Solitary Sword Sovereign - Chapter 138

Published at 1st of August 2020 05:25:08 PM

Chapter 138
Will left Rhino and Aurora to figure out their own moves . The reason Will knew this name was that he now had a superb awareness of all of earth's users . He had Letty and duke bring a laptop with information on all the big players . He had arranged a few partitions on that laptop and had taken the knowledge in like a sponge .

Will was now getting serious . Ignorance was bliss but a blade hung above it . He would die if he did not get serious . On the laptop were mission reports, dungeon information, meeting minutes, etc . If it could be recorded, it was there .

Compared to the complexity of the Solitary Sword Sovereign, understanding this was child's play . After understanding the information, Will started processing it, allowing him to come up with countless conclusions, and one of them was that Crouching Tiger, Aurora's Vice Chairman, was a spy sent by the 9 Rings Clan . Aurora hadn't had the time nor the ability to strictly vet those who joined her alliance .

Crouching Tiger was the previous head of the guild, Hidden Dragons . They were of the first to join Aurora, not to mention that Crouching Tiger herself was known as second only Grandmaster Fu in terms of battle power . Grandmaster Fu had no interest in politics and only trained . Hence Crouching Tiger was unanimously voted as Aurora's new second in command .

The Peerless Alliance also referred to as the Aurora Alliance by her many fans, had a democratic form . There were representatives, who were voted in by the members . There were plenty of people who had computing-related classes and skills . Only four guilds were permanent, Hidden Dragons was one of them .

Representatives from these four were chosen internally within the Guilds . A member of these guilds had 2 votes, not to mention at least 40% of the alliance wade up of these guilds . It was Rhino who had come up with the plan that formed this Alliance . But her battle power was lacking . She was still the strongest in their guild after Aurora, which was not easy .

Will had pieced this together and concluded that the Aurora Alliance had been infiltrated by many of the powerful players . But Will expected such an outcome, to the contrary, this was what he wanted . This was part of the plan he had told Letty days before, and now his patience was coming into fruition .

The skill books left behind were amazing . Both were abilities that grew with time . One taught the skill to directly turn qi into strength . The other allowed one to become sensitive to dangers . Unranked Skillbooks were rare, but they were only useful to those who were powerful enough to wield them, just like cultivation manuals . Will had obtained these books at the gas station dungeon, the one he first met Duke at . He felt these abilities suited the girls . It goes without saying that the girls were extremely happy . Especially Rhino . They were both passive skills . All she had to do to get stronger was to fight as much as possible . Aurora's skill evolved with how often she fell in danger .

Aurora's current position put her in danger daily . From assassination attempts to battles, she was always afraid but moved forward . The girls picked up their books and learned them . Aurora did not feel much of a change, but Rhino felt like her strength had tripled! Her muscular strength and skeletal density to be exact .

For the first time since they had started following Peerless, they truly felt like comrades!

Their resolve grew with their faith in their leader . Will had only met them for a short time, but his charisma had already imprinted itself in their hearts .

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The girls were about to leave when Will's voice rang with instructions .

"Bring all the core members to this location . I will reveal myself then . For now, watch your back . "

The girls nodded and squeezed their fists . They walked outside to their troops . Rhino shouted, "Mission over! Let us go home . "

Aurora added on, "We have to clean house . "

… .

Will was not far, but no one could sense his presence At least, no mortal could . He was using the 'shapeless' aspect of water intent .

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"I underestimated the power of water . I need to train this further . " Thought Will .

Will speedily caught up with Taiga and the handsome piece of trash . Every time Will saw Ibrahim his envy would spill out . Will had already reached high levels in martial harmony but still allowed this to happen . This showed how much he hated the man for his good looks .

The trio met at a designated point outside the borders .

"Good job Solitary . "

Alexa appeared from who knows where . If she had spilled out some killing intent Will would have easily spotted her with bloodlust, but his ordinary Aqua Sense was not at a stage where it could match the ability of such experts .

The Dao of water was vast . Will was advised by modus to focus on three aspects . The concept of momentum, the concept of shapelessness, and the concept of ripples . Will was weakest in the concept of ripples .

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Simply put, it was changing one's space into a river . Anyone or anything that enters the river created ripples, alerting the river . Its primary use was sensory detection, but when used together with other concepts, like the concept of momentum, it produced amazing effects, which was what Sicario was exposed to . The wave that crashed his pyramid was made from a quasi fusion of these two concepts .

Will quickly handed authority to Alexa . Once you become any type of lord, the level cap was gone forever . Will was confident of helping Letty with any of her future caps .

"Indeed well done . You get a week of rest, what you do in that week is up to you . "

Before Alexa finished Will spoke, "I don't need it . Instead, I'd like to borrow Woodsy and Merlin . I have a dungeon to clear, and I need their help . "

Alexa raised a brow but ultimately granted him permission .