and thick, from behind the rope long and narrow tentacles thrust out one after another .



Shubo shubo……Nyupu…,


 Growing steadily the feelers crawled along Snow White’s naked body, towards her breast and her mouth they squirmed with an indecent movement .


「Doesn’t it feel good? Those tentacles . 」

「No, save meee, take it offff……っっ!!」


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 The tentacles that already invaded in Snow White’s honey pot already displayed furious activity beneath the rope .

 Each time the feelers repeated plunging in and out, the hemp rope that wedged into her secret place would rise .

 By the way during this time the stimulation to the clitoris had continuously lasted .


 Exactly as this man said, this bug probably LOVED women’s sexual fluids .


 As if to squeeze out even more of Snow White’s nectar the intou mushi’s feelers worked to stir up this body, in and out of her vagina they moved restlessly .


「However, like this it won’t be doing it’s job . 」

「Please, I’ll do, anything, so this……please take it o, fF…!」

「Is that so .  ……Then attend to me . 」


 Illuminato licked his thin lower lip and laughed, removed his belt and opened the front of his trousers .


 My eyes got dizzy at the already fiercely standing rigid manhood .

 I guess I should say “as expected of a foreigner” here . ――Prince Amir had a very very splendid thing but this man here wouldn’t lose either . It was such an exaggerated thing to the point of my displeasure .


 Were their dicks so big cuz they weren’t asian? Or was the size of this world’s men’s stuff generally around this size? Or was this a compensation of being a hero of this otome game? I don’t know .


 There’s no way for me to know, but ……「maybe, in my last life was my dick small…?」or something, the slightly wanting to cry me was here .


 When the man slackened the rope, he brought Snow White’s face to his crotch area .


「Do you know how to give service?」


 While in tears shaking her head sideways, the man grabbed the back of Snow White’s head and pushed it to his groin .

 For a moment, when it flew into her mouth, to the increasingly nostalgic masculine scent I reflexively had a coughing fit .


「Yes, with plenty of saliva…… That’s it . Using your lips and your tongue, carefully lick it . You must never use your teeth . 」

「Uhg……u, nn」


―――Never thought a day would come where I would lick a guy’s dick……。


 In the corner of my brain I absent-mindedly thought of that .


 But that wasn’t important right now .

 Unbelievably――…To what was overflowing from that man’s pointed tip, a slightly sour and viscous secretions’ cowper’s taste, Snow White fell into a state of ecstasy .

 To unique peculiar of the man’s penis, flavor, the gruff movement of the man’s hips, and his rough breath . Everything made Snow White’s body heighten .


 Was it the fault of the intou mushi?


 The disgust and reluctance towards a man’s thing was nowhere to be seen .

 On the contrary, she even thought this man’s arched and raging cock was precious . ―― To the place that had been throbbing and aching ever since a while ago, she wanted him to quickly shove this into her already .


「Yes yes, that’s the way, you’re good at this . To be this good at oral sex, you may have the makings of a nightlife woman . 」


 This man’s harsh words and scorn, now it only tickled her ears lovingly .


(You’re wrong, it’s cuz I’m a guy! It’s cuz I was a guy so I know where they feel good……っ!)


 Swallowing the voice from my heart and the man’s cowper together, I desperately moved my tongue .


 My hands are currently still tied behind my back .

 While suspended in midair, a mouth only fellatio was a big hassle .


(Really……My mind is gonna go crazy…。)


 Holding down her head and shaking his hips, it’s like he’s treating Snow White’s mouth as a  onahole――… Even so . Even from that gruesome and humiliating treatment, this body is feeling it .


 By now, the intou mushi’s tentacles had already raided Snow White’s urethra and anus .


(Hurry…I want a dick, hurry, put your cock in me……。)


 Currently, I was grateful that Snow White’s mouth was being plugged up by a guy’s robust thing from the bottom of my heart .

 If her mouth wasn’t shut up, I would’ve leaked this voice of her heart just like that .


―――Mou, I don’t know what’s what anymore .


 For now I just  know that I have to give the guy in front of me fellatio, so Snow White frantically continued servicing the man .


 The obscene wet sounds that resounded inside the forest was somewhat surreal .

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