So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: 398
Chapter 398: Went For Nothing

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Otherwise, what if Yang Ming asked him if he wanted another room card? Therefore, the staff member naturally described the prior two people as a couple and completed the task .

After finishing breakfast at the resort's restaurant, Sui Guangqi announced the end of the party . "Here marks the end of the gathering . It seems that everyone had fun . There will be a bus coming to the resort which returns to the city . We can grab a ride! As for the matter beforehand about pooling money, the bill is on me . We should gather together frequently in the future! Although we've graduated, we are still friends!"

After breakfast, Yang Ming and the others went on the bus and returned to the city . Yang Ming went back to the university with Zhou Jiajia . He also made a promise to Sun Haoming to hang out together when they had free time .

Sui Guangqi had gone to the room where Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia had stayed . He saw the large pool of blood on the sheets . He couldn't help but gnash his teeth!

Yang Ming! Yang Ming! Actually, you got a big bargain! I didn't expect that Zhou Jiajia was actually a virgin!

It seemed that Sui Guangqi had a misunderstanding!

Yang Ming didn't sleep well yesterday . When he returned to university, he separated from Zhou Jiajia because he planned to return to his dorm and rest .

Although Yang Ming didn't show it on his expression, his heart was very anxious . He still had things to do - a very important thing . He had to find Wu Chiren!

After returning to the dormitory, and after two more hours of sleep, Yang Ming drove to Red Flag Junior High School .

Looking at what was ahead of him, a familiar yet unfamiliar teaching building, Yang Ming didn't cherish the memories . In fact, Yang Ming's junior high school life was all painful memories, except for Su Ya .

Yang Ming couldn't forget Wu Chiren's white eyes and bitterness for the rest of his life .

"Buddy, who are you looking for?"

When Yang Ming wanted to enter the school, he was stopped by an old uncle who was watching the gate .

Yang Ming looked up . Ha, wasn't he the old uncle in the past? Yang Ming said with a smile, "Uncle Ma, don't you know me?"

"You are . . . " Uncle Ma looked at him for a long time and suddenly exclaimed, "Yang Ming! You brat! It's really you!"

Yang Ming smiled and nodded, "Uncle Ma, you still remember me!"

"Crap, how can I forget you?" Uncle Ma said with a glare, "You always got into a fight in front of the school gate . I don't think I can ever forget you!"

" Hehe , it's all in the past . " Yang Ming smiled .

"What are you doing now? Why, you even drive . " Uncle Ma glanced at the Jetta parked at the school gate .

"I'm studying in Song Jiang Ìndustry University . The car belongs to my friend . " Yang Ming smiled .

" Aiya ! That's great!" Uncle Ma was surprised . "You have grown up, Yang Ming . Turned over a new leaf?"

"During that time, I was young and insensible," Yang Ming said with a smile . I can't go to university?

"Alright, not bad!" Uncle Ma smiled as he nodded and said, "Why are you coming to school? Are you here to see me?"

" Hehe , I just came to see you . " Yang Ming smiled and said, " Oh ya , which class does Wu Chiren teach now?"

"Wu Chiren?" Uncle Ma said with a disdain, "You came for him?"

"What's wrong? I want to ask him about something . " Yang Ming looked at Uncle Ma's expression and asked curiously .

" Hmph , that kid, I have long recognized that he wasn't a good person . He was behaving stealthily like a thief and finally, something happened!" Uncle Ma sneered .

"What happened? What do you mean?" Yang Ming asked quickly .

"Wu Chiren was reported for asking the parents of the students for bribes!" Uncle Ma said, "The Education Bureau dealt with him last year and fired him . "

"Fired?" Yang Ming was a bit dumbfounded . He didn't care about what happened to Wu Chiren . His main objective now was to look for Wu Chiren and find out about Su Ya's letter!

" En , he was already fired a long time ago . " Uncle Ma said .

Yang Ming sighed helplessly and then asked, "Uncle Ma, do you know where Wu Chiren went after he was fired?"

"How would I know about this?" Uncle Ma shook his head and said, "I heard that he seemed to run off to Donghai to do business . Who knows . . . ai , you wait!"

Uncle Ma suddenly waved at a teacher not far away . "Xiao Zhang, did you live in the same community area with Wu Chiren?"

"Uncle Ma, are you calling me?" The teacher, Xiao Zhang, turned around and said, "Yup, I lived in the community area with him before, but he moved . "

"Where did he move to? His former student is looking for him . " Uncle Ma said .

"I don't know . He didn't have a wife or a child, but he lived alone . Who knows? But rumors said that he seemed to be doing business in Donghai . " Teacher Xiao Zhang said .

" Oh , I see . You may go . " Uncle Ma dismissed him with a wave .

Yang Ming didn't have any other means to go about it . Why did Wu Chiren go off to Donghai? It seems that the search for him wouldn't be easy .

"You saw it too . The teachers in the school actually hate Wu Chiren . I think this guy was the scum of the teaching team . I didn't want to get along with him . Even Xiao Zhang, who lived in the same community area with him didn't know . I think you shouldn't be asking any further!" Uncle Ma spoke and shook his head .

"Alright, no matter what, thank you, Uncle Ma . " Yang Ming nodded and said helplessly .

"Right, Yang Ming, why are you looking for in Wu Chiren? I remember that you weren't on his good side . He also forced your little girlfriend to transfer to the other school, right?" Uncle Ma was very clear about Yang Ming's affairs .

"I just came to him for this matter! He had taken away the letter that Su Ya wrote to me! If I didn't participate in the class reunion, it would still be under the carpet because I didn't know about it . " Yang Ming said with anger, "I want to find him to ask for those letters!"

"It turns out to be like that . Then, I can't help you anymore!" Uncle Ma sighed and said, "I didn't expect you to be still infatuated with that little girl! But even if you find Wu Chiren, he would likely have thrown away those letters like garbage!"

In fact, Yang Ming also thought about the situation as Uncle Ma described . Who would keep letters that had nothing to do with themselves? However, although Yang Ming knew that the possibility wasn't big when there was a slight hope, he would continue to follow it!

Since these were the only clues right now, Yang Ming wouldn't give up easily!

"Thank you, Uncle Ma . . . Yes, you wait for me a little while!" Yang Ming suddenly remembered that there were still two bottles of white wine in the trunk of the car . He found them when he looked in the trunk by chance the other day . It wasn't a famous wine, but Yang Ming was aware that Uncle Ma loved alcohol .

Yang Ming took out the two bottles of white wine from the trunk of the car and gave it to Uncle Ma . "Uncle Ma, take these two bottles of wine and drink them . Someone else gave them to me and I have no use of them . "

" Ha ! You, kid, still remember that I like to drink! Then, I won't be generous!" Uncle Ma was unambiguous with a bright gaze on the liquor .

After saying goodbye to Uncle Ma, Yang Ming frowned . Now the priority was to find Wu Chiren! However, now that Wu Chiren had gone to Donghai for business, the search was much more difficult!

Although Donghai wasn't far from Song Jiang, it wasn't easy to find a person in a city!

Yang Ming suddenly remembered a person - Sun Jie! Wasn't her family from Donghai? Moreover, it seems that her family had a considerable force in Donghai! In fact, Yang Ming first thought of Tian Donghua . But, he didn't know why when compared to Sun Jie, Yang Ming was more inclined to Sun Jie!

That passion left a deep impression on Yang Ming so that he always had some tickle deep down in his heart .

The last time he went to Hong Kong, the perfume he brought back for Sun Jie had not been given . With that thought in mind, Yang Ming quickly drove back to the house and took the gift meant for Sun Jie . Of course, he also brought the mink coat for his mom .

"Big Ming, what did I say to you? Do you put it in your heart?" Yang Ming just entered the house and he was stopped by his mother .

After his mother lost her job, she was at home . Although she couldn't help herself, Yang Ming still let her rest at home for a while . When he had a startup, he hoped that she could participate .

"What?" Yang Ming said, "What about the company? Uncle Zhang is planning for it . "

"What company? I'm talking about Chen Mengyan! I'm wondering because New Year is coming soon within a month! When will you bring my future daughter-in-law home? I have prepared the red envelope!" Mother Yang glared at him in a blaming manner .

" Ah ! Mom, are you talking about Chen Mengyan? You can rest assured . I will bring her back to you in a few days on New Year's Day!" Yang Ming suddenly realized . "I have mentioned it to her . "

"Really?" Mother Yang asked with some doubt . Every time she mentioned this question, Yang Ming tended to cover it up . He wouldn't say anything if he didn't need to . Why would he take the initiative today?

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