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Shrouding the Heavens - Chapter 8

Published at 14th of March 2016 06:08:49 PM

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight – Heavens Road

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The plot of this story is as mysterious as the coffin I swear . I guess wuxia authors after all thrive in creating cliff hangers . Worry not, I shall be posting another chapter in a few hours which hopefully will answer our doubts . Enjoy!

Everyone fell to the multicolored altar, they crashed on the jade pieces, slabs and ancient books making the pile a mess .


The giant ancient bronze coffin was lying on the side, with a patina of rust, but still can’t hide the pictures blurred engraved on the bronze, ancient deities which brought tears to the eyes . .


They were so close to it, reaching their hands they will be able to touch it . Everyones heart were filled with fear .


After endless years of existing, the multicolored altar used for worship, could it have possible that is was used to communicate?


At this moment, they suddenly felt a desolate and remote atmosphere, people looking stirred .


Now, the nine dragon corpses and copper coffin lying in front, were they really being led towards the altar?


Legend has it that, as early as the Qin and han dynasty, 75 monarchs held offerings here, what did they receive?


The alter showed its brilliance and shone, multicolored jade pieces were on display and the altar stone suddenly became crystal clear, transparent . The engraving on it flickered, the altar started to glow .




Breaking sounds could be heard, the pile of jade and stone slabs started cracking . The ancint encryption glowed and an empty void appeared .




More ancient words shone mid-air, then those jade pieces and slabs exploded, all the engravings seem to be freed .


Above the ancient bronze coffin, around the crater, thousands of ancient text formed shining as if made of molten iron .


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*Snap* *Snap*


Breaking sounds again, near the altar more words appeared midair showing a bit of glint .


Around the giant bronze coffin, seemed to be filled with stars, shining with brilliance under the sunset, it was extremely mysterious .


The other people on Jade emperor desperately escaped downwards with fear but at the moment they saw Yefan, who crashed into the giant pit . With the strange sight, all fear seemed to dissipate .


One man kept falling and the cries of pain could be heard .


Meanwhile, the sky glowed with the unifying of ancient word, actually gradually formed a huge book of change, a mysterious force shook out .


  This is a stunning scene, those characters had incredible power, condensed together manifested the giant book of changes . The text seemed to be submerged in metal with its texture, it resembled newly casted metal .


“I want to get out of here!” Someone shouted from the crater .


“Our bodies are unable to move . . ” Everyone was terrified, what can they do?


“That is…”


At this moment, on the book of changes, midair a yin and yang symbol appeared .


Even in this technological age, the book of changes has still not been solved . Someone once based on the relationship between stars and book of changes, using astronomical parameters calculated the orbit speed of celestial bodies . The founder of the modern computer binary, explored the concept of the book of changes, inspired, succeeded in one fell swoop .


The ancient book of changes for people today still remain a mystery, how it was created, what are the effects, created for what purpose? So far , there are only legends and inaccurate assumptions, but no solid evidence .


At the moment, Yefan is the same as any other person when it came to the book of changes, it was associated with space and time .


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Around the great book of changes, the space and light, warped, distorted, Qian, Kun, Dui, Gen, Zhen, Li symbols appeared and shone light . It glinted with ancient mystery . (Qian, Kun, Dui, Gen, Zhen, Li are all part of the 8 trigrams . They respectively mean: Heaven, Earth, Wood/Wind, Swamp, Mountain, Thunder, Fire, Water) (TL: I honestly got a headache trying to translate this sentence . )


The diagram of the two Yin-Yang fish is like a pair of bizarre portal, constantly trembling, slowly open a gap which  seems to lead to the sky .


Brilliance continuously shone, the eight symbols(8 trigrams) of the book of changes, eventually transformed many times in a complex order, finally it sparkled with light .




A dull shock, the two Yin-Yang fish slowly opened, flickered from time to time, under a starry sky a road appeared .


Finally, Yin-Yang fish completely wide open, revealing a mysterious and huge channel which led to the unknown . Inside it was completely pitch black .


Meanwhile, the top of Mount Tai, the nine giant dragon corpse began to quiver, and this time the bronze coffin also issued a *Thud*, violently shaking .


Yefan, was close to the coffin, many people scared of shouted, many female students issued a cry .


“What’s to be done?”




In such a situation, everyone felt helpless, many female classmates cried in a loud voice .


People were anxious and doubtful, watching the great ancient bronze coffin . The coffin had deviated from its former position in the shake, the ancient coffin revealed a large gap, a strange smell came .




Copper coffin again shook, the lid fell and nearly shattered . An invisible force pulled everyone . In the next moment, everyone is felt very dizzy, then in front of black eyes, they all went into the copper coffin .


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Some nearly collapsed, they issued cries of alarm .




The nine hanging dragon corpses shook at the same time, ancient bronze coffin coffin made a loud noise, and then it completely closed .


Then, the nine mountain-like dragon soared, no anger was seen, they took the bronze giant coffin slowly into the void of the dark and mysterious passages .




The whole Tai Shan violently shook, as if the sky was falling down, light came from the heavens towards the peak like a god connected both heaven and earth .


Subsequently, the sun faded to the background, dimming down the top of Mount Tai in a flash . The book of changes completely changed and disappeared .


Jiu Long coffin, it disappeared!


The multicolored altar scattered, as if ashes brought around by the wind .


Everything that happened in this bloody sunset, destined to cause a stir, spread to all corners of the globe . Taishan will inevitably become the focus of world, all of which have nothing to do with Yefan, but he was sucked into it .


Inside the bronze coffin was dark, filled with a dense chill of ice, some female students were near collapse, was filled with helplessness and fear, but dare not cry . They tried to suppress their emotions and sounds, quietly sobbed .


“What, is there anyone who can help us?”


“Are we really inside the coffin?”


“Why did this happen, is there any way out?”


Someone used a mobile phone to dial-up, but couldn’t get through, unable to communicate with the outside world, it caused more fear .


“There is no need to panic, we are temporarily unable to get in touch with the outside world, but such earth shattering events in Taishan, will be a first to the outside world, I believe that rescue workers will soon arrive . ” Zhouyi looked very calm, his words made people relax a little .


“Zhouyi is right, we should not panic, we must be calm, I am sure it will be all right” Ziwen Wang’s voice was calm .

“Good, we should not panic, it has happened, us fearing is useless, it is important to find ways to escape . ” Lin Jia, although as a woman, at the moment was very relaxed and did not panic .


Yefan, quietly sat there . The book of changes had dark and mysterious passages, which appeared in front of him from time to time . At the moment, the things that happened on Jade emperor peak was not good .


The cell phones gave dim light, you can see terrified faces, many people even pale and shivering .


Li Xiaoman is not far away, holding her knees sat, her face was white, but was very calm . Beside her was the youth named Cade, those two people continually hushed conversation in English .


Liu Yunzhi hands gripping tightly, knuckles are pale, apparently was very tense, but there is no sign of fear on his face .


In fact, people very uneasy deep down, inside the pitch black closed bronze coffin . “Did everyone fall in the copper coffin? We must confirm the number of people . ”


“One, two or three… 28, 29 and 30!” When counting to the 30th person,the one responsible for counting shook, he said:” How can there be … The 30 people?! ”


A total of 33 students in the class, in the first party, three people who studied abroad did not participate, there are five others who failed to arrive due to some special reasons .


And this time when  going to Tai Shan, the three students have returned, but five other students couldn’t make it, a total of 28 people rushed to the mountain, when combined with Li Xiaoman’s friend Cade, there should be 29 people .


At the moment, how can there be 30 people? In the cold and darkness of the old coffin, everybody feels creeped out, which sent shivers to the slightest chill .

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