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Sleep Learning - Chapter 4

Published at 14th of March 2016 08:58:14 PM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Hairun city

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Harumi has awaken from his air sleeping state . He landed on the ground and sit down at a stump a little bit away from the road to the Hairun city entrance . He stretched his neck and leaked out a growling voice . The reason is because he has sleep for a long time . The other reason why he landed here is because he don’t know how the people will react to him .

“Huah . Before I sleep in the air, my level is only 10 . why is it at level 102 now?”


Harumi opened his semi-transparent status screen . What is happening when he is sleeping? He has no idea at all .
“I also got so many skill . ”

just when he is looking, the sun is going to set and the sky has turned orange .
“Hmm… anyway, let’s think about it after I find a place to sleep in the town . ”
even after this far, he only cares about sleeping . When he arrived to this world, he immediately sleep . After waking up, sleeping in the air . There is nothing else other than sleep .

Before entering, he switched to see his item box:
gold x 3 , silver x 10, copper x 30, iron sword, iron shield, healing potion (grade 1) x 5 , antidote (grade 1) x 5 , pajamas (one set), pillow .

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“Indeed the God is really thoughtful . She even prepared me a pajamas!”

after changing my clothes to pajama and holding a pillow in my hand, there is no better condition to sleep but I need to find a place for the night first . I walked to the entrance of Hairun city and I saw a gatekeeper there .

Hairun city is one of the city in Bronze country . Because the country is specialized in developing bronze metal and works, that is why the country is called bronze . It also actually signifying the rank of the kingdom .

This world implying on the metal works level to determine the country rating . The different level also signaling the country military force, land size and various things . The ranks are Mithril, orichalcum, platinum, gold, silver, mercury, steel, iron, copper, and bronze in total 10 different rank . Of course bronze rank is the lowest while Hairun city is the city of the third bronze kingdom, Kokuryo . That’s why the security is also shabby . Because of the bronze rank, the city only have one military defense force which is always patrolling to guards again Bahamut .

They are always wary that it will come and annihilate the city . But they noticed one thing .
“What happened? The Bahamut is gone? How can no one saw it?”
the one who said that is the third bronze country Kokuryo, grandmaster knight Bern . He planted his fist to the desk while roaring . He has a shoulder length golden hair and already a middle aged man . His charm and rage causing the conference room to be silent .

Suddenly, an old man come and sit in front of him . He is slowly stroking his white beard and said .
“What is wrong? Is it true that the eagle guild lost sight of bahamut?”
the old man is the guild master of Hairun city, Mainz . Because Bernd position is comparable to him, he couldn’t vent his frustation on him so he just pressed it at the guild .
“How can the guild lose sight of bahamut? His stature is huge, are you blind? How is this possible?”

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“Knight leader, if I may talk actually there is a possibility that the bahamut disappearance is not because he escaped our surveillance . It is possible that the bahamut is dead . ”

The one who talked is Ririade . The third bronze kingdom second princess . Regarding her royal background, Bernd couldn’t talk anymore . Furthermore even if her position in the army is lower than Bernd, her authority of command is surpassing him . As a nobility, the 17 years old girl is also recognized by the others . They regard her as the beautiful and intelligent princess . Her silver glossy hair, mellow breast and perfect body like a model, no one dares to refute her .

“and guild master, did the surveillance team have a recording crystal? So we can confirmed this matter . ”
then they looked at the recorded scene .
“This Bahamut is consumed by this black substance, like a snake, unfortunately it was taken from a quite far distance . We couldn’t really know what is the real identity of the black shadows . ”

Bern didn’t even look at the recording crystal since he know Mainz will use it to mocks him .
“Knight commander, now surely you know that it wasn’t our fault so why are you yelling at us earlier . Now, shouldn’t you find out the true nature of this black mass?”

Bern then can only clenching his own fist . He was angry because Mainz mocks him but he need to hold himself .
“So, guild master, did you think we should enter the black forest?”
“Even though the bahamut is no longer staying at the Yamino-dai forest, but it is still dangerous . If that black something is actually a monster that is able to devour bahamut, then it will be a much dangerous situation . So we should investigated this carefully . That’s what I want to say . ”
“So, you’re actually afraid?”
“Surely everyone afraid of death . Or is the knight commander didn’t fear death and would like to investigate?”

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“In this case, princess shouldn’t be involved in such danger . Let me assign a S rank adventurer party to go and investigate . ”
Hearing that, Bern is ridiculed by Mainz but he couldn’t fight back .
“If that’s the case, then I think it is also better if the princess asked the guild to take care of this . Do you agree princess?”
“Yes . ”
after that, Bernd is hiding his resentment towards Mainz and leave the room .

Six month ago, Bernd also encounter some problem with the lizardman attack which he throw all of the responsibility to the guild so there is a story between them .

Now only Ririade and and Mainz left in the room .
“Royal highness, there is another thing that I want to report . ”
“What is it?”
“Actually…” Mainz was uncomfortably saying the words .

“The thing regarding bahamut, we have a suspect . This suspect actually come to the town from the Yamino-dai forest direction . ”

“Is that true? This person come from the north?”

“yes… actually the person is a beastman cat tribe . When he encountered the gatekeeper, he walked from the north direction and didn’t carry any weapon . ”

“He didn’t bring any weapon?”

“Yes, sadly before we could interrogate him, he already fall into sleep . Hahaha . ”
Mainz suddenly laughed . Of course it never been heard before that a person actually fall asleep when being interrogated .
“Since he is asleep, we couldn’t know anything about where he come from . We can only know he is from cat tribe from his appearance . ”

“So, did you think that this beastman involved in the bahamut incident?”
“The possibility is not zero but the question is why he isn’t carrying any weapon . Even if it’s not bahamut, there are still dangerous monster in the north . Was that normal?”

“Well, is it okay to leave the beast man for now?”

“Apparently he is still sleeping for now so when he is awake I will inform your highness . ”

“Thank you . ”

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