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Sleep Learning - Chapter 18

Published at 19th of September 2016 08:42:27 PM

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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The Fear that Starts to Move (6)

TL: Finally back to [Nightmare Eater] this chapter, and one more chapter for this section . Now off to bed with me .

Because of the suddenly occurring earthquake they were able to win against the former hero of Platinum country . While adventurers shout in triumph from the victory, Meer looked at the city in astonishment .

“It’s a lie…what even is that-?” (Meer)

When everyone turned towards where Meer pointed, large hands and a face had risen, spreading its grudge across the city .

“No way! After defeating the former hero we’re supposed to fight another monster!?”

“It’s the end . That town is done for . ”

The adventurers gave up unanimously . The Multifaceted Hekatonkheires was phenomenal, just looking at its malice was strong enough to cause you to lose the will to fight .

“Do you mean the Knights did not know whether or not that monster would appear?”

“I don’t think that’s it . It might be the monster of legend . The Maou of the north, the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires . ” (Maia)

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Gin didn’t hide his surprise at Maia’s words . Although he rejoiced at being able to save Ririade, in his head the fact remains that it may have been the correct answer to escape to Varugoku .

“Maia, what do you mean?”

There was a desire to battle, which adventurers are drawn to . Though they were surprised, it was as expected of the S ranking Maia .

“It’s alright because Irori is there . Besides, something else is giving a more unpleasant feeling . ” (Maia)

“Unpleasant feeling?” said Gin, looking at the giant monster in the distance .

“I’m worried about the ‘Ray’ person the former hero mentioned . ” (Maia)


Before malice and conspiracy, Gin and Maia’s faces hardened .

“Mou! Irori is there and cannot deal with that monster! I’ll go quickly! Maia!” (Meer)


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“Gyaa! I want- That hurts Maia-!” (Meer)

Maia’s fist exploded on Meer’s head . She knew she would go alone to the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires at any moment .

“We would only be in the way if we went . ” (Maia)

“But doing nothing…” said Gin with a mortified face . At all costs he wants to protect the city . The city that Ririade loves .

Everyone shied before the sight of the giant monster visibly rampaging in the north of the city . Perhaps it was right to despair . In front of such a mountain of a monster, how was the opponent supposed to stand alive? Before such thoughts  your instinct would complain of death .

However, everyone’s eyes looked up at one courageous voice .

“Perhaps it’s the end of Hairun, but the people can still be helped out of this predicament . Right here are many carriages the Knights used to escape the town . Will you lend me your power? Even a little to help evacuate everyone from town?” (Ririade)

Everyone turned their faces towards the standing figure of Rirade who was supported by Gin . As the third princess of Bronze Country, she loved the town and would still not abandon it . Saying ‘Thank you’ to Gin, she stood up on her own and lowered her head to Maia, Meer, and the adventurers .

“Please, I beg of you!” (Ririade)

In a moment, the fire that was about to burn out flared up again .

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“If the princess asks then how can I refuse!? We’ll do it!”

“““Oohh- ”””

Uniting, they began moving in order to save the city .

Gin held Ririade . Seeing the tear marks on Ririade’s cheeks, Gin held her even more tightly .

“Riri…It is truly great that you are safe!” (Gin)

“Thank you Gin . ” (Ririade)

Looking at the two people hugging each other tightly and kissing, Maia’s weakness to romantic love caused her to look down and her face to turn deep red .

“What are you doing?!”






At that time in north of the city –

『 Sleep disturbance factor verified . For removal, skill [Nightmare Eater] activated』

Irori could not understand what just happened . She thought she heard the voice from the comfortably sleeping Harumi .

When an ominous voice was heard, the fierce battle between the beauty and the Hekatonkheires stopped, and the one-sided slaughter started .

In horror the three people saw a black… something, rise from Harumi . The black something wriggled like a snake or tentacles, aiming at its prey… the beauty and the Hekatonkheires .


“Oh my? What – ” (Crow)

In a short moment… the blackness wrapped around the beauty and the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires at a speed impossible to respond to, while avoiding Irori . Irori watched the spectacle as half of the giant was swallowed in black, its body wriggling and spewing purple fluids… but the beauty immediately disappeared when swallowed in the blackness .

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