Solitary Sword Sovereign - Chapter 121

Published at 3rd of May 2020 05:20:09 PM

Chapter 121

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Alexa: "So let me get this straight . You knew Lord Ezra 5 years ago because you were part of the same guild in an online game?

Will: "Yep"

Alexa: "You have no other connections to the Samsara Sect?"

Will: "Yah . "

Alexa found the story to be a bit of a stretch, but she remembered the conversation Will had with Ezra when they met . It was as if they were meeting for the first time physically . But online games? Would someone travel thousands of miles just for someone he played a few games with? Absurd!

Unfortunately, Will was now an asset to the empire, so she had to treat him nicely . He was destined to be a Supreme, it was only a matter of time . Then their empire would have another powerful expert .

"Ehem, alright, I will accept your words . "

Alexa remembered the so-called reply Will gave Genesis . That was a blatant insult . So she doubted Will knew or cared about him . There was no doubt that Ezra had come here for personal reasons . But according to the info she had, Ezra had a vendetta with Will, so what on earth was that so-called vendetta?

"Anyway, Solitary Sword Sovereign, by show of force and incredible skill, you have proved to me and everyone sitting here that you are worthy of your title and can now take official command . What are your first orders? Should we continue with the plan the empire set? Or do you have other ideas . "

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After Alexa reported Will's feat to headquarters, she got the following response . "Give him near-autonomous power, we want to see his intentions . " And so she did .

Will rubbed his hands and said, "The initial plan was to move in teams of twos and threes with the exception of Ibrahim, who has the mission to destroy Lords we know would never agree . Now that I passed Alexa's test a little bit, let's switch it up . I decide on the teams and their designated targets . I, instead of Handsome Ib over here, will deal with the hardcore lords who don't want to give in . Taiga and Ib will follow me and do nothing as I deal with all of the lords . "

Everyone expected Alexa to step in, but to everyone's surprise, she smiled and nodded . Ib merely gave a gorgeous sideways glance and snorted . The others were stumped . No one here was a fool . They could tell that Alexa was up to something . It would not be wise to irritate her after the ass-kicking they just got .

"Not to mention that this idiot is friends with him…" Merlin could not help but steal glances from time to time, wondering just what the dynamic of their relationship was . In case they really were buxom buddies, then it would be best to not get on Will's bad side either .

"Shit, I'm already on his bad side, do I really have to apologize…to him?" Merlin raised her head and stole a glance at Will who was nonchalantly picking his nose . As if he knew all along, Will looked back at Merlin and smiled, while throwing whatever he had discovered in his nose at Merlin .

Merlin screamed and jumped back, wand at the ready . Will guffawed and said, "Chill little girl, I flicked nothing, I was just messing with you . "

The temperature of the room dropped as Merlin growled, "You think this is funny?"

Will leaned back, with one hand on his sword handle and the other under his chin . With a low tone he said, "Darling, I think it's hilarious . "

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Alexa could sense that in this very instant, Will had no qualms about cutting off Merlin's head . She had tried to kill him a few times . Indeed Will was not a fan of her kill first ask questions later attitude, so he saw her as a malignant tumor . "Merlin stand down!"

Alexa's tone left no room for discussion . Merlin's innate fear of Ghosts was ingrained in her bones, so she was about to put her wand down when Will spoke up .

"Actually, I have an idea . No need to put your wand down . "

Everyone turned to Will with a curious look on their faces .

"It's simple really . I still want to have a good grasp of your skills so let's have another battle, same rules . I'm sure you all want another chance at redemption, no?"

The Empire group all looked at each other, resolve shining deep within their eyes . Meanwhile, Will had a savage grin plastered on his face . Ibrahim, who had a far better idea of Will's strength than they did, could not help but look at his companion in handsome pity .

'The newborn calf truly does not fear the tiger . '

Six hours later, the group lay sprawled on the ground, with cuts and bruises all over their bodies . It didn't matter who it was, none from the group had an untouched square inch on their bodies . All of them were gasping for breath, barely able to hang onto their consciousness .

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The observers of the battle: Ib, Alexa, Letty, and Duke, marveled at what had just happened . This wasn't simply a beat down, it was almost like art .

They fought for over six hours but had fought dozens of times, taking breaks in between to heal themselves . Will stood in a large circle the size of a house . What he said earlier was simple .

"I won't attack for ten minutes, and ten minutes later I will be able to attack . "

He thrashed Merlin and co so bad that he added a revision to the rules .

"Okay, didn't know you guys were that week . Okay, new rule when I attack I can't use any water-related abilities . Ib can you pass me a scimitar?"

In the previous battle, Will had used swords made from ice to battle . Ib was about to remark 'They don't fit you . ' when he remembered what Will had done to him . Instead, the man laughed in a charming but wry way and threw Will the scimitar he was using . As Will got the blade he noticed that it was not that impressive . It was clearly not Ib's true weapon, which made Will wonder, what was his true weapon like?

Merlin and co were outraged, but could do nothing but swallow their pride and attempt to prove the young man wrong, alas…

"Ehem, okay, new rule, I won't use water abilities at all . "

Then the show continued on, causing the onlookers to swallow their saliva .

"Okay, new rule, I will only use one hand . "

But still, the beat down did not stop . Will would adjust to his caveats very quickly .

"Okay, new rule, I can only make non-lethal attacks . "

Yet disaster still struck, again

"Okay, new rule-"
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Again .

"Okay, new rule . "

And again…

"Uhm, okay, this is embarrassing . Ehem, new rule . "