So Pure, So Flirtatious - Chapter 840

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Chapter 840: 840

Yang Ming's heart suddenly became a little tight . Did she notice something? But then he was relieved . Let's say that she couldn't recognize him now . Even if she had doubts, she wouldn't inadvertently alert the enemy .

The only possibility is that Wang Xiaoyan has the same idea as me . That is, to find the nearest bench to sit down first and observe the movements in the club . Then, wait for the appropriate time to start after the seminar ends .

Sure enough, Wang Xiaoyan just looked at Yang Ming faintly and did not have any doubts . Yang Ming was still looking at his newspaper, but his attention wasn't on it .

Wang Xiaoyan took out a napkin, wiped the chair, and sat next to Yang Ming . She put the MP3 headphones on her ears and looked like a tourist who was resting because of tiredness .

Of course, Wang Xiaoyan didn't have a telescopic ability like Yang Ming . In the day time, she couldn't take out the binoculars, but she couldn't stare at the clubhouse either .

However, she had her own way . She pulled down the sunglasses that were on her head so that others couldn't see the direction of her eyes, and she could observe what she wanted to without any scruples .

Of course, these couldn't be hidden from Yang Ming, because she and Yang Ming were the same kinds of people, and doing the same thing . The difference was that Yang Ming's current attention had shifted from the club to Wang Xiaoyan .

The emergence of Wang Xiaoyan made Yang Ming feel that things were more confusing . Which forces does Wang Xiaoyan represent? What kind of person is she? If she lived with Zhao Ying for so long, did Zhao Ying realize anything?

Yang Ming was more willing to believe that he didn't know the person in front of him, but the truth was the opposite . Could it be . . . Wang Xiaoyan belongs to some assassin organization? Now that I think about it, there is this possibility!

Although there were not many contacts with Wang Xiaoyan, it was certain that Wang Xiaoyan had Kung Fu and was agile . This was seen in Wang Xiaoyan helping him during the rock climbing .

Moreover, he had never heard information about Wang Xiaoyan's family from her . Wang Xiaoyan was alone, but she could afford to buy a villa . This led Yang Ming to think that her money was earned from the assassination missions .

Does Song Jiang have an assassin organization? Wait . . . Yang Ming's heart trembled . Song Jiang really has an assassin organization! I remember that the killer called Wu Ming, "no name," who was caught at that time once said that Song Jiang seemed to have an assassin organization called "Black Widow . " Does Wang Xiaoyan belong to it?

However, Yang Ming's expression did not change . He still looked at the newspaper "seriously" in his hand, and Wang Xiaoyan's appearance was normal . She was listening to the MP3 quietly and hummed two sentences of the songs from time to time . She completely had the image of a young girl .

The seminar was still going on slowly . It had been about an hour, and it still didn't intend to end yet . Yang Ming had read most of the contents of the newspaper . Even if someone read the paper in detail, it would take almost an hour .

Sometimes things will go in the opposite direction when they become extreme . When Wang Xiaoyan came over, Yang Ming was already reading the newspaper . Now it was already more than an hour . If Yang Ming kept reading, it would be a little fake .

Yang Ming put the newspaper down and sighed in relief . Then he turned his head to Wang Xiaoyan and said with a smile, "Are you a tourist here?"

He and Wang Xiaoyan had been sitting on this bench for an hour . Yang Ming thought that he should also greet her logically .

Wang Xiaoyan took off her headphones and turned to look at Yang Ming, "I'm sorry . What did you say?"

"I said, are you a tourist here?" Yang Ming reluctantly repeated himself .

"Yeah, how did you know?" Wang Xiaoyan did not conceal . In her opinion, Yang Ming was not hostile to her, but a passer-by .

"Hehe, I guessed, because I am also not a native here . " Yang Ming shrugged and smiled .

"You are also a tourist?" Wang Xiaoyan was bored . Now that she could chat with someone, she wouldn't refuse .

"I am not . . . I'm working here . . . " Yang Ming didn't look like a tourist at all . If he insisted that he was a tourist, she would be suspicious . "But I am from the Mainland . "

"Oh, that's the case . . . " Wang Xiaoyan nodded . "I am also from the Mainland . I am here for the winter vacation . "

"Are you alone?" Yang Ming seemed to be chatting, but in fact, he was probing Wang Xiaoyan .

However, Wang Xiaoyan wasn't defensive towards Yang Ming at all, and she nodded . "Yeah, I am alone . I like to travel alone . "

"Hehe, traveling alone is very good, but since you are a student, won't your family worry when you go out alone?" Yang Ming asked with a smile .

Wang Xiaoyan's eyes flashed a faint sorrow . . . Yes, born in this kind of family, many things are involuntary . When I graduate from college, I have to marry someone I don't like, then . . . I will probably live a very restricted life . . .

"My family is not around . They are very busy . They can't be bothered with me . " Wang Xiaoyan's expression returned to normal instantly and said faintly .

"It turns out to be like this . . . " Yang Ming certainly didn't expect Wang Xiaoyan to tell the truth to him . Besides, Wang Xiaoyan wouldn't tell the truth to a stranger like him .

Anyway, the current thing could be true or fake . What Yang Ming wanted was the information that Wang Xiaoyan had inadvertently revealed .

"I just took a vacation for the next few days . Why don't I be your tour guide?" Yang Ming casually probed . He now had to figure out which side Wang Xiaoyan was on . Naturally, he had to find some ways to get close to her and gain her trust .

"This . . . " Wang Xiaoyan was stunned . She did not expect Yang Ming to make such a request . This time, she came to execute a mission and wasn't here for a trip at all . How could she ask Yang Ming to be her tour guide?

"Why? You don't believe me? Hehe, although I am not a local, I have lived here for a while . At least, I won't get lost . . . " Yang Ming was purely bullsh*tting . If he didn't take a taxi when going out, he couldn't go anywhere .

"No . . . forget it . I don't want to bother you . Also, I like the feeling of being alone . " Wang Xiaoyan hesitated and rejected Yang Ming's "goodwill . "

"Hehe, it doesn't matter . It is fate to meet you . My name is Liu Lei . What about you?" Yang Ming smiled casually and did not continue to ask . In that case, Wang Xiaoyan would be wary and doubt his intention .

However, Yang Ming still used a pseudonym . He read a novel in which there was a monk called "Liu Lei," so he used it on his own casually .

"Wang Yan . " Wang Xiaoyan said faintly .

Wang Yan? Yang Ming smiled in his heart . She was called Wang Xiaoyan, she changed her name to Wang Yan instead, but Yang Ming did not expose her . He nodded and said, "Good name . Right, why are you sitting here for so long? It is already more than an hour, right?"

Wang Xiaoyan's heart astounded . Liu Lei (Yang Ming) sat there reading the newspaper, but I don't have any purpose . If I said that I sat and listened to the MP3 while enjoying the scenery, the scenery here isn't beautiful . There is no scenic spot nearby so it will be weird if he didn't feel curious .

If I said that I'm tired so I'm taking a rest, but resting for more than an hour is long . Wang Xiaoyan's brain was running at a rapid speed . She regretted that she has said so much with Yang Ming . If she knew it, she would have ignored him . . .

Look! I got it!

Wang Xiaoyan lazily stretched out, then said with a little blushing face, "It seems that my body just happened not to be very comfortable today . . . I have walked too much, so I have to take a break . "

There are many situations in which a person is uncomfortable, but if it was said from a girl's mouth, and she specifically emphasized "today" and "just happens," there is only one kind of situation . That was her menstruation was coming .

Yang Ming listened to Wang Xiaoyan's words, and he couldn't help but be stunned! He did not expect that Wang Xiaoyan would give such an excuse! Yang Ming subconsciously looked in between Wang Xiaoyan's legs and used his special ability . . .

In the light pink panties, a small cluster of a black forest reflected in Yang Ming's eyes . Yang Ming suddenly felt moved in his heart . . .

Liar! How is it menstruation? It is so clean inside . There is no pad . . .

Yang Ming didn't know why he peeked at Wang Xiaoyan's lower body . One of the reasons was that he probably wanted to confirm the truth of her words . The second one should be some filthy purposes . . .

Wang Xiaoyan's figure was very good . Although it was petite, it was very eye-catching . . . Yang Ming lost his mind, then he recovered to normal quickly, "So that is the case . . . "

Because of Wang Xiaoyan's words, the two also became awkward . Yang Ming couldn't really expose her, right? If Wang Xiaoyan asked him, how did he know? Yang Ming didn't know how to answer .

Now, Wang Xiaoyan had a good reason to sit here . As for Yang Ming, after reading the newspaper, sitting there was a bit strange . However, Yang Ming didn't care about this . He took out his mobile phone and pretended to dial a number .

"Hello? Guo Qing? This is Liu Lei . When are you coming? I am waiting for you for almost half an hour… En, Zhao Yanying, they have already arrived . Only you are not there . . . well, I am still waiting for you here . Can you be faster . . . What? Who are you talking about? Ding Baosan? I don't know . How do I know who the f*ck he is? Alright, let's stop talking . . . "

Yang Ming talked a lot of nonsense, and he also found a reasonable reason to continue staying . It made Wang Xiaoyan mistakenly think that Yang Ming was waiting for someone .