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Soaring of Galaxia - Chapter 599

Published at 29th of May 2019 06:50:04 AM

Chapter 599: 599

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With everything set in the stone, no one lingered inside, but instead they headed directly towards the mountain in the back . Standing aloft to watch the Black Dead Sea that stretched as far as the eye could see, the ink-like water could make one's scalp tickle as soon as they looked at it . Layers of waves squandered from the ink-like water's surface, an image that could make one shiver with fear and apprehension .

Mu Rong Xu could not refrain herself from grabbing Qin Wushuang's hands . She repeatedly reminded herself that Big Brother Qin would be fine and nothing would happen to him .

However, when they truly arrived at the "Black Dead Sea" described by the people of the sect, Mu Rong Xu could not but help to get worried .

Revealing a grave expression, Mu Rong Qianji said, "Everyone, you see this dark water? Everyone from my sect calls it the "Black Dead Sea" .

"Junior Brother Mu Rong, be rest assured . The contract is already signed, who would regret?"

Xin Wuji said, "Lord Mu Rong, the contract is not child's play . Us Xuan Yuan Mound have always valued contracts with importance . Please be at ease, since the Heavenly Emperor Mountain is getting involved with this matter, the Floating Snow House will stay out of it . I will supervise everything . Regardless the end result, we will never take out our anger to the Floating Snow House! Everyone, do you have any objections?"

Lei Ming said loudly, "Of course we do not have any objections, I'm just afraid that someone else might?"

After he finished speaking he shot a glance at Qin Yunran as if giving him the military show of force . Qin Yunran was much more gangster like than Lei Ming as he asked with a smiley face, "Old man Lei, are you old man Yan?"

Yan Guinan could keep his composure much better than Lei Ming as he said with an indifferent tone, "It's useless to speak anymore, Zhuiyang, come her . "

Yan Zhuiyang walked over with delightfulness and diligence . "Second Suzerain . "

"Initially, the higher-ups of the Heavenly Punishing Villa were against you coming . However, since this is a matter between the young people, it's inappropriate for us to sweep away your interest . I will only speak once . Since you are here, you must exert all your efforts and do not shame the Heavenly Punishing Villa!"

Yan Zhuiyang said with a serious expression, "Of course . "

Each house pulled their own disciple to the side and started to give them serious reminders .

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Qin Yunran was rather open and honest as he threw a piece of armour as light as the feather to Qin Wushuang . "Wushuang, this is for you . This armour will guarantee you to travel as though you are on land . Your speed will not be influenced by the water pressure or momentum . "

Qin Wushuang looked it over .

Qin Yunran laughed and said, "Go for it . I believe in you that surely you will give everyone a surprise . "

After he had finished speaking, Qin Yunran asked with a chuckle, "Lord Mu Rong, since everyone is fighting for the same goal, I'd like to ask a question . Is it understood that after entering the Black Water, any methods of battle are allowed?"

Lord Mu Rong looked at Xin Wuji, for clearly he was asking for Xin Wuji's opinion .

Xin Wuji said with a faint smile, "When you enter the water, it's like a fish returning to the sea . We are incapable of restricting them from above the ground . I would rather let them have free rein . "

Qin Yunran still maintained his smile and whispered, "That's fair . It means that regardless the methods they use, attacking each other is also allowed?"

"Once you enter the Black Water, life or death would depend on the Mandate of Heaven . It's not much different to die either inside the Black Water or die at the hands of the competitor," Xin Wuji said with an indifferent tone, clearly lacking the slightest human warmth .

Lei Ming said with a cold sneer, "Madman Ran, if you are scared, then advise the kid to resign . We still have four other warriors willing to go down . They are all deeply loyal in pursuing miss Mu Rong . "

Qin Yunran laughed . "Old man Lei, you must be extremely proud . With a fight of four against one, you will not lose no matter what, right?"

After he had finished speaking, he turned around and teased Qin Wushuang, "Wushuang, don't you see that if you are not going to work hard, you might not be able to come up after going into this Black Water?"

Qin Wushuang revealed a faint smile and did not speak a word . He shot a glance at Lei Jiao and the three others . Wu Dingyuan and Hu Qiulanwere were slightly more composed as they restrained themselves and did not battle an eyelid .

Lei Jiao and Yan Zhuiyang, on the other hand, had expressions filled with undisguised arrogance . Clearly, that form of expression was like a hunter examining their prey before they could make an attack .

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Qin Wushuang only sneered inwardly .

The leaders of the Hundred Swords Sect and the Vase Mound Venerable Clan immediately explained," Chief Qin, the two of us have absolutely no such intentions . "

Qin Yunran still revealed his usual exaggerated laugher . "I say to you both, even if you do, I would not mind . This is a matter between the youngsters, let them handle it . "

The more relaxed Qin Yunran spoke his words, the more uneasy and fishy Yan Guinan felt inwardly . He always felt that this Qin Yunran seemed to be aiming for a clear win and was not worried about Qin Wushuang at all .

However, per their investigation and speculation, Qin Wushuang only possessed the strength of the Refined Void Martial Stage . Certainly he would not surpass the Profound Void Martial Stage .

For the young disciples Yan Zhuiyang and Lei Jiao that were at the peak of the Profound Void Martial Stage, such power would not form the slightest threat .

Even if Qin Wushuang had suspiciously possessed a divine weapon, the Heavenly Punishing Villa and the Sound of Thunder Sect also had them . Of course, they would be equipped with them . When using Supreme Dao weapons against each other, they would offset against one another . They could think of no reason why the four of them could not take out Qin Wushuang .

However, Qin Yunran's confidence caused Yan Guinan to secretly worry .

Ever since the Sound of Thunder Sect and the Heavenly Punishing Villa had left the Heavenly Emperor Gate, they were already deeply restraining their fear of Qin Wushuang . After all, the acts Qin Wushuang had previously performed had indeed made them deeply afraid of the consequences . They could sense powerful potential from Qin Wushuang .

If they were not able to take out this young man in his early stage, he could grow to be a great force indeed .

Through some planning, they felt that this Mu Rong Xu would be a breakthrough point . Only by going through the Floating Snow House, they could find a breakthrough point in a short period of time to deal with Qin Wushuang .

Therefore, this was surely the reason why four young people from four different powerhouses had proposed marriage at the same time .

Naturally, upon setting up this situation, they would eliminate any mediocre people and send the best elite warriors from their sects .

Putting aside their talent or accomplishments in combat, they were definitely well-known figures among their peers . Coupled with the Supreme Dao weapon, regardless of how they had speculated, they felt that it would not be a problem to kill Qin Wushuang .

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This Qin Wushuang was powerful due to his Supreme Dao bow and arrows . As long as they could reduce the power of the bow and arrow greatly, the difficulty of dealing with Qin Wushuang would decrease substantially .

They must admit that they had spend quite a lot of effort to find the best way of defeating him . They had thoroughly researched all of Qin Wushuang's battle cases to arrive at these conclusions and formulated these plans . They had great drive to achieve their goals .

All different aspects of preparation had been completed . The five powerhouses did not issue any objection .

To ensure fairness, the five people would enter the water at the same time . The only difference was that they would enter the water from different locations .

No one knew the exact location of that Immemorial Phantom Dragon . Therefore, by going into the water from different locations it would allow them to rule out any bias .

The location Qin Wushuang had been arranged to enter was close to the north side . The terrain was also incredibly arduous . Now, Mu Rong Xu completely avoided arousing suspicion by sending Qin Wushuang to the shore . Standing in the dreary cold wind, she pulled Qin Wushuang's palm tightly as the wind was blowing their sleeves .

"Brother Qin, you must be careful . " Regardless of how strong Mu Rong Xu had been, now she could not refrain from choking with emotions .

Qin Wushuang lightly patted Mu Rong Xu's back and hugged her from the shoulder . He said with a whisper, "Xu'Er, I promise you that only one person will come out from this Black Dead Sea . That person will be me!"

Holding tears on the outer corner of her eyes, Mu Rong Xu only kept nodding .

Qin Wushuang toughened his heart and turned around to walk forward .

Regardless who could hear, Mu Rong Xu shouted, "Brother Qin, I will wait for you for three months . If you do not come up, I will also jump down . If it's other people who are coming up and not you, I will also jump down!"

Everyone was shocked, for clearly, they were astonished by Mu Rong Xu's outward righteousness .

Mu Rong Qianji shook his head and gave a long sigh . He did not know whether he was full of grief or joy . Initially, he had formulated this testing method to let them sound out the difficulties and to retreat to avoid defeat . Unexpectedly, he had allowed the Sound of Thunder Sect and the Heavenly Punishing Villa to have the opportunity to use the current topic to put out their own ideas .

In the end, Mu Rong Qianji had favoured his daughter . He hoped that his daughter could entrust her entire life to a man she fancied .

Naturally, Qin Wushuang was the perfect candidate . Even Mu Rong Qianji had to admit that among the younger generation, Qin Wushuang was the rare talent .

However, upon facing the strenuous extortion from the four major powerhouses, he could not reject them directly . Upon watching the matter progressing to this extent, it was impossible to go back now .

Suddenly, Xin Wuji said with a meaningful tone, "Lord Mu Rong, your daughter and that Qin Wushuang have indeed shared deep affection . They truly made one another sigh with feeling . "

Mu Rong Qianji did not utter a sound . He only kept shaking his head as his expression was filled with bitterness and a sense of helplessness .

Lei Ming shouted, "Your highness, that Qin Wushuang must know some sort of enchanting spell . Or else, with miss Mu Rong's honorable identity, how could she cast her eyes on to a poor kid from the human countries?"

Xin Wuji laughed, for of course, he remembered that he held the position of supervisor in this moment and was not a friend to Lei Ming's group . As a result, he could not express his viewpoint .

As calm as the towering mountain, Qin Yunran had been standing there and from beginning to end had revealed an unpredictable smile . Qin Yunran had this smile inherently . Yet in the eyes of Yan Guinan, regardless of how he viewed this smile, he felt it was filled with conspiracy .

After Qin Wushuang entered the water, immediately he felt a burst of cold run through his entire body . Fortunately, he had wore two layers of armour . One layer was the azure armor and the other layer was the soft armor given to him from Chief Qin Yunran . However, to Qin Wushuang, this armor was perhaps too excessive . His azure armor had astonishing defense power against water and fire . Even without this soft armor he could walk freely underneath the water, as if he was walking on the flat land .

Qin Wushuang knew that after entering the water, the other four would surround him without hesitation . Now, the game has begun . Naturally, Qin Wushuang would not fight for real with them so early on .

He only kept diving . To start the battle, he should at least choose the battleground and formulate strategies . He was not optimistic to the extent in which he would initiate the battle blindly to fight against four people .

Clearly, it was unrealistic to fight against four people at the same time . Especially because Lei Jiao and Yan Zhuiyang, despite appearing to have the features of an influential family,were not ordinary . Additionally, they would never be as idiotic as they had let on to be .

The Sound of Thunder Sect and the Heavenly Punishing Villa must have had their reason for choosing these two and not the others . While Qin Wushuang thought of this apprehensively, he had already dove three hundred metres .