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Skill Up with Login Bonus - Chapter Prologue

Published at 26th of April 2016 06:43:49 PM

Chapter Prologue
Loner Dungeon
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Teaser Novels! Skill Up with Login Bonus Dropped—-Hiatus I was Reborn as a Vending Machine, Wandering in the Dungeon

Prologue I logged on to the Another World

It happened on a rainy day .
On my way back home after receiving the ancient book, I was struck by a lightning .

Soon after, I lost my consciousness .

That moment, I heard a voice .
A really bright voice, voice filled with the positive vibe .
[TL: Sorry I am leafy fan]

『First login Bonus! I present you with these 2 gifts

-Maximum Flare 30 hits + a
– Wife

I will be in your care, during our time in the other world . 』

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I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar roof .

then, women wearing a maid costume peeped at me .
I’ve never seen her before .

“Etto… . . ?”

I tilted my head in confusion .

“Uh!? He, Head maid! Kouta sama has woken up!”

“Wha, what did you just say!?”

She shouted while panicking, toward someone .
And, I hear the dashing footstep come to my direction

“Kou, Kouta-sama! Thank god you have woken up!”

“eh… . . ?”

Again another woman I’ve never seen before appeared and hugged me really tightly .
She is a beautiful person with a blond hair . Who is she?

“stop, eeto, who are you…… . ?”

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“Aa, you must’ve lost your memory due to the shock from the lightning, It’s really sad you forgot the face of your wet nurse . aa, such a pitiful Kouta-sama . You even got burned till your hair turned black… . . It is fine, I will wait till you become healthy again . ”


Wet nurse?

I don’t recall any face resembling her, a really beautiful face with a blonde hair .
But she is right about my name being Kouta though .

“You’ve just woken up today so you must rest for the day”
she said so, and the blonde haired women left the room .

“I was actually showered by the lightning”

And after that, I heard some mysterious voice .
it said something about login bonus or something .

while comprehending about my situation right now .

『Good morning, my wielder』


My bosom was actually shining with light .

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While thinking so I opened my clothes, I saw a lustrous shining book .

“What is this”

『I am a grimoire who made a contract with your soul . Soulas Gold . I was the one who brought your soul here after you were struck by a lightning 』

“…etto… . Soul?”

So it means I died .

『To rephrase it, you in Japan died . And you got the body of a person who also got struck by the lightning around the same time . 』

It seems like I was transported to another world by the lightning .

“…………… . Ma, there is no use complaining it now . ”
『You really are quick to adapt . 』

“Why is the one who brought me here saying that . And what are you?”

The ancient book I got from my grandfather was black and the cover was filled with dirt but now it is really clean and emits a celestial aura .

『I already said I was a Grimoire . I am part of your soul . 』
“Grimoire… . ?”

『The root of all Magic and Skill . Think of me as a part of your power . My special characteristic is a login bonus』

“Aa, yes . I wanted to ask you about that . ”

The mysterious part is not only the cover .
I don’t understand, what’s the thing that is written in the grimoire, like Login bonus and Highest tier magic and etc . .

“What is this login bonus that is written……wha—-? ”
When I was asking it .

…I started to sleepy all of the sudden .

I am too sleepy I feel like I’m gonna lose control of the body .

『Your body is damaged with the lightning . So you should rest for today』

“Wait… . I still have many things I need to ask… . . ”

It’s another world so there are many things I want to know .
I’m starting to feel excited and all but it is the not time to sleep .

“It’s fine . Time for us to talk, there will be much more chances……”

“… . . ”

She whispered it to me really kindly, I lost my consciousness till the next morning .

『— second-day login bonus! Fire type beginner magic 20 bullets』

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