Shura's Wrath - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

Might of Xi Ling (2)

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Editor: Mr . Voltaire

Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, as well as Mu Bing Yao were all only LV10 right now . Because of the level difference, the damage they dealt to the Red Eyed Lizards was greatly decreased . Even if they could barely survive, training on such monsters was extremely dangerous and costly; the efficiency of training was also decreased .

Ling Chen scanned the area, making sure no other players were around and said calmly, “Don’t worry, the monsters here are not scary at all . See, the thing about training is that sometimes you don’t need to do it yourself, and the efficiency will be greater . ”

‘Umm… what do you mean? Oh, I know! Big brother Ling Tian, are you going to kill these monsters by yourself and just allow us four girls to follow you?

Ling Chen ‘… . . ’

Ling Chen had nothing to say towards Xiao Qi’s comment . He moved his hands and said lightly, “Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, I’ll leave this up to you guys . ”

Upon his call, Xiao Hui and Xi Ling were summoned at the same time . This was also the first time he had summoned his two pets in front of others .

He knew that Xiao Hui and Xi Ling were both strong, and if other players found out about their stats, it would cause a great commotion . However, with four girls by his side, and having only met three of them for the first time, he summoned them nonetheless . It was not because he was overly careless, but because he was confident in his judgement .


Xi Ling’s cry pierced the sky as she spread out her red wings . Xi Ling’s body, gorgeous beyond description, appeared in a flaming wave . It circled around Ling Chen a few times then flew towards the Red Eyed Lizard pack . As it flew, its body shimmered in a combination of red and gold .

As expected, Xi Ling’s appearance made the four girls stare in disbelief and amazement . They kept their eyes on Xi Ling, not even blinking .

“So beautiful… . ”

“Wow! Such a beautiful bird! Its feathers are like fire and it’s beautiful beyond belief . ”

“Is that… . Big brother Ling Tian’s pet?”

Because of Crimson Spirit’s magnificent appearance, the four girls completely ignored Xiao Hui who was beside Ling Chen’s side . Ling Chen looked at the girls, yawned, walked a few steps and found a suitable spot to lie down on the soft grass patch .  He closed his eyes and prepared himself for a comfortable nap, saying ‘Alright babes, I’m going to sleep for a bit, you girls wake me up after an hour . ”

The four girls snapped back to reality and looked in disbelief at Ling Tian who dared to sleep in the monster’s territory . Xiao Qi hurried in front of him and said, “Oi oi oi, big brother Ling Tian, this is the territory of LV15 monsters, why are you sleeping… . ”

Xiao Qi looked behind her… the next second, her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape .

Flying to the sky above Red Eyed Lizards, Xi Ling’s wings flapped and waves of red flame appeared from its two wings . The flame scattered down in a fifteen meter radius . The ground and the twenty something Red Eyed Lizards were all covered in flames .

-6000, -6000, -6000, -6000, -6000, -6000… . .

The attack caused big numbers that the girls had never seen before to fill up the ground of flames . They all looked in disbelief and could not process what their eyes were seeing

“Ding… . Your pet ‘Crimson Spirit’ has levelled up, now LV1, HP+40, MP+1000, Physical Attack Power+10, Magic Attack Power+300” .

Red Eyed Lizards had fire resistance, but under Xi Ling’s rootless fire, their resistances were little to nothing . Under Wild Flames’ powerful attack, 20 or so Red Eyed Lizards became dead lizards, coincidentally allowing Xi Ling to level up . Ling Chen opened his eyes slightly and looked at the flames that had yet to disappear . When he saw Xi Ling’s overall stats from before, he knew that although he had the “Heaven’s Jealousy” debuff, even if he didn’t train at all, he would still be able to level up faster than any other players . Because of Xi Ling’s scary attacks and area of affect skills, it made levelling up seem like child’s play . When it flapped its wings, and flames came scattering down, no monsters would be able to survive . Even though Xi Ling was only LV1, her powers were strong enough to even take down level 30 monsters with no problem . The experience gain would be higher, making the levelling speed faster . However, the reason why he did not do this, only he himself knew .

Xi Ling was too overpowered; this was something that crossed his mind when Ling Chen first obtained Xi Ling . If its HP was equivalent of Xiao Hui’s, it would no longer be a problem of being overpowered anymore; it would just be a big bug .

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Xi Ling’s attack left the four girls speechless . Seeing so many corpses, Xiao Hui ran up like lightning and began swallowing . He spat out a few elementary strength crystals and brought them, as well as other items, quickly to Ling Chen’s backpack .

The 30 metre radius was completely decimated by Xi Ling . She flew towards another area where Red Eyed Lizards were grouped closely together and unleashed another wave of Wild Flames . In the flaming fire, another pack of Red Eyed Lizards was destroyed without a chance of retaliation . Red Eyed Lizards were unable to fly and could not attack vertically, so they couldn’t touch Xi Ling no matter how hard they tried . Xi Ling was able to completely wipe them out without any potential danger or threat .

Wild Fire had a cooldown of 5 seconds . In these 5 seconds Xi Ling was still busy, flying down and using normal fire attacks to burn small groups of Red Eyed Lizards to death . Its normal fire attacks all had an area of effect, and were able to deal up to 3000 damage, making the lizards not stand a chance .

Waves of dying lizards, LV15 monsters, were so powerless under Xi Ling’s attacks that they were no different to ants . Even the occasional elite lizards didn’t stand a chance . The four girls’ EXP bars quickly filled up . The EXP shared between the five people and one pet still caused their EXP bars to grow at an extremely fast pace .

Xi Ling flew in the sky while Xiao Hui ran around on the ground, working tirelessly, and unceasingly running . The money, potions, crystals and other miscellaneous items were all picked up with the same efficiency, keeping up with Xi Ling .

“So these two… are his pets, one is Celestial Grade and the other is Heaven’s End Grade . ”

“That bird is so beautiful, it’s so obscenely strong!! This is Heaven’s End Grade, how can it be… my goodness”

“In…cre . . di… . ble’

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6000 damage, and it even had a massive area of affect . If this sort of attack was unleashed by a high level boss it would be understandable . But a player’s pet with this attack… At the current average levels of players, this was completely beyond their belief . They had heard about Heaven’s End Grade, in a forgotten virtual game . This type of Heaven’s End Grade pet had appeared before, but never as powerful as this one .

Even the usually calm Yun Meng Xin was completely in shock . She looked at Ling Chen who was still sleeping peacefully and came to realization . The level of the pet cannot surpass the master’s level, this was basic game knowledge . In other words, Xi Ling’s level could not be higher level 13 but already possessed so much power . If this was seen by the other players and word got around, then the people who were capable would do everything in their power to get their hands on this Heaven’s End Grade pet . With the power of this pet, anyone, even an idiot could become one of the strongest in this world . Such a high damage area of affect skill, even if the top elite players worked together, they would still be burned into ashes .

Ling Tian… where did he get such a broken pet… Why would Mystic Moon allow such an overpowered pet to appear in the early stages of the game?

In a short amount of time, the territory that was filled with Red Eyed Lizards was now completely empty . The group had also gained a considerable amount of experience . Yun Meng Xin calmed herself down and says calmly “Big sister Mu, Qi Qi, Su Su…”

“Ah?” the three other girls turned to her, still mesmerized .

Yun Meng Xin suddenly became serious and said slowly, “What you just saw, do not mention it to anyone… . Even the people you trust the most, no matter what, understand?”

Not needing any explanation, Mu Bing Yao, Xiao Qi, Su Er, all nodded in agreement . The reason was too obvious- such a strong pet could cause anyone to have a strong desire to obtain it . If what happened today was spread, it would bring endless problems to not only Ling Chen but also to the whole of Heart’s Dream .

Ling Chen was still completely relaxed . This is the first time he enjoyed the comfort of the fresh winds on the field . He closed his eyes and went back to sleep .

Beside him were the sounds of the girls’ gentle, delicate and refreshing voices .