Shura's Wrath - Chapter 175

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Chapter 175

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Cancer Orb

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At the centre of the Peace Town, under the Peace Tree.

The Peace Tree was so incredibly tall that one could not see the top of the tree from the ground level, and the leaves grew lushly on the branches. The trunk was so thick that it probably needed around ten or so grown men to wrap their arms around it in a circle.

The Shura’s image once again appeared. He stood under the Peace Tree and put his hand stained by blood onto the tree, “I never thought that despite everything changing after ten thousand years, this tree is still here.”

The Shura’s voice slightly trembled. This Shura who had caused terror to the entire Forgotten Continent, he too had things that were hard to look back on.

“This tree was planted by myself and my wife. Back then, it was only a seedling. My wife and I transferred some of our power into this tree so that it could quickly grow, as well as gave it an infinite lifespan, symbolising how our love for each other would never wither or die.”

The Shura spoke in a reminiscent tone as he gazed at the gigantic tree. Ten thousand years had passed, and the tiny seedling had grown into an enormous tree. However, he and his beloved had long since been separated.

“It seems that you truly loved your wife… so why were you willing to become a Shura?” Ling Chen asked.

“When I became a Shura, my wife had already died. I personally buried her under this tree. At that time, my greatest desire was that after I died, I would be buried under this tree as well. Although we could not keep each other company in life, we could at least be together in death.”

Ling Chen’s heart was slightly moved. For the past ten thousand years, this Shura, who could destroy anything he wished, only had one wish, which was to be buried under this tree to be with his dead wife. Was this really the Shura that had killed 10% of all creatures in the Forgotten Continent?

Only those who cared, who loved and sympathised the most could become Shuras- was this why he became a Shura? In that case, what was the true meaning of a ‘Shura’? Could it be that everything people knew about Shuras was wrong?

“Can you tell me why you were willing to become a Shura?” Ling Chen took a step forwards, and asked the question that had been burning on his mind.

The Shura stayed silent and continued to gaze at the giant tree. He seemed to be reminiscing about memories from the past, but did not answer Ling Chen.

“Young man, thank you for bringing me here. Being able to be buried with her, I can now rest in peace. The greatest joy in my life was meeting her, and the thing I regret least is becoming a Shura. If I could go back in time, I would throw away my sword and spend as much time with her as possible.”


The Shura flicked with his finger, and a deep pit appeared next to Ling Chen. The Shura’s bones then floated into the pit, after which the pit was filled, not leaving a single trace of what had just happened.

Apart from Ling Chen, no one would know the final resting place of the Shura. No one would know that the terrifying Shura that had surpassed even gods was buried under this tree, without a headstone or a coffin. The only person at his ‘funeral’ was Ling Chen.

And no one knew that it was on this day that the Shura had truly died.

“Are you going now?” Ling Chen quietly asked as he saw the Shura’s image begin to fade.

“That’s right, it’s time for me to go. Thank you for fulfilling this final wish of mine. This is my reward for you……”

As the Shura spoke, a white light with a hint of purple appeared in Ling Chen’s field of vision. It was a crystal orb about the size of a fist, the colour of silver with a bit of purple. It was semi-transparent, and had a symbol that looked like two 9’s lying horizontally, one flipped from the other.

This was…

“This is the fourth God Orb… the Cancer Orb!!” Qi Yue joyously cried out.

This was one of the Lunar Scourge’s orbs!?

Ling Chen stretched out his hand and took hold of the orb. Its size, shape and texture were all the same as the Gemini and Sagittarius Orbs!

[Cancer Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: Lightning. Equipment Requirement: Can only be slotted in the Lunar Scourge. Effects: All attacks ignore the target’s Defence, Damage Reduction and Absolute Defence.

Ling Chen suddenly gripped the Cancer Orb in his hand… this was indeed a Mysterious God Orb! The Cancer Orb allowed him to ignore all Defence, including Damage Reduction and even Absolute Defence!

After the Gemini Orb and Sagittarius Orb, Ling Chen had finally obtained yet another Lunar Scourge Orb. The Cancer Orb once again revealed to Ling Chen just how powerful the Orbs of the Lunar Scourge were.

“Awesome! In such a short time, we’ve obtained three Lunar Scourge Orbs!” Qi Yue said in an excited voice.

“Back then, the Lunar Scourge was not destroyed by the Moon God Clan, but all twelve of its God Orbs and the three Saint Orbs were scattered. However, the Cancer Orb was secretly kept at the Moon God Ruins, hidden by the aura from my bones. Now, it can finally return to where it belongs.”

Ling Chen excitedly put the Cancer Orb away. Every time he found a Lunar Scourge Orb, his strength had increased by leaps and folds, and this time was no different. He bowed his head as he said, “Thank you Shura, your reward comes as a very pleasant surprise to me.”

“Thank me?” The Shura’s expression was very calm, “Its rightful position is in the Lunar Scourge, and so belongs to you, so why do you need to thank me?”

The Shura stretched out his blood covered hand and pressed it onto Ling Chen’s chest. Ling Chen’s eyes widened, but he did not move or say anything.

“The Lunar Scourge was my only companion. Now that I am going to completely disappear, I don’t have any way to look over it in its weakened form. The only person who can protect it now is you. However, your power is far too weak. All I can do is give my remaining power to you, so that you can temporarily use my power in dire situations.

Give my remaining power to you… Ling Chen looked at the Shura in shock.

“However, before I do this, I want to give you a piece of advice.” The Shura closed his eyes. A blood red orb of light appeared between his palm and Ling Chen’s chest. Within Ling Chen’s chest suddenly appeared a sort of chaotic and violent aura.

“What advice is it?” Ling Chen did his best to remain calm as he asked.

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“Do your best to find ways to be able to nullify Lightning attacks. Back then, if it wasn’t for the Divine Tribulation Lightning, the three Moon Goddesses and the Void Dragon God would not have been able to harm me at all!!”

Ling Chen: “……”

The three Moon Goddesses and the Void Dragon God would not have been able to harm me at all…… Under the heavens, only the Shura had the right to say such arrogant words.

At this moment, he was not able to say out loud something like “I will never become a Shura, so I don’t need to worry about this”. The blood red orb of light entered into his body.

“Farewell, young man. I hope that the Lunar Scourge’s light will one day, because of you, cover the land and sky again.”

The burning hot sensation in Ling Chen’s chest suddenly seemed to explode outwards, and spread throughout his body like a rampaging beast. For a few seconds, it felt as his body was going to be ripped apart, but the rampaging energy suddenly subsided, and disappeared without a trace.

The Shura’s image before him also became almost transparent. Perhaps in the next second, he would disappear completely.

“Shura, rest in peace. Although I won’t become a Shura like you, but I will do my best to protect the Lunar Scourge.” Ling Chen earnestly said.

The vanishing image nodded his head, and a voice like a gentle breeze of wind replied, “Then, farewell…”

Suddenly, the Shura’s calm face suddenly became very shocked. His soft, yet still audible voice sounded in Ling Chen’s ears, “Wait! Your eyes…..”

A breeze blew past, and the Shura’s image, as well his incomplete sentence all disappeared.

“Ding… you have received the skills [Shura’s Death Domain] and [Shura’s Descent].”

Ling Chen felt a bit stunned as he looked forwards… my eyes?  What was the meaning behind the Shura’s last sentence? What’s with my eyes?

The Shura had passed away, so there was no one that could answer his questions. Ling Chen rubbed his eyes. His vision had always been very good, and did not feel that there was anything wrong with them. So what was the meaning behind that “your eyes”? Did he mishear the Shura?

Ling Chen decided to stop thinking about it. He quickly opened his Skills Page, and looked at the two skills that the Shura had given him… these were two skills from the Shura himself!!

[Shura’s Death Domain]: Limited use skill, cannot be upgraded. After the Scarlet Flame Sword Emperor became a Shura, with his natural talent and comprehension in killing techniques, whenever this skill was used, even the sky and land would be affected. This skill could slay even gods in one strike. Single target attack, and locks onto the target once the skill is activated. Even if the target escapes to the furthest corners of the world, the they will not be able to evade the attack. Damage caused is 99,999% of normal attack damage, and is guaranteed to hit, as well as critical and pierce, as well as destroy all equipment below Saint Destroyer grade. Costs 90% of HP and MP to activate. After activating, the user’s Strength, Constitution, Agility and Spirit will permanently decrease by 30 points and level will decrease by 9 levels. As it only contains the last of the Shura’s power, it can only be used twice.

Seeing the [Shura’s Death Domain] skill on his Skill Page, Ling Chen’s hands began to shake. His eyes widened as he looked at the skill again and again, scarcely beliving his eyes.

99,999% normal attack damage…

How could such a monstrous, incomprehensible skill exist!?

99,999% normal attack damage, plus critical and pierce… that means with his maximum Attack Power with his buffs, if he used this skill, he would be able to hit…

14,000,000 damage!!!

Ling Chen simply could not believe this. He shook his head, and calculated again and again…

No, it indeed was 14,000,000 damage!!

Despite being only LV17, this terrifying skill could allow him to cause 14 million damage!! This sort of damage… could even insta-kill a Mysterious God grade monster of the same level!