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Published at 19th of August 2019 09:52:46 AM

Chapter 9

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Han Muxing stood there in silent while thinking hard . What Yan Rui didnt expect is his plan would brings his own misfortune to be with Meng Fei alone for the rest of the weekend . Han Muxing lift his head up and stare deeply at Yan Rui then thought to himself ' Since he wants to makes me jealous then I better stay so that he cannot be alone with my goddess today . '

"He He !" Han Muxing

A comical evil laugh escape from Han Muxing mouth without he realised . Yan Rui raise his eyebrows and start to wave in front of his rival face .

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"Mr Han, what are you 'evil' laugh at?" Yan Rui

Yan Rui asked in a mocking tone . He then grinned like a fool . Han Muxing face then flushed from anger and embarassment . 'This stupid old man!'

"Nothing, I just thought about something funny and since CEO Yan already invite me to stay, I just cannot let him down right Miss Meng . " Han Muxing

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Meng Fei then smile while nodding his head . Han Muxing then lead himself to sit on the couch comfortably . Yan Rui jaws drop at the sight of that man casual action .

"What are you doing?" Yan Rui

"Waiting for the desserts . Come, come CEO Yan, eh no . Yan Rui . Come sit with me . " HN Muxing

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"Dont you have anything to do? I remember that you have a childhood sweetheart dont you . Why not spending time with her . " Yan Rui

Where is this conversation heads to?

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"Haha! I never thought the cold president could makes a joke . " Han Muxing

"Im serious . I heard that the both of you lives together . Am I right?" Yan Rui

What is this old man trying to do?

Meng Fei was almost done with the desserts when she heard both man were picking on each other . Where am I? What am I doing here? Is this a nursery? This few questions popped out in her head and then someone in the drama they were currently watch shouts "Yes it is!" .

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