So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187

Chapter 187: The Man Behind the Scene

Yang Ming gave Ada a disdainful glance . This brat actually showed a flattering smile . “Brother Yang . If you still have some pent up anger, then I can just hand Xiao Yin over to you for you to do anything with her . This girl is good in bed!”

“Ada, what did you just say! How could you treat me like that?” Xiao Yin was obviously enraged . She went up to hold onto Ada’s shirt . “Ada, you take that back!”

“F***! B*tch, it is your blessing to be able to accompany Brother Yang . . . Do you really think you have a choice?” Ada pushed Xiao Yin aside and shouted, “D***, if I didn’t owe Brother Liang three thousand yuan for your miscarriage, I wouldn’t have to take this job! All of this was because of you!”

“How could you say that? I had to go through a miscarriage because of you!” Xiao Yin looked at Ada furiously .

“Who knows which man’s b*st*rd was that?” Ada smirked coldly, “Stop pretending to be innocent . You were already not a virgin before you were with me . You still have the face to say that?”

“I am going fight with you!” Xiao Yin’s face turned sour as she sprinted toward Ada .

“F*** you!” Ada gave a kick to Xiao Yin’s stomach pushing her to the floor .

“Enough!” Yang Ming couldn’t bear to continue watching . Even though Xiao Yin wasn’t a good person, Ada was definitely over the top .

“F***, b*tch, even Brother Yang is angry . Why are you still messing around?” Ada stared at her as he scolded .

Pak” A slap landed on Ada’s face . Lan Ling was the person who slapped him, “He was talking about you! How could you treat your girlfriend like that?”

Uh… Mrs . Yang was right in punishing me…” Ada’s expression turned into a smile in a while and obliged . Both were women . He could beat Xiao Yin up, but Lan Ling - he didn’t dare to touch Lan Ling at all! Even his boss, Zhang Yuliang, was paying respect to Yang Ming . What more could he do?

“Hurry up and thank Mrs . Yang!” Ada didn’t dare to be too arrogant now, but he still told Xiao Yin while he frowned .

Xiao Yin’s face turned into a grateful expression . Lan Ling helped her to say some words at this moment, which made Xiao Yin blush with shame .

“Alright, I am passing the phone to your underling for him to confess the man behind the scene, and save me some effort . ” Yang Ming said indifferently to Zhang Yuliang, “But if he doesn’t know what to do, I don’t mind a little exercise . ”

“Let me talk to him, let me talk to him . ” Zhang Yuliang urged .

Yang Ming passed the cell phone to Ada . “He wants to talk to you . ”

“Brother Liang…” Ada picked up the phone as he trembled .

“Ada, f*** are you courting death? How dare you say I asked you to be there?” Zhang Yuliang first pelted Ada with all his scoldings .

Ada felt depressed . Someone just now kept stating that he could keep mentioning his name . But how could Ada say anything? He could only acknowledge his mistake and say, “Brother Liang, I am wrong…”

En, let’s talk about this later . You tell Brother Yang now who sent you here . If you lie, then even I can’t protect you . Alright, you can gauge the situation yourself later . ” Zhang Yuliang hung up the phone as he finished .

Ada wasn’t someone who valued loyalty anyway . We can tell that from how he beat up Xiao Yin . Therefore, even if Zhang Yuliang didn’t instruct him to do so, Ada was prepared to tell the person who instructed him to Yang Ming . “It’s Xiao Guang’s younger brother who looked for us . Xiao Guang’s friend’s elder brother looked for him . He sent a photo to me using MMS, so that we can teach a lesson to Brother Yang… who was the person in front of the White Swan Restaurant . ”

“Let me look at the photo!” Yang Ming didn’t wait for Ada to respond as he snatched the phone . He searched through the gallery folder of the phone .

F***! Yang Ming’s pupils contracted in an instant . This brat’s cell phone had a lot of photos of him making love to Xiao Yin . There were even masterpieces when certain body parts were connected! Yang Ming was frowning as he secretly took a look at Lan Ling beside him . He noticed that she was also looking at the cell phone, so he quickly scrolled to the latest photos .

Finally, after scrolling through a lot of wretched photos, Yang Ming had found his own photo! This photo was actually snapped just now! The location was in the White Swan Restaurant itself!

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S***, the incident had just gotten more complicated . Yang Ming had a headache . Who wanted to teach me a lesson? I didn’t step on anyone’s tail just now, did I? If there were someone who did that, that would be Zhang Bing! But obviously, the person behind the scene was going for him .

That Xiao Guang’s younger brother’s classmate’s elder brother, what does he do?” After pronouncing this relationship, Yang Ming felt like it was a tongue twister .

“Brother Yang, even I don’t know . We haven’t even met him . But he promised us that he would pass us three thousand yuan once we are done with the job . ” Ada said with a bitter face .

. . .

Yang Ming nodded his head . His gaze stopped at the Audi A8 beside them . “This car can’t be yours?” Yang Ming asked because Ada and his gang were all wearing poor quality goods . If they could come over for three thousand yuan, then they definitely can’t be rich people . This type of people definitely cannot afford an Audi A8 .

“It’s Xiao Guang’s younger brother who handed the key to me . He was worried that you guys may have gotten away with your car, so he asked us to drive over to block your car first . The moment you all wanted to leave, we arrived . ” Ada explained .

“Then what were you all going to do after the job?” Yang Ming thought that they would definitely need to return the car, so he asked .

“Yes, he told me to drive to the Urban Neighborhood Teahouse on Nanjing Road after the job to find a man named Liu Xiaosheng . I can receive my pay and return the car to the owner there . ” Ada continued .

Hmph, won’t he worry that you would change the car’s license plate and not return the car?” Yang Ming refuted .

“You also know that we were just punks . If you really wanted us to steal a car, we don’t dare to do so!” Ada smiled bitterly, “This Audi A8 is not affordable for many people!”

“Alright, I understand . You go ahead and drive to that Urban Neighborhood Teahouse . We will follow you from behind . ” Yang Ming instructed .

“Okay, Brother Yang . We will be going!” As he finished, Ada kicked Xiao Guang and the swollen eye guy who was lying on the floor . “Stop pretending to be f**king dead . Start moving!”

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In that split moment, Xiao Guang and swollen eye guy felt relieved . The conversation between Yang Ming, Ada, and Zhang Yuliang were heard clearly by them . They didn’t dare to say anything and just obediently went into the car .

Audi A8 slowly left the parking lot, with Zhang Bing’s Pentium trailing behind .

The two cars had a bit of distance from one another as if it was just coincidence that the two cars were on the same route . Therefore, it didn’t attract any attention . When the Audi A8 stopped at the entrance of the Urban Neighborhood Teahouse, a man with shades walked over and knocked on the driver’s door .

“Mr . Liu?” Ada guessed .

“I am Liu Xiaosheng . Have you finished your task?” Liu Xiaosheng asked .

“Yes, I beat up those people . ” Ada nodded calmly .

“Alright, here’s your reward . ” Liu Xiaosheng handed a letter over and continued, “You guys may leave now . Leave the car key with me . ”

Liu Xiaosheng wanted to open the car door, then he felt a strong hand grab his hair and press him on the hood of the car .

“Mr . Liu, feeling at ease?” Yang Ming asked plainly .

“Who . . who are you?” Liu Xiaosheng’s head was pressed down, hence he couldn’t see who was pressing him down . He asked nervously, “What do you want?”

“What do I want? Of course, it is revenge!” Yang Ming continued to speak indifferently, “Do you remember your sinful act, Mr . Liu?”

“I… Hang Zi sent you here?” Liu Xiaosheng made a hypothetical statement .

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“Hang Zi? Who’s Hang Zi?” Yang Ming was stunned . Does this brat have a lot of enemies?

“Aren’t you Hang Zi’s people? Then who are you? Who sent you here?” Liu Xiaosheng felt stunned . He had only become enemies with Hang Zhi, but couldn’t recall anyone else . Who else sent someone to settle me here?

“No one sent me here . But Mr . Liu, it seemed like you have a bad memory?” Yang Ming let out a cough hmph .

“What do you mean?” Liu Xiaosheng didn’t understand .

“My name is Yang Ming . Do you remember anything?” Yang Ming asked plainly .

“Yang Ming!” Liu Xiaosheng was frozen . “How could it be you? M*****f*ck*** Ada, you ganged up against me!”

“I am sorry Mr . Liu . Brother Yang isn’t someone who I can offend,” Ada said apologetically . “Your job wasn’t a good one! I was almost beaten until I was disabled!”

“F***! You betrayer!” Liu Xiaosheng scolded loudly, “Someone like you still can come out in society . One day you will be killed!”

“Once you come out into society, you will offend someone, so it was a matter of time . If I didn’t do this, I could have easily died before!” Ada said indifferently . But what he said was also the truth . If he had continued to wrestle with Yang Ming, he could have already been laying down in the orthopedic ward .

Hmph! Okay, I am now in your hands . You can do whatever you want to do!” Liu Xiaosheng let out a cold hmph and said unyieldingly .

“Say, how did I offend you?” Yang Ming asked .