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So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 1225

Published at 9th of October 2019 11:20:15 PM

Chapter 1225

Just as Li Deding was being very proud, he thought, I am a long-distance running coach . Can’t I outrun you, old man? However, at the next moment, before Li Deding could run any further, he was dragged by the old man from behind .

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“What’s the matter? Do you still want to run away?” The old man waited for Li Deding . “Little kid, I was a sprinter . Would I get outrun by you?”

Li Deding heard it and was bitter in his heart .  Who are these people?! Could this school be an athletic aristocratic family? The old lady from before was engaged in judo, and this time, it is a sprinter!

Although he was good at long-distance running, people who have done sports know that long-distance runners mainly relied on endurance, while sprints were explosive . In the short-distance range, a long-distance runner was not an opponent of a sprinter .

“I’m not running away anymore!” Li Deding was really at his wit’s end . Seeing that a lot of people were watching, Li Deding had no choice but to take out a hundred yuan from his pocket and hand it to the old man . “Okay . I will pay the fine!”

“I don’t have change . I’ll just give you two receipts!” The old man tore two receipts and handed it to Li Deding’s hand . “You can spit once again later, but remember to save the receipt . ”

Li Deding was so angry that he seethed with anger, but he was too lazy to care about the old man . He kept the two receipts in his pocket and walked to the gym .

Wang Xiaoyan didn’t take Li Deding seriously . She didn’t believe that Li Deding dared to do anything to her . If he dared, then she would just kill him .

The content on Li Deding’s mobile phone had made Wang Xiaoyan fall into deep thought .  Zhao Ying… This is my own roommate, my only good sister in Song Jiang . If I think about it carefully, she has actually not contacted me for a long time!

This had never happened before . Although the two people did not live together, they often got together to go shopping or eat . During this time, she was busy with the assassin group, and then she went abroad with Yang Ming, so she had never looked for Zhao Ying .

Zhao Ying, why didn’t she contact me during this time? Wang Xiaoyan was a bit puzzled .  Is it because I was out of the country, so Zhao Ying could not reach me? This could probably be true, but Wang Xiaoyan checked the answering machine in the villa . There were no telephone messages from Zhao Ying .

Zhao Ying, this girl, could anything have happened to her? As she thought of this, Wang Xiaoyan’s heart was tight . She quickly took out her phone and dialed Zhao Ying’s mobile phone .

During this time, Zhao Ying’s mood was calmer . She was not as excited as she was in the beginning . She calmed down and fell more in love with Yang Ming . With the recent company of Xiao Qing and Sun Jie, Zhao Ying did not appear to be lonely .

However, Xiao Qing was busy researching an important topic these days, staying in school day and night, so Xiao Qing spent very little time with her . As for Sun Jie, Zhao Ying also didn’t know why there were no updates from Sun Jie after she mentioned that she had to go back to Donghai . Sun Jie’s phone was also turned off .

Zhao Ying did not realize that something happened to Sun Jie . After all, Zhao Ying only saw this kind of family split and competition for property on TV . In reality, this was a far cry for her . Therefore, Zhao Ying only thought that Sun Jie was dealing with something and was delayed by it .

Bored in the school cafeteria and drinking mung bean porridge, Zhao Ying suddenly had an unprecedented sense of loneliness .

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Although she met two new friends, Xiao Qing and Sun Jie, what about her old friends? She suddenly remembered that she and Wang Xiaoyan had not contacted each other for a while .

Recalling the past, the two lived under the same roof . Just like sisters, there was nothing that wasn’t said to each other . In those days, it was really happy . One year later, the relationship between the two was getting more and more distant .

Zhao Ying sighed slightly . Although she was somewhat angry that Wang Xiaoyan got together with Yang Ming behind her back, Zhao Ying was not a jealous person . In the beginning, she could not accept the deceptions from friends, but come to think of it now, Wang Xiaoyan actually did not do anything wrong .

The phone rang, and Zhao Ying recollected herself from her thoughts . She looked at the caller ID . The three familiar words made Zhao Ying’s heart have a particular feeling .

“Yanyan . ” The sorrowful resentment became her address when it reached her mouth . It was from the heart, and it couldn’t be helped .  Yes, I initially had no conflict with Wang Xiaoyan .

“Sister Ying, where are you?” Wang Xiaoyan heard the familiar and intimate voice, and suddenly her heart was sweetened .

“I’m drinking porridge in the school cafeteria . What’s the matter, Yanyan? You called me so early in the morning . ” Zhao Ying found that when she faced Wang Xiaoyan for real, it was not as awkward as she thought, but instead, it came so naturally .

There was not the slightest pretentiousness and resentment .

“I missed you, so I called you!” Hearing that Zhao Ying’s voice was normal, Wang Xiaoyan was also relieved . Originally, she thought that something might have happened to Zhao Ying . Now it seemed that she was just too worried . “You haven’t contacted me for so long . What are you busy with?”

” Wu …” Zhao Ying listened to Wang Xiaoyan’s words, and her face reddened . She thought, You are always with Yang Ming . How can I contact you? But this couldn’t be said . Zhao Ying could only reply, “During this time, the graduate program is busy . I probably forgot about it . ”

“It turns out to be like this!” Wang Xiaoyan breathed a sigh of relief . “That’s good . Sister Ying, I am going to the cafeteria to find you now . It just so happens that I haven’t eaten yet!”

” Ah… Wu… Ugh… Okay…” Zhao Ying subconsciously wanted to decline . She was afraid that it would be awkward to see Wang Xiaoyan, but when the word came to the mouth, it became an “okay!”

” Ah Wu Ugh ?” Wang Xiaoyan was somewhat inexplicable . “Hehe, Sister Ying, are you rehearsing your pinyin? Wait for me . I will come right away . ”

Song Jiang Industry University had three cafeterias, but only one main dining hall opened for breakfast in the morning . After all, many students buy soy milk and bread to go to the classroom to study on their own, and they wouldn’t eat in the cafeteria . Therefore, having only one in operation was enough . If all the cafeterias were open, it would be a waste .

Wang Xiaoyan rushed to the cafeteria . With a keen eye, she saw Zhao Ying sitting in the corner of the cafeteria . In fact, after Wang Xiaoyan hung up the phone, Zhao Ying’s mood had become very unsettled . Her eyes were aimed at the entrance of the cafeteria . After Wang Xiaoyan came in, Zhao Ying subconsciously waved at her . “Yanyan, here!”

Wang Xiaoyan smiled with her lips pursed and walked quickly to Zhao Ying’s table . In the university cafeteria in the morning, not many students came here for a meal . Most of them immediately would take out the food that they bought at the window, so no other students were around Zhao Ying and Wang Xiaoyan .

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“Sister Ying!” Wang Xiaoyan sat down and looked at the small bowl of mung bean porridge in front of Zhao Ying . She was a little surprised . “Sister Ying, why do you eat so little? Look at you . You lost a lot of weight!”

Indeed, Zhao Ying’s face became even thinner, and Wang Xiaoyan saw the change at a glance . Compared to a month ago, Zhao Ying must have lost more than five pounds!

“Probably tired from studying?” Zhao Ying smiled bitterly . Everyone said that it is hard to be in love . It seemed that only the people who have experienced it know what it was like .

Every time Zhao Ying thought of the future of Yang Ming and herself, she would have no appetite, and she couldn’t eat anything . In the morning, it was considered very good that she could eat a bowl of mung bean porridge .

“How can this be?! You wait for me; I will buy some food!” Wang Xiaoyan said as she stood up and ran towards the window that sold breakfast .

Zhao Ying wanted to stop Wang Xiaoyan and tell her not to buy anything for her . She couldn’t eat it even if Wang Xiaoyan bought it . However, when she saw Wang Xiaoyan’s eager look, Zhao Ying swallowed her words when it came to her mouth .

When did the sisters, who told everything to each other previously, have such a distance? Zhao Ying also did not know, but looking at Wang Xiaoyan’s kind figure, this gap melted little by little .

In any case, Wang Xiaoyan was really concerned about her . At this point, Zhao Ying could see it from Wang Xiaoyan’s words and demeanor . Although Zhao Ying was somewhat annoyed that Wang Xiaoyan and Yang Ming didn’t tell her that they were together, Zhao Ying was not angry at all when she faced Wang Xiaoyan for real .

Wang Xiaoyan ran to the breakfast sales window in the cafeteria, ordered two omelets and two soft cakes . After swiping her meal card, she returned to Zhao Ying’s location .

She pushed one of them to Zhao Ying . “Sister Ying, you have to eat something more! Don’t think about dieting . You’ve already gotten so thin!”

“When was I on a diet?” Zhao Ying smiled bitterly, but she did not want to reject Wang Xiaoyan’s kindness . She had to put the omelet and soft cake in front of her and pick up the chopsticks .

“You’re not on a diet then . Why don’t you eat more?” Wang Xiaoyan smiled . Wang Xiaoyan didn’t know why, but she always felt that there seemed to be something going on in Zhao Ying’s heart . They lived together for so long; regarding Zhao Ying’s emotional changes, Wang Xiaoyan was still very keenly aware of it .

” Hehe , then I will eat more . ” Although Zhao Ying said this, she still took a tiny bite of food .

The two fell into silence . Zhao Ying felt a bit awkward in her heart . She didn’t know what to say to Wang Xiaoyan, and Wang Xiaoyan felt that something was definitely going on in Zhao Ying’s heart, but Wang Xiaoyan didn’t know how to ask .

“Sister Ying… What’s wrong with you? I think you seem to be somewhat absent-minded . Is there something in your heart?” Wang Xiaoyan finished eating the omelet and soft cake and looked at Zhao Ying, who had not finished eating half of the soft cake . She finally couldn’t help but ask .

“I… I’m fine…” Zhao Ying looked at the more charming and beautiful Wang Xiaoyan, and there was a kind of unspeakable feeling in her heart . It seemed that Wang Xiaoyan had a feeling of love, and her entire person was refreshed .

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Zhao Ying said that she was fine, but Wang Xiaoyan felt suspicious! After all, she lived with Zhao Ying for so long; how could they not understand each other? Could it be because of relationship problems?

Indeed, after thinking about this, Wang Xiaoyan felt it was very likely! Previously, when she lived with Zhao Ying, Zhao Ying often shared the joy and anger with her . However, most of the topics were about Yang Ming .

Thinking of this, Wang Xiaoyan faintly felt that Zhao Ying’s troubles might be related to Yang Ming . Thinking of her relationship with Yang Ming, Wang Xiaoyan’s heart suddenly became tight .  Does Zhao Ying know about the matters between Yang Ming and me?

Wang Xiaoyan never thought about hiding anything from Zhao Ying . Her relationship with Yang Ming was only recently confirmed, from the initial partnership to the current relationship .

Wang Xiaoyan intended to find a suitable opportunity to confess this matter to Zhao Ying, but around this time, she was really too busy; there was no free time to talk to Zhao Ying! Today was only the first day after returning to China .

Recalling Zhao Ying’s bitter smile when facing her, and those unnatural shackles, Wang Xiaoyan seemed to have understood something .

“Sister Ying, did some happen… between you and Yang Ming?” Wang Xiaoyan asked with intentions to probe .

” Ah …” Zhao Ying panicked, and the chopsticks in her hand fell on the table . However, she pretended to be calm and picked up the chopsticks . She smiled and said, “Yang Ming and I… What could happen? We both… In fact, it has been impossible…”

Zhao Ying’s reaction was entirely seen in the eyes of Wang Xiaoyan without obstruction . At this moment, Wang Xiaoyan could completely affirm that Zhao Ying’s knot in her heart must be related to Yang Ming! Things had already gotten to this point, Wang Xiaoyan decided that she should first talk about herself and Yang Ming . No matter what Zhao Ying knew, these things must be said openly .

“Why not?” Wang Xiaoyan said, “Sister Ying, I know . Yang Ming really likes you, but can’t you be bolder? If you take the initiative, maybe you both would already be together!”

“Initiative? Bold…?” Zhao Ying sighed . When didn’t she take the initiative and be bold? That night, she took the initiative to go to Yang Ming’s villa and waited for the entire night, but the result…

“Sister Ying, actually… I don’t want to hide from you… Yang Ming and I… are also already together…” Wang Xiaoyan clenched her teeth . Anyway, this had to be said sooner or later, so she said it in a spurt of energy .

” Ah ?” Although Zhao Ying already knew that Wang Xiaoyan and Yang Ming were together, she did not expect that Wang Xiaoyan would suddenly admit it in front of her, and admit it so naturally! The whole thing came too abruptly; it was hard for Zhao Ying to have a reaction in a moment’s time!

Wang Xiaoyan admitted it? Zhao Ying had always believed that Wang Xiaoyan was cheating on her and was hiding it from her! However, when Wang Xiaoyan really admitted it, Zhao Ying did not know what to do!

Zhao Ying couldn’t interfere with Wang Xiaoyan’s matter – an unmarried man and an unmarried woman . Besides, Zhao Ying was not Yang Ming’s girlfriend . Chen Mengyan was there, and yet she didn’t say anything . What was Zhao Ying’s qualification to blame Wang Xiaoyan?

“I’m sorry, Sister Ying…” When she saw Zhao Ying’s panicked look, Wang Xiaoyan explained apologetically, “Between Yang Ming and me… there were a lot of unexpected things . Finally, we came together… At first, I just wanted to work with him on some business matters, but I couldn’t control my feelings…”

“Yanyan, in fact, you don’t have to apologize to me…” Seeing Wang Xiaoyan, who looked like a child who did something wrong, how could Zhao Ying blame her? Besides, Wang Xiaoyan had nothing to apologize for!

“Sister Ying, I know you like Yang Ming… but… some things, I really can’t control . ” Wang Xiaoyan said with a choking sound . On the one hand, she really couldn’t lose Yang Ming; on the other hand, her guilt towards Zhao Ying was also from the heart .

“Yanyan, you don’t have to be like this!” In a flash, Zhao Ying’s knot in her heart melted . What made her be at a loss was the fact that Wang Xiaoyan and Yang Ming concealed the fact that they got together! However, when Wang Xiaoyan confessed to her, what else can Zhao Ying be angry and at a loss about?

“Sister Ying, you… are really not angry?” Wang Xiaoyan asked carefully . Outside, she was a cold-blooded assassin, but in front of Zhao Ying, she was a well-behaved sister . She really did not want to destroy the relationship between herself and Zhao Ying .

“How can I get angry?” Zhao Ying shook her head . “I haven’t got a glimpse of anything between Yang Ming and me . It’s not up to me to be angry . Moreover, this Yang Ming is fickle in relationships . Compared to hooking up with other women, I am also more assured that he is with you!”

Wang Xiaoyan’s face suddenly reddened . She stuttered and said, “Sister Ying, you are making fun of me…”

“Not! Well, Yanyan, don’t think too much . My things with Yang Ming… Ai… You shouldn’t care . I know very well about my own matters . ” Zhao Ying smiled bitterly, “It’s not that I am not willing to take this step, but between us, it can’t be solved by whoever takes a step!”

“Sister Ying, actually, I know . Yang Ming still likes you very much . What if I talk to him?” Wang Xiaoyan saw that Zhao Ying was not annoyed at herself, so she also restored her previous naughty look . She wiped her eyes and suggested to Zhao Ying .

“Don’t . please don’t!” Zhao Ying was shocked and quickly stopped . “Or… or let me say it myself . ”

“Haha , then I won’t concern myself about it!” Wang Xiaoyan laughed and smiled very easily . Today, she finally said something that has been in her heart for a long time .

” Hehe  . ” Zhao Ying didn’t know why, but her mood had also become brighter . Looking at the lovely Wang Xiaoyan opposite her, Zhao Ying couldn’t find a reason to blame her .

If the two of them could really be sisters in the future, isn’t that a good thing? However, it’s tough to handle the matter between Yang Ming and me! Sometimes, taking this step is even harder than soaring to the sky!

Looking at the fragrant omelet and soft cake on the table, Zhao Ying suddenly had a great appetite . She devoured all the food on the table very quickly . After eating it, she found that Wang Xiaoyan was looking at her from the opposite side . She was immediately embarrassed . “I was suddenly a little hungry…”

At this moment, Wang Xiaoyan could finally be sure that Zhao Ying’s troubles really came from herself! Zhao Ying must have been aware of her and Yang Ming’s matters, only to be depressed! Perhaps, Zhao Ying was angry that Wang Xiaoyan didn’t tell her about Yang Ming and herself?

Thinking of this, Wang Xiaoyan also understood why Zhao Ying had not contacted her for so long . It seemed that Zhao Ying was waiting for Wang Xiaoyan to tell her!