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Published at 15th of April 2016 05:22:40 PM

Chapter 172


Thereafter, the Emperor and his guard perform the initiation ceremony .
Except for the Earl taking the Duke’s place by the table, everything, even the speech, is the same .
These are prescribed lines .

“Since it will be Michio’s admission courtesy now, do I excuse myself?”

After the guard’s initiation ceremony, the Duke asks .
It is better not to let my referrer hear my embarrassing secret .
It is better to have less people listen, of course .

“Can I request so?”
“I understand . Then, I will leave my seat . ”

The Duke simply moves to the neighboring room .
He leaves just like that .
Is it because of the rule?

“Then, Michio will reveal his embarrassing sexual secret first . Everyone, myself included, don’t laugh; listen seriously . However, if you judge that his secret isn’t enough of a secret, reproach him . Michio, here . ”

After the Duke went out, Ester reiterates inside the room which had gone back to being dimly lit .

“Okay . ”

Ester urges me to the other side of the table .
Inside the dark, only the edges of the table are visible because of the candlelight .
I can faintly discern the appearance of the audience comprising four people .
It is a good setting to make a confession .

“Begin . ”

Ester, who had moved to the other side, instructs .
Then, which secret I should share?

“Once, there was a pretty female clerk at a shop in the neighborhood . When she returned the change, she would always clasp my hand gently . I was certain that the girl was interested in me . Thenceforth, I would always buy from that shop and line up in front of that girl . I would always pay in large denomination even if I had small denomination available . Later on, I heard from people that she was a clerk responsible only for returning the change . Was this story different from what you usually hear?”

That was a terribly embarrassing misunderstanding .

“So trivial!”
“We didn’t get it . What was it about, really?”
“It couldn’t be more trivial . ”

The Baron, the Emperor and the guard evaluate it .
It didn’t receive good reviews .
The Emperor probably doesn’t understand what ‘change’ means .

“Wha……t do you mean? Don’t tell me that the girl clasping your hand means……”

One of them seems to be stuck at a strange part .

“I didn’t get the lining up before the girl part; however, he was certainly going to propose marriage because of the misunderstanding . ”

Ester interrupts .
They don’t even understand lining up at the cash register!
As for proposing marriage, it was a different feeling .

“No, it didn’t go that far . ”
“That won’t do . Confessing because of a misunderstanding, getting dumped, returning home disgusted and the following series of events; if it didn’t go to that extent, it cannot be called an embarrassing secret . ”
“Then, I will talk about the time when I visited a town for the first time and asked a kid for directions . Afterwards, a warning was floated about to be careful of a pervert who calls young girls over . ”

I share another account because Ester had refused the first one .

“It wasn’t an interesting story . ”
“For the sake security, it is necessary to call for people to be cautious . ”
“I didn’t understand it well . ”

This, too, gets denied by the three .

“It is alright . When I visit a town, I always keep the emblem with me and have a member of the knight order accompany me, so there is no problem . ”

So, is one of them fine with it?

“In the town, whenever I see a woman waving her hand to a person behind me, I think she is waving to me which makes my heart start pounding . ”
“Still not enough . ”
“I was once taken care of by a woman, who I thought was somewhat beautiful, so I expended every possible valuable I had in order to present it to her . However, she told me that she had already accepted another man . ”
“It wasn’t embarrassing at all . ”

It didn’t pique Ester’s interest .
Even though one of them said, “that’s sad . ” .

“While standing in front of a brothel, troubled to enter during the working hours, I loitered for a long time . ”
“It isn’t enough . ”
“I understand that feeling . ”

Of course, it was the Earl who understood the feeling .

“After especially sending Brocken away, it should be something you don’t want Brocken to hear, no?”

Ester suggests .
A big one that I don’t want the Duke to hear?
Should I talk about ‘that’?
‘That’ one .

“Cassia, Brocken’s wife, is quite a beautiful woman . In fact, I fell in love with her . ”
“This one . This is what I wanted to hear . ”
“We saw her, too . She is remarkably beautiful even amongst the elves . She is a considerably beautiful woman . ”
“I have never seen her . However, am I lucky to not have seen her?”
“I have never saw her either . Is she really that beautiful a woman?”

This one seems popular .
This one, huh?

“Of course . To the point that I want to make her mine . ”

Ester confirms .

“No, not to that extent . ”
“If you admit it right now, I will approve of your admission . ”
“We will also maintain silence in front of the Duke regarding this matter . ”
“It is alright . Nobles’ relationships are only superficial; they are shallow in actuality . It is a political marriage, after all . She will give her heart to another man before long . ”

I am curious about the Earl’s opinion .
Is it based on his own experience?

“Just a bit . ”
“I can’t call this level of secret a confession . ”
“I feel inclined to accept it, though . ”

The Earl seems inclined to accept it .
Ester isn’t budging .
Should I share another story?

“My party members comprise four female slaves and I do all four them at the same time . ”
“Those four certainly are pretty . However, it is common to do your party members . ”

Ester doesn’t seem amused but one of them certainly does .
Is it because they were declined from doing it?

“It isn’t to the extent of keeping it secret from Brocken . How about we allow Brocken in and denounce it together? Right, Carlos?”
“Of Course, I do all four of them equally every night . ”
“Open the door……Wait!”

In the midst of threatening about letting the Duke back in, Ester stops .

“Four, everyday, you say?”

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The Emperor confirms it himself .

“That’s right . Is something wrong?”
“I-Is this what you call youth?”
“However, to do it everyday just because he is young…”
“For Us, it wasn’t until We were 17 . ”
“Four girls……everyday……”
“But it is difficult doing it more than once or twice these days . ”
“It isn’t about having to do it . It is about wanting to do it . ”

The jury are whispering amongst themselves .

“I object . I object Michio’s admission . ”

The Earl raises his voice .
An opposing faction seems to have emerged .

“Didn’t you say awhile ago that it is fine to accept his admission?”
“I have changed my mind . ”
“But the story shared just now . ”
“Is this inevitable?”
“Certainly . ”

The jury continue to discuss .
The discussion seems to be advancing in a positive direction .
Except for one person .

“What is the color of your blood?”

Sensing his disadvantage, the Earl screams at me .

“However, as you would expect, since having two rounds with all four of them is too much, I do it only sometimes . ”
“S-Sometimes, you say!?”
“Only sometimes?”
“Do it only sometimes?”

I can hear it, you know .
Of course, the last remark was from the Earl .
To do it, you need to be able to get an erection .
Bastard, you won’t have a single strand of hair left .

You think it’s that easy?
There is a very few (strands) to begin with .
To this Bastard, even hell may only be lukewarm .

“Calm down . ”
“Gununu . ”
“Calm down and let’s wrap it up . ”
“Alright then, Michio’s admission has been accepted . With this, Michio is a legitimate member . Now that you have reborn, work hard . ”

Ester announces the decision of the entire group .
Has it been settled? Is there no need to continue?
It is all thanks to Sex Maniac that I can do all four of them everyday .

“Is it over?”

The Emperor’s guard opens the door following which The Duke enters .

“We heard something terrifying . ”
“Was it that big a secret?”
“Rather than a big secret, it was a dreadful secret . ”

The Emperor and the Duke converse .
It wasn’t dreadful, really .

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“Gaius’ admission courtesy shall be next . What do you want Bruno to do?”
“It doesn’t matter . There is nothing you will be hearing that will trouble Us . ”

The Emperor’s admission courtesy starts next .
The confident Emperor doesn’t send the Earl, who recommended him, out .
If he sent him outside, it would mean that it was a secret he didn’t want him to hear .
Removing the referrer can be good or equally bad .

“Then, begin . ”
“We prefer a woman’s chest to not be big . A small and pretty chest is the best . As a matter of fact, Our father 《lord father》 liked women with big chest . When We were a kid, all the personnel he employed, from the wet nurse to the maid, had big chest . Our preference is perhaps a reaction to that . We are sick and tired of big chested women . ”

The Emperor reveals his taste in women .
And even the late Emperor’s preference .
He must be the late Emperor for he was his father .

“That is just personal liking . ”
“For a secret, it is a weak one but it can be classified as a sexual secret . ”

The Baron and The Duke shoot it down .
The Duke seems to like big breasts like the late Emperor .
I don’t think Cassia’s chest can be called small .
To add to it, I think she is the type that looks slender in clothes .

“What are you saying? It is a fact that the women with small chest are the best . Good grief, small girls are the best!”

Hello, Police? (TN: Different in raws . Had to make it sound funny)

“When We were a kid, we used to hide in the corner of the room . Once, the attending maid stepped on us unknowingly . At that moment, We got sexually excited for the first time . ”
“That is very interesting . ”
“That pain felt great . Ever since that time, whenever We see a woman’s feet, we get excited a little . If possible, we want to get stepped on again . ”

He is totally M, isn’t he?
Plus, he loves small breasts .
I can’t let him meet Sherry .
Actually, I don’t think Sherry’s breasts are that small .

“Can’t you order the attending maid?”
“They weren’t willing to do it . ”

He answers the question .
Who asked that?
Well, that was scary .
He is the Emperor, after all .

“It will be difficult considering Gaius’ position . ”
“It can’t be helped . We are thinking of digging a hole in the maid’s passageway and hiding there next time . ”

Pervert, eh?

“Is this good enough for a secret?”
“Right . ”
“I will recognize it . ”

It seems to be popular with the jury .
He has totally reached the level of a pervert, though .

I have unexpectedly learnt of the Empire’s secret .
Because of the big chest loving late Emperor, the Emperor has turned into a small chest loving M .
I feel like I have violated the Empire’s privacy .

“If you are that into it, there are shoes, too . ”
“Michio doesn’t accept it?”
“No, it isn’t like I don’t accept it . However, if you like it so much, you should try high heels . ”

High heels don’t seem to be common amongst the women in this world .

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I have never seen them wearing those .
However, if he wishes for a woman to step on him, then it has to be with high heels .

An older woman in tight suit, wearing glasses .
Breathing sweetly, eyes piercingly cold .
A harmony between sensibility and sensual pheromones .

“Hmm, high heels, huh?”
“It is a high-tier equipment for female Wizards . ” (TN: Since the job was named Wizard from the outset, we will keep using it whether it be for a male or a female)
“We have seen it once . It is said to increase magic power . To be stepped on with it certainly seems powerful . ”

The three nobles discuss .
So, there are high heels in this world, huh?

Are there shoes that increase men’s magic power, too?
Like tall wooden clogged sandals?
Tengu’s magic power increases, too, when it puts those on .

“High heels . With that . Certainly . ”

The Emperor mutters .
He seems to have realized the merit of high heels .

“Did you get it?”

Did he understand it or did he get it wrong?

“We were mistaken . But how do We wear high heels? Do We have to hide in the labyrinth, too?”

It is troublesome . I give up .

“Please stop . It is dangerous . ”

The guard stops him .
It is better to stop him right now as it will be dangerous to hide in the labyrinth .
Having said that, it would be dreadful to decline the Emperor if he asked face-to-face .
It carries grim prospects .

“We will find a method in the future . As expected of Michio . It is worthwhile for Us to respect you as Our senior brother . ”

I have received respect for something weird .
It isn’t something I would like to be respected for .

“Michio will suffice as his mentor when he tries it in the future . What do you say?”

Ester confirms with me .
No, I don’t want to guide him on such a weird path .
In the first place, it isn’t about whether I want to or not .

“W-Well . ”
“Good . Gaius’ admission has been accepted . Now that you have reborn, work hard . ”

Now he will work hard at it, too .

“Please take care of Us . ”
“Lastly, Carlos . Bruno is your referrer, what would you like him to do?”
“It is alright . ”

There is nothing suspicious left for the policeman Earl, to hear now .

Or so I thought; however, Carlos’ confession drew the barcode Earl in .
I want to keep my distance from him .

As for the guard’s secret, I can’t expose it anymore .
It is the rule of the Empire Liberation Society, after all .
Even if it weren’t a rule, I wouldn’t abuse a warrior’s mercy .

With such an Emperor, guard and Earl, is the Empire in safe hands?
It has been corrupted .

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