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Sleep Learning - Chapter 20

Published at 26th of September 2016 08:48:05 PM

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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The End of the Fight and Crow

At that time, Gin, Maia, Meer Ririade, and the adventurers arrived in Hairun . Making use of the horse-drawn carriages the Knights had left, the lone people impatiently escaped . The visible bulk of the Multifaceted Hekatonkhieres in the north above the city induced a massive evacuation – Just as it was overthrown by Harumi .

The first person to notice the incident was Meer . As a weaker witch, Meer participated in the rescue while monitoring the behavior of the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires . The blackness had swallowed half of the giant and disappeared, and it began to go berserk .

It was understood that Irori fought well with her skills, and a commotion was made in anticipation of victory .

“She did it! …Huh!? It’s regenerating!? Even though-ne!” (Meer)

Yet, the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires quickly regenerated its lost half and returned to its original body . In addition, countless arms growing from its head simultaneously aimed and attacked . The [Cold Princess] Irori repelled the attack with one of her specialty skills, which Meer recognized as she carefully watched .

“The leader is awesome-! I don’t think she’ll lose!” (Meer)

After Irori prevented the attack, again a black…something consumed the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires . It grew enough to block out the sun, and then dissipated with the giant .

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“A lie… It disappeared… Something vanished…”

They couldn’t believe their eyes, but understood that that the giant had ceased to be . Not just Meer, but everyone in the city was dazed and rigid in surprise as they looked towards the north .

And someone among those – – “It’s a miracle!”

The city of Hairun was filled with delight .





“To think it would become a predicament where I would have to escape, just what is that cat…?” (Ray)

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As for the beauty, Ray the Avatar of Crow, she used her [shadow control] to return to where Maia had defeated the former hero . Though the Platinum Country had been destroyed, the former hero was still a piece worth using . Unfortunately a shrewd adventurer had recovered the golden armor, but the large golden sword several times his height had been left . As expected, this large sword would require a powerful owner .

“Oh my? How long are you going to pretend to be a corpse? Get up . ” (Ray)

“…eh? Ah, I was dead . I truly am hated by God . Nevertheless, Ray . Having so many wounds all over your body, was the opponent that difficult? That monster was…” (Former Hero)

“It’s not like that? The Multifaceted Hekatonkheires was no big deal . Hoho, so much fun!” (Ray)

Smiling flirtatiously at the former hero, Ray had cold sweat dripping down her spine .

“Do keep it in moderation, Ray . You might erase another country with this nonsense . ” (Former Hero) (また国もろとも消すとかはよせ)

“Oh my? Don’t do that~ I am not a lady you can manage~ perhaps?” (Ray)

Once she finished collecting the former hero, Ray attempted to enter the shadows .

“Going somewhere, Crow?” (Mainz)

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Riding on the back of the spider, Main stopped the escape of Ray and the former hero .

“Oh my? I wonder what the grandpa is doing here? Did the mistress who saw the figure turn tail and run away?” (Ray)

“……” (Mainz)

Mainz said nothing to Ray’s provocation . At this time, Ray and the former hero felt the same fear . Picking up his golden sword, he pointed it towards Mainz .

“Leave first former hero, please . ”

“But—” (Former Hero)

Ray had the former hero enter the shadows before he could even say something .

“So, I wonder if the old man has become deaf in his ears? Wouldn’t it be better to take care of things concerning the aftermath if you have time to play with this lady~?” (Ray)

“-‘s right . Have you carried out the law of the Avatar?” (Mainz)

“The princess has been safely helped, but you know death is inevitable~ for her and your grandchild . ” (Ray)

“It is the law after all, ‘Death to the person who knows, or to the person who is known . ’” (Mainz)

Ray finally understood why Mainz appeared in this place . ‘Death to the person who knows, or to the person who is known . ’ This is the law of the avatar . Though an avatar is no exception to the rule, they are too strong to casually execute . They have the power to ruin a country . It’s highly improbable that it would lead to an avatar’s own death . To fulfill the law, usually it is the death of those who learn an avatar’s identity, not the other way around .

“You will know death, Crow!” (Mainz)

“—tsu!?” (Ray)

She would of course avoid the attack . However, her dancer clothes tore open a large hole from the impact, revealing her skin to the air . If she was completely recovered, then Ray is probably stronger than Mainz, but her wounds from Harumi’s [Nightmare Eater] were too severe for her to fight with Mainz . The legs of the spider Mainz rode pierced through Ray .

“That girl…is…ha…ha…” (Ray)

“……” (Mainz)

Mainz ended the stubborn life of Ray . Controlling the spider, Mainz had it blow away her head with a different leg . Flying from the severed neck, a single drop of blood dripped down the cheek of Mainz’s expressionless face .

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