Shura's Wrath - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127

Frozen Hearted Man-eater (3)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Yan Huang Alliance, Black White Guild? Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed… the Yan Huang Alliance was really too vast . Simply walking around, they had bumped into one of the subsidiary guilds .

Although Xiao Qi had just ranted at them, her voice was simply too beautiful and pleasant . No matter how scathing her words were, no one would be able to get angry… especially men . Sure enough, the leader of the group was not angry at all . He flippantly smiled, “Oho! Such a feisty little sister! Heheh, with such a nice voice, I’ll bet that you look quite nice as well . Well, if you want to train here, that’s fine too . Our Black White Guild likes to protect little sisters . Now, call me big brother, and not only will I not chase you away, but I’ll help you train . How does that sound? Heheheheheh…”

The thirty players in the Black White Guild all revealed perverted smiles . Xiao Qi frowned, becoming truly angry . She was about to start shouting at those people, and then call over the nearby guild members from the Battle Alliance to beat them up . However, before she did so, a shadow stepped out in front of her . Ling Chen raised his arm up in front of her, and said, “This is the first time we’ve had a farming session together as Heart’s Dream . Let’s not waste our time by doing unnecessary things . Leave everything to me . ”

After hearing Ling Chen say this, although Xiao Qi was still quite angry, her face revealed an obedient smile . She said in a small voice, “Alright, alright… even if they’re part of the Yan Huang Alliance, don’t show them any mercy . Saying such things to me, I’m so angry! Big brother Ling Tian, kick their butts for me!” [TLN: Xiao Qi uses ‘本公主’ to refer to herself here, meaning something along the lines of “The Princess I”]

Ling Chen slightly nodded his head, then looked at the crowd in front of him . He emotionlessly said, “Is the so-called Yan Huang Alliance filled with trash like you?”

“Hm? What did you say?” The words Ling Chen had spoken caused the smiling leader’s face to instantly darken . He squinted at Ling Chen, then started roaring in laughter, “Ha! This boy wants to look frickin’ cool in front of the girls, he’s simply gone crazy . Not only badmouthing our Black White Guild, but the Yan Huang Alliance itself . Hahahaha… boy, you’re very brave and arrogant . Trying to look cool huh?” After saying this, he paused, then yelled, “But next time make sure you try to look cool in front of a suitable opponent! Go, cripple him! Teach him a lesson he’ll remember!!”

The thirty players all started shouting and cheering as they charged . Their joyful faces made it seem like they were not going to fight, but rather were going to have some fun . There were thirty of them against four people, and three of them were lovely girls . They simply didn’t take them seriously .

The three girls lifted up their weapons, seemingly very calm .

If Ling Chen had not just displayed his power, they would have panicked and become afraid . Four people against thirty was usually simply impossible . However, although they were a bit nervous, but they also felt excited at the same time… excited to see Ling Chen show his power like just then… because if he did, then maybe even half of those people would fall from just one strike .

“What’s going on?!”

“Yeah! What’s going on?!”

Just as the Black White Guild players started moving, a cold shout, closely followed by another shout, sounded out . These two voices caused the entire Black White Guild to immediately freeze, as if they were paralysed .  They all became very subdued, and looked towards where the voices came from with looks of disbelief .

Behind them, two men slowly walked over, both dressed as Warriors . One was wearing white, one was wearing black… the most surprising thing was that they looked exactly the same . Seeing these two people, the leader of the group quickly ran over and greeted them in a humble manner that was extremely well practised, “G-Greetings guild masters! Why do the guild masters have time to come here today… we… we were all working hard to level up, and definitely did not slack off at all . It’s just that there were a few people who came to steal our territory, so… so we were taking care of it . Please do not worry, we will quickly take care of them and not lose face for the Black White Guild .

The two men who looked exactly the same looked close to thirty years old, and were tall and well built . Their looks were quite mediocre, and were the type that could be easily lost in a crowd if one was searching by their face . Their appearance caused Yun Meng Xin’s eyebrows to slightly frown, she walked up next to Ling Chen and quietly said, “They’re the guild masters of the Black White Guild, the Black White Double Demons!! The elder brother is the Black Demon, and the younger brother is the White Demon . They’re ranked equal eighth on the Earth Rankings, and are very strong . They are twins, and have a special mental connection . When they fight together, they’re even comparable to a Heaven Rankings expert… why would they come here?”

“Humph, we’ve already levelled up to LV11, and were preparing to go to a better place to train, and just passed by here . Hm? Stealing territory? There are actually people who dare to steal the Black White Guild’s territory? Do they want to die?” The Black Demon stared at Ling Chen .

“Yeah! There are actually people who want to steal our territory? They’re looking to die!” The White Demon mimicked the Black Demon’s gestures, staring straight at Ling Chen .

“As expected from the guild masters! You’ve already reached LV11!” The group leader’s face was full of admiration . If he went any further he would be on his knees prostrating himself before the two guild masters, “Looks like after the Level Rankings are released, the two guild masters will definitely be one of the top players on there! Hmph, that supposedly high-levelled Ling Tian, soon the guild masters will catch up to him . Wasting the two guild masters’ precious time is an incredibly onerous sin, we will immediately take care of this . What are you lot waiting around for… destroy all of them . ”

“Ah? Wait up . ” The Black Demon expressionlessly said as he stretched out his hand

“Yeah, wait up!” The White Demon also hurriedly said .

“Wait, wait, everyone stop for a moment . ” The group leader quickly stopped the rest of the players, then respectfully asked, “What are the guild masters orders?”

The Black Demon said with a carefree tone, “Our Yan Huang Alliance represents the entire country . The Young Master said that we should never bully others . ”

White Demon: “Yeah! We should never bully others . ”

“Ah, yes, yes . We have never forgotten the guild masters’ orders, and have never bullied anyone . ” The group leader hurriedly replied .

The Black Demon nodded as he said, “You can’t blame someone for stealing territory . Originally, this area did not belong to anyone . It belongs to anyone who has the power to take it . ”

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White Demon: “Yeah! Territory belongs to anyone who has the power to take it!”

Black Demon: “So, same rules . Want to steal territory? That’s fine, but you have to beat us first . Otherwise, get the hell out of here and remember whose territory you don’t have the right to steal!”

White Demon: “Big bro’s right! Beat us first, otherwise, get the hell out of here, and remember whose territory you don’t have the right to steal!”

The group leader finally understood . After levelling up, the two guild masters didn’t have much to do, so they came here to have some fun . He straightened up, and yelled at Ling Chen and his group, “Oi, did you hear what our guild masters said? You want to steal our territory right? Fine, our guild masters are right here . If you can beat them, we’ll immediately leave and go somewhere else . However, if you can’t, heheh, then these girls… we’ll have some fun with them . You four can all fight together, but we won’t interfere . Hahahaha . ”

The Black White Guild members all started to laugh wildly . Their guild masters were the Black White Double Demons on the Earth Rankings, and were the guild masters of the Yan Huang Alliance’s Black White Guild . Wherever they went, people would be scared witless . Facing those four people would be an extremely easy task for them .

Ling Chen stood where he was, unmoving . This comical display in front of him almost made him laugh out loud . He waited until they had stopped laughing, then calmly looked at the Black White Double Demons, and said in a low voice, “Idiots!”

Ling Chen’s words had the effect similar to kicking a hornet’s nest . The group leader started jumping up and down, as if a needle had been stuck into his posterior, “What!! You dare to insult our guild masters!! Goddamn, you don’t want to live, do you!! Brothers, attack!!”

The group of players let out a roar and charged towards Ling Chen and his group . With the guild masters watching, it was a great opportunity to make themselves known, and gain a bit of reputation . This time, the Black White Double Demons did not stop them, and looked at Ling Chen as if he was a dead man . Heaven knows how long it had been since someone had dared to insult them and call them idiots .

With a cold laugh, Ling Chen raised his weapons, and was about to rush over . However, he had a sudden premonition, and stopped himself .

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A gust of fragrance blew over like the wind, and in front of Ling Chen appeared a white silhouette . Her sudden appearance caused the charging Black White Guild players to stop and stare at her… they all seemed to fall into a state of stupor, staring at the girl as if their souls had been stolen . All of the players had forgotten what they had been originally doing .

The girl who had appeared was wearing a long white dress that covered both her delicate and jade-like legs . Her gleaming and lustrous black hair tumbled down to her shoulders, covering half of her snowy white neck . Her slender figure and slim waist were simply enchanting . Although Ling Chen could only see her from behind, but he was still momentarily stunned . What was remarkable was that her figure and height were comparable to Yun Meng Xin’s .

“B-beautiful girl!!”

“What beautiful girl!! This is a goddess… she’s so beautiful… I’ve never seen such a beautiful person before!”

All eyes were now on this girl . Without noticing it, more than half of all the players started drooling .

There were only two people who did not fall under the spell of the girl’s alluring looks . The two people said together, “Frozen Hearted Man-eater!”

The girl silently stood in front of all the players, her stare as cold as ice .  Her demeanour made her seem like an icy and elegant snow lotus . Her lips parted, and coldly said, “You want to fight for territory right?”