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Chapter 3

Meng Fei tidy up her outfits and retouched her makeup . While Yan Rui leaning against the sit lazily and observed Meng Fei action . He then closed his eyes to rest a bit . Yan Rui felt a soft breathing against his neck . When he opened his eyes, he saw Meng Fei are working on his shirt and fixed his necktie diligently . Yan Rui stared at her deeply . After she finished her job, she looked up to see his and give a peck on his lips . Her eyes were saying 'I love you' . Meng Fei is not a talkative type of woman . She showed her loves towards action . She rarely said the three magic words towards Yan Rui eventhough they have been together for eleven years .

Yan Rui placed his hand at the back of her head and kiss her forehead .

"I love you too baby . " Yan Rui

Since Yan Rui is the CEO of the company, they uses a private lift that prepared specially for the CEO's team . The team consists of 7 people . The CEO himself-Yan Rui, CEO's secretary-Meng Fei, and the other 5 people are responsible for any works regarding the CEO . Its like an artist with his makeup and wardrobe team .

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Although there are a lots of meeting involving the CEO, most of them rarely seen the person himself as he always sneaked out and let the others do his job . In other words, slacked off . The most tired person to deal with the situation is his girlfriend, the secretary . But even Meng Fei rarely shown her face as she rather works from behind the scene . Both of them are likely to be off limits . Regarding their relationship, only the team knows about it deep in their heart .

"Miss Meng, we have set up the meeting room . It will start in 5 minutes . " Lin Sheng

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Lin Sheng is the head of the CEO's team . Once both of them arrives at the CEO's office, they greeted by the team .

"Good . Now lets go . " Meng Fei

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"CEO Yan, this is your . . . . . . " Lin Sheng

'Crap! The CEO run away once again . ' Lin Sheng face turned pale . Meng Fei were busy discussing the information regarding the meeting that they were attending and did not pay attention to Yan Rui .

"Errr Miss Meng, I think our boss has disappear . Again . " Lin Sheng